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Kat Lee

Growing Her Love

Title: Growing Her Love
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Ivy/Harley, past Joker/Harley
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: prompt_in_a_box Members' Choice: Clover
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 780
Date Written: 19 March 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author,and are used without permission.

Ivy stops, her green eyes widening with concern and then narrowing with anger. She knows that look on her girlfriend’s face. Harley’s sitting cross-legged on the floor, a ball bouncing idly between her hand and the floor. Her hyenas have ran off without her, and Harls is simply continuing to stare into space.

It isn’t one of the looks she gets when she’s trying to think too hard on something or when she’s scheming on a new joke or prank. Her skin has turned paler, and Ivy knows soon she’ll begin to shake. Soon tears will start weeping down her beautiful face. Soon she’ll be back in that monster’s arms, even if only in her mind.

Ivy’s gloved fingers curl upwards and clench into fists. “Harley? Harl? Harls? Sweetheart?” She tries to calling to her, but Harley doesn’t so much as blink. Quickly hatching a scheme of her own, Ivy reaches out her hands, and vines begin to grow up from the floor.

They grow quickly, circling Harley and inching gently along her flesh. Buds sprout from their ends, and flowers form swiftly. They tangle together, creating a design right in front of Harley, who finally blinks. The shamrocks push up into her face, entwining with each other until they form a large, green heart.

To both Ivy’s surprise and delight, Harley laughs. Ivy’s own green eyes blink rapidly as her concentration breaks. She looks down at Harley again, who’s now clapping and grinning with glee. “I just about forgot it’s Saint Patty’s Day!” she exclaims, grinning. Ivy relaxes upon seeing her beautiful smile, a gift she treasures far more than any meager pot of gold. “Cool shamrocks!”

“They’re not shamrocks.” The words slip out from Ivy’s mouth before she truly considers them. She catches herself, grabbing her bottom lip with her teeth and then, as she releases it, keeping her lips pressed closely together.

She feels a rush of relief as Harley’s smiling face doesn’t fall in the slightest except, perhaps, to look a little confused. “Well, they’re not three leaf clovers,” she says.

“No,” Ivy agrees readily, bending down to her, “but they are Irish clovers.”

“Really?” Harley shakes her head. “You amaze me, Red. You know so much!”

Ivy reaches out and takes her hands in hers. “Maybe one day I can teach you.” Maybe one day she can even help her find the woman she was before the Joker invaded her mind, personality, and heart. Maybe she can find the brilliant psychiatrist of whom she has read and free her. Maybe she can at least free her of the last of the Joker’s effects.

“Don’t look so sad,” Harley chides her, surprising Ivy. She grins widely up at her. “They’re cool clovers,” she says, “even if they’re not three leaf clovers. Besides, I don’t need any three leaf clovers. I’ve got all the good luck I need in you.”

She pulls her down into her lap, and for once, Ivy almost doesn’t care that her plants get a little crushed. She eases them away with a mere thought, out from between them and to safety, and then willing succumbs to her lover’s hot and eager mouth.

She keeps her own thoughts to herself, though. No amount of good luck is going to save Harley from the Joker, but she’s going to be saved. Ivy’s going to save her, and she’s going to mend her as carefully as she tends her plants. She will water her with love and affection, never hurt her, and one day, Harley will blossom into the beautiful woman she’s always meant to be . . . and who’s Ivy certain she was before. She smiles against Harley’s lips. That will certainly be one human woman worth meeting!

“I love you, Red,” Harley pauses to whisper, her fingers threaded into Ivy’s long, red hair.

“Love you too, Harls,” Ivy whispers before kissing her back again and again. She won’t waste too much time on words, and she most certainly won’t build their future on words alone. She’s going to teach this young woman just how much she does love her and how worthy she is to be loved.

She’s going to grow her, and when she’s finished growing the woman within her, releasing the most tender blossom she’s ever known, Ivy knows the most beautiful creation she has yet to grow will be unleashed. Then she’ll take the time to tell her everything she’s feeling instead of simply showing her. Then their love will truly blossom, and they’ll both be free at last, free to love and live as they choose, free to spend eternity together. Ivy grins. What a beautiful day that’s going to be!

The End
Tags: batman: ivy/harley, holidays: st. patty's
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