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Title: Content
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: comment_fic: SPN, Dean/Sam, full requested by sagaluthien
Warning(s): (W)Incest
Word Count: 578
Date Written: 20 March 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Kripke, not the author, and are used without permission.

Dean stretches out, his arms and legs both reaching as far as they can go. He hasn’t felt this full in years. That’s a lie, really, but that’s the way he feels right now. He’s overate at many diners across the nation, at many little dives during and after he and his brother worked frustrating, long, and dangerous jobs, but nothing can compare to the immense satisfaction fulfilling him right now.

He cooked for hours today. Any other man would have bitched and moaned, but not him. He loves being in the kitchen. He loves cooking all of Sammy’s favorite foods, even if he won’t eat any of them himself, and of course he loves deep fat frying, grilling, and, best of all, baking pies. He even crimped a few crusts today. He hasn’t cooked like that in . . . well, ever, and that is the truth. But then he never had a full kitchen complete with every accessory known to man a few decades back until the bunker.

And he hasn’t been able to truly enjoy everything with which they’ve finally been blessed until today. Cas kept telling him that he may have given up on God but God hadn’t given up on him. For the first time, Dean’s inclined to believe him. He belches. Sam snorts but doesn’t open his eyes.

Dean rolls his body to where he can see his brother’s lanky form. Damn if he doesn’t look like Sam’s already put on some weight from today’s feasting! Still, it was so good to be able to cook for him like that! He was able to make everything either of them so much as thought of, and for once, Sammy hadn’t stuck to his rabbit food.

There are still pies cooling in the kitchen, but Dean doesn’t have the strength to go after them. He’s far too thoroughly exhausted, but this is the first time exhaustion has come to him because of something good that didn’t involve hunting or sex. This is the first time in years he’s had a joy-filled day to spend doing what he chose to do with only his brother for company.

Dean smirks, suddenly realizing that, although they’d kissed and had oral a couple of times throughout today’s merrymaking, they had not truly fucked all day long. He laughs. Sam stirs but still doesn’t wake. He would have never thought he could be this happy without having loads and loads of sex, but there are three things besides sex that have always made him feel good: spending time with his brother, cooking and eating good food, and spending time with Baby. He’ll make up for the sex and Baby time tomorrow, but for now, he just wants to rest and relish the after effects of the magnificent feast he cooked.

Sam moans in his sleep, but it’s a good moan. He’s not troubled. He’s not having nightmares for once. Dean stretches further and touches his toes to his. He rubs his foot against his. Sam snorts at the tickling sensation but still doesn’t open his eyes. Dean turns his side, takes Sammy’s hand in his, and stretches his other arm over him. Sam curls up into his arms, and Dean’s even happier to hold his beloved brother so close and tenderly.

Dean stays like that for at least an hour, just relishing the undisturbed cuddle time with Sammy, before he finally succumbs to sleep and the odd (for them), sweet dreams himself.

The End
Tags: supernatural: dean/sam
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