Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

A Happy Trio

Title: A Happy Trio
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supergirl
Character/Pairing: Alex/Maggie, Kara
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: This was my first attempt at drabble_weekly 77: There's always tomorrow.
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 753
Date Written: 21 February 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

"See?" Alex says, spinning around to face her sister, her arms outstretched to indicate the safe hallway. “I made it. I’m home safe.”

“You might not have,” Kara argues lightly though smiling, “if I hadn’t come with you.”

“Kara, I appreciate the concern. I do. But you know I can almost always take care of myself. Maggie and I have been talking a lot about firsts, and that’s one first that wasn’t good. When have you ever known me to be kidnapped and not be able to help myself?”

Kara hushes for she really can’t think of another example when anyone has gotten the drop on her sister so well. If it wasn’t for her own superpowers, Alex could easily kick her butt, and there have been times, especially when she’s angry, when she can still almost hold her own against her. She’s certainly the only human who will ever come close to doing so. “Okay, okay,” she grumbles, but her smile grows.

Alex unlocks her door, reaches out, grabs Maggie’s and Kara’s wrists, and pulls them into her apartment. She’s talking before her door ever shuts, and she point blank ignores Maggie’s rush to lock the door. “Now that that’s settled, I really need to talk to you two.”

“We’re getting along better,” Kara offers quickly.

“I know that, and I know you. I love you both, and you both love me. We’ll learn to work this all out together. But what I do want to say is . . . what I almost said earlier . . . “ Up until this point, she’s been looking at them both, but now she blows at her bangs and averts her gaze, looking anywhere else.

Maggie reaches out and takes her right hand, leaving the left for Kara to hold if she chooses. “What is it?” she asks Alex, squeezing her hand. “You can tell us anything.”

“I know . . . It’s . . . But it’s still hard.”

Kara steps up and takes Alex’s empty hand. “Tell us,” she says, looking imploringly up into her older sister’s eyes.

“Earlier when . . . when I thought I was going to die . . . “

“You’re not dying, Danvers.”

“Not tonight. No. But there’s going to come a day when I do. There’s not always going to be a tomorrow. And I just want to know, if I die -- “ Maggie’s glare cuts her off. “If I go before you guys,” Alex persists, choosing another, less morbid word, “I just want to know you’ll be there for each other and you won’t let the other one do anything they shouldn’t. Tonight, I was going to ask you, Maggie, to stop Kara if she tried to give in to his demands. I never thought you’d be the one who needed stopping.”

“But she was there for me,” Maggie tells Alex, squeezing her hand again and looking over at Kara with a grin. “I was ready to fight to get him loose, to get you free. But she wasn’t taking any of my mess. She wasn’t going to let me do anything wrong, and I won’t let her ever do anything that her sister -- you -- “ she says, looking back at Alex, “wouldn’t approve of.”

“We’re one big, happy family,” Kara declares, throwing her arms around them both and hugging them a little too tightly.

The trio look up as a siren blares through their city. Kara shrugs. “Duty calls.”

Maggie starts to move for the door. “Don’t bother,” Kara tells her. “Keep her locked up good and tight. You’re off duty.”

Maggie grins slyly up at Alex. “Consider it done, Supergirl.”

Kara blushes. “I wasn’t thinking like that!” she exclaims, but now she can hear screams. She hugs her sister one more time with her superspeed, then races over, throws open Alex’s window, and flies out into the night.

“She’s right, you know,” Maggie says, drawing her thumb softly across Alex’s palm, “I’m not on duty, and I’m off tomorrow.” Not that it would matter if she wasn’t. She isn’t about to go anywhere other than right here at Alex’s side until she’s absolutely certain she’s safe and not going anywhere on her.

“Good,” Alex says, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her closer. “Because I know exactly what we can do to fill the time.” Her lips touch hers, and suddenly it’s as if she possesses superspeed herself. They can’t kiss fast enough, hard enough, passionately enough, but somehow they make it to Alex’s bed, where they’ll wake in the morning and make love again and again until they can hardly move.

The End
Tags: supergirl: alex/maggie, supergirl: kara
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