Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Thank You!

Thank you, all, for the well wishes and prayers. It's been a difficult day but better than yesterday for me and worse for my poor Drew. <3 Her feet are hurting her especially badly today though one is really beginning to close up.

Got the call setting up the MRI today. It's not until the 28th, so God only knows when they're actually going to take this thing out of me.

Special HUGS and thank yous to hughville, evil_little_dog, kiramaru7, sharpiesgal, milly_gal, lash_larue, and thesmallhobbit.

And, Milly, that icon? YUM!!! I had to smile looking at him this morning!! =)

Love you, all, and I'll keep y'all updated as we know something. ***HUGE HUGS***
Tags: journal, real life, real life sucks, real life: ol friends are the best
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