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TVU Favorites

The following was made for a challenge at tv_universe. If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Bunny Ears sent YOU!



The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy


Emma Frost, my favorite character from my favorite fandom and one of my all-time favorite female characters


I have many OTPs. I can't possibly pick just ONE, but there are some fandoms from which I can pick just one, like The Magnificent Seven. Though I've added several more pairings since those early days, I've been stuck on Chris/Vin ever since the first few minutes of the premiere and they were always be the OTP for this Mag. 7 pard's heart!


My favorite villains are never cut and dry villains. The villains I love are because they are so multi-layered. Here are some of my all-time favorite Marvel and DC villains, including three who make my lists of all-time favorite characters. I'll let y'all guess which ones those are. ;)


The quote I say the most often is something I came up with myself: "God gave you a butt for a reason." It's basically just another way of saying Archie Bunker's infamous "Sit on it!"

As far as quotes from other sources, the second quote I seem to come up with the most often comes from my all-time favorite movie, my all-time favorite male character, and my King (other than my beloved Drew): "What's done is done." That's another I use all the time as if to say that what crap has happened has happened, we can't go back and undo it or otherwise change it, we can only deal with it and go forward.

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