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His World

Title: His World
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My own beloved Pirate Captain, my Drew <3
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Bingo: Dubloon
Warning(s): AU completely ignoring all but the first movie
Word Count: 1,430
Date Written: 11 February 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

Will sighed, poured another drink, and slid it to the customer behind him, all without turning around. Pirates had great imaginations when it came to telling tales of seafaring do and wenching, as they called making love with whatever woman caught their fancy whenever, but when it came to drinks, they were all of one, solitary mind. He’d yet to meet a Pirate who wanted anything but rum. Some liked it stronger; some liked it sweeter with a touch of bourbon. But every single Pirate who walked into this tavern, and most of the women too, demanded rum.

The afternoon sunlight gleamed on his earring as Will grabbed one of the cleaner rags -- they all stayed dirty in this place, but there were varying degrees of dirtiness -- and began wiping down counters again. “Seems a shame,” the Pirate he’d just served, “t’ spend such a lovely afternoon indoors. Why aren’t ye sailin’, boy?”

Because there was no one, Will thought, with whom he wanted to sail who would have him. There was only one man in all the seven seas, in all the world itself, with whom he wanted to sail or do anything else, for that matter. Something clenched in his dry throat as he thought of the only Pirate Captain under whom he had ever willingly served, all they had shared, and all he had longed to share with him. But Captain Jack didn’t sail that way.

Will can’t blame him. He’d never have thought that he want to spend such time with a man, or any woman, for that matter, other than Elizabeth. When they had succeeded in rescuing his best friend and made it back to Port Royal, Will had tried to be the suitor she deserved. He had kept his word and done everything he could to make her happy. He’d worked on building a life for them and had even been set to marry her. But on the very day of the wedding, he had caught glimpses of black sails at sea and had known that he could not go through with the ceremony. He could not give his life to someone he did not love.

He should have done the honorable thing, he thinks with regret, but he had been unable to face her. He had not even returned to the room above the tavern in which he’d been staying. He had simply left, sailing on the very first ship headed out of harbor and disappearing before she could begin to look for him. He had never since set foot back in Port Royal or onto any other land since reaching Tortuga.

He had long ago decided he would stay here. There were far worst ways to spend one’s life after all than serving rum to drunken Pirates. He could have stayed with Elizabeth for one, made her unhappy by being unhappy himself, and cast them both into a lifelong misery. He should have told her the truth, but it was far too late for that. Besides, they hanged men who loved other men in Port Royal.

At least here loving men was not frowned upon, although Will had never taken another to bed and would not. Unlike the Pirates, scoundrels, and wenches who surrounded him every day of his life, Will did not look at the sexual act as a way to relieve tension and have fun. It was meant, in his eyes, to be a beautiful deed shared between two people who truly loved one another, a task of physically acting upon the love held in their hearts and shared between them. There was only one person for whom Will had ever truly felt that kind of love.

He had loved Elizabeth. He still did. For the longest time, she had been the only one who had been kind to him, but he had never understood, until he had truly fallen in love, that the love he felt for her was far more akin to that of a brother for a sister than a man for a woman with whom he should wed and build a life.

“Why aren’t ye sailin’, lad?” the Pirate behind him slurs, bringing Will’s mind back again to the present. He keeps his back stubbornly to him. “There’re many ships that’d be willin’ tae hire on a fine, strapping young man like yerself.”

“I’m not for sale,” Will mumbles irritably.

“Pardon?” The Pirate hiccups.

“There’s only one man I’m looking to sail with,” Will snaps more loudly, “and he’s not here!” It’s a wonder Jack has never set foot into Tortuga in all the years Will has spent here since they parted, but he’s yet to see him. When he’d first come here, he had constantly heard tales, each wilder and bolder than the last, of the daring exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow, but then had come a tale where Jack had not survived. His throat tightens again, and Will forces down the tears that brim in his chocolate brown eyes every time he thinks of that adventure. Jack is not dead! He can not be dead! Even if he never sees him again, even despite knowing that Jack does not and can love a man like him, Will refuses to believe that his wonderful life has ended!

There’s a clink of coin on the counter behind him. Will moves back and palms the dubloons. The sunlight hits the coins just right, making them gleam and glitter in his hands and reminding Will both of how much Jack had loved gold and how he himself had gleamed in the sunlight on his beloved Pearl. He’d always liked to watch, even from afar, the way Jack’s brightly colored beads had gleamed in the sunlight, and his dark skin had looked almost golden at times in the sun’s hot rays. Most of all, his smile had glowed like the sun when he’d been truly happy, making it seem like he had a mouth full of gold teeth rather than just one.

“‘Tis a shame,” the Pirate says behind him, and Will hears his beads jangle as he shakes his dark head, “Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t tha’ Pirate.”

At first, Will freezes, but then as he hears the man begin to move away, he turns slowly around. “Jack?” His name leaves Will’s trembling lips like both a cry and a whimper.

His Captain turns round in the dirty tavern, and the sunlight gleams on his beads, his earrings, his gold tooth, and his smile. Will’s heart aches. He’s even more beautiful than he remembers! Jack holds a hand out toward him but doesn’t hurry to his side, not that Will expects him to. “Well? Are ye comin’, Will?”

“Anywhere and everywhere!” Will cries, so lost in his jubilant rejoicing that they are at last together again that he forgets his determination not to let Jack know the effect he has upon him.

Jack’s smile grows. “I’ve dreamed o’ this moment,” he admits as Will runs to him. He moves a little, meeting him, and takes Will’s hands in his. “An’ it always ends like this.” He presses his lips to his, his sweet, salty tongue sliding deep into Will’s mouth, curling around his, and bringing a moan from the only man with whom he’s ever shared his bed and wanted to build a future.

Will’s afraid he’s dreaming, and every time Jack starts to let up on their kiss, he grabs his mouth again forcibly with his and kisses him even deeper and harder. He’s afraid he’s going to wake from the dream when they stop kissing, but when he does finally have to let Jack go and gasp for breath, he finds himself still standing in the tavern, still gazing upon Jack’s beautiful form, and still holding his hands.

“Come, Will,” Jack says, beaming up at him. He raises a hand but doesn’t let go of Will’s. “Th’ world awaits.”

The world can keep waiting, Will thinks, but his Jack is here at last and he actually does appear to want him as badly as Will has yearned for him since the very first moment they touched! He isn’t interested in the world, but he lets Jack lead him toward it anyway. He’ll let Jack lead him wherever he chooses, because it isn’t the world in which he’s interested. It’s the Pirate showing him the world, and at long last, he can and will follow Jack to the very ends of the world and beyond, loving him and being loved by him every step of the fateful way!

The End
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