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The Perfect Fit

Title: The Perfect Fit
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Scorpion
Character/Pairing: Walt/Paige
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 106: Anatomy
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 1,211
Date Written: 7 April 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.
Author's Note: Sorry for the late post. I almost forgot to post this!

At first, Paige wasn’t sure what she was hearing when she woke, but as the fog of euphoria slowly began to lift from around her, she made out Walter’s voice -- and the words he was saying. She wasn’t surprised to find that he was murmuring words to the song he had mistakenly thought would be perfect for Toby and Happy’s wedding, but what she was surprised to hear was that the words were not at all correct. They were not only not the actual words of the song but were not even anatomically correct!

“The hand bone’s connected to the heart bone. The heart bone’s connected to the lip bone.”

“Walter,” Paige said, sitting up and gazing at him in concern, “the heart isn’t a bone.”

“Of course not! It’s the most powerful muscle of the body. I was merely seeking a way to make the words . . . fit,” he answered, causing Paige to realize that he hadn’t even been completely aware of the exact words he’d been singing until now as she’d brought his attention to them.

“It’s okay,” she told him, smiling.

“No,” he shook his dark, curly head, “it’s not, or it wouldn’t have been, but you made it that way. Thank you for not letting me screw up their wedding.”

She grinned. “I try not to let you screw up too much, Mister Genius.” Walter was one of the most intelligent men who had ever lived, but that certainly didn’t keep him from making mistakes. If anything, his genius at all the other topics in the world seemed to make him more prone to mess up in personal relationships. Her mind flashed back to several weeks ago when she’d told him she had been waiting for so long to tell him he was wrong. She didn’t really want to tell him he was wrong about anything; she always hated the crestfallen expression he wore whenever he got things wrong.

“We can make them work,” she whispered, reaching out and grabbing in his hand.

“How?” he asked, frowning.

“The same way we’re going to make us work,” she answered, her own smile growing. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the darkness as she gazed up at him. Yesterday still seemed almost a dream, but it wasn’t. After two years of denying their feelings, a month thinking she had lost everything that was important to her except Ralph, and another month spent marooned on an island, of all places, they had finally confessed everything last night, both with their words and other motions of their lips. Her body had never felt so loved, even if she had had to lead all their activities. She had never been so loved, not physically or otherwise. Walter might have been a virgin for all intents and purposes, but she found absolutely nothing lacking in him, except, perhaps, for his ability to explain how he truly felt and how everything was connected.

Laying on her side, Paige reached out and took Walter’s other hand as well. With her fingers entwined in his and her palms resting against his, she began to sing softly, “The hand bone’s connected to the hand bone.” She squeezed his hands and slid closer.

“I see what you did there,” Walter commented, his own eyes shining with excitement and adoration, but Paige ignored him.

She angled closer instead, her voice becoming softer but still keeping a musical quality to it. “The jawbone's connected to the jawbone.” She slid her face right next to his and touched his chin with her own. Gazing directly into his eyes, she continued, “The lip bone’s connected to the -- “

She might have wondered if lips actually did have bones or if they were just flesh except that Walter chose that moment to pick up her song. “ -- lip bone,” he concluded for her and covered her mouth with his own. She opened to him with an audible, happy sigh. He took immediate advantage, kissing her passionately and letting his tongue dive deeply into her mouth.

It didn’t matter how their bones, of all things, were connected, Paige thought as she kissed him back. What did matter was that they were connected. They had been since almost the first day Walter had come into her life. He had changed everything for her and constantly made her look at the world in a new light. Ralph was right: He was the father he both needed and deserved. He was the genius father her son should have always had. He was also the lover she had fought for her entire life.

She thought of Toby and Happy as they lay there together, just kissing. The thought that they would ever work out as a couple had seemed impossible, but now they were married. They were married and finally getting the honeymoon they deserved. If they could work things out, maybe she and Walter could as well. They had to not just so that Ralph could get the father he deserved or so that their relationship wouldn’t bring harm and failure to the team.

Things had to work out between them quite simply because Paige could never see herself with another man. Being with Walter, giving her heart to him, was where she belonged. She had bought herself time with Tim, but she’d known all along, deep down, that she had never had and never could have had the kind of feelings she had for Walt for him, just as her mother had told her. Lying to herself had been the greatest con game of all, but she didn’t want to be a con any more.

She also didn’t want to be a genius, but she did want to keep her place on a team of geniuses. She did want to keep her place on the team that was so much more than just a team, or a workplace for her. She wanted to keep her place with her family, and most of all, she wanted to keep her place with Walt. She still wasn’t sure how they would make it work, but they had to. Like the bones all connecting together, they were the perfect fit, and neither of them felt complete any longer without the other. Maybe Dem Bones wasn’t so bad at all for describing a couple. They fit together, and they always would. Every moment in her life had led her to this point.

She lifted her mouth from his and, smiling down into his loving face and eyes, breathed against his lips, “I love you, Walter.” The words were no longer hard to say, and she enjoyed speaking them. She wanted him to know exactly how she felt and never, not for one second, doubt her love for him.

And she most certainly enjoyed hearing them returned, without fear, regret, or any other negative emotion tying onto them. Walter’s happiness and confidence shined through as he whispered back, “I love you, Paige.” Then he captured her lips with his again, rolled her onto her back, and proceeded to show her again with his actions just how much he did love her. Maybe she wouldn’t have to teach the genius so much, she thought as he took her back to Cloud Nine.

The End
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