Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

A Magnificent Valentine Display

Title: A Magnificent Valentine Display
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
Character/Pairing: Buck/JD, Chris/Vin, Josiah/Nathan, Ezra/Inez
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Awesome Monday: Magnificent
Warning(s): Modern!AU
Word Count: 627
Date Written: 9 February 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

The same music played across the room as an agent sitting down in the chair before his desk triggered all seven computers in the room to turn on. A winged baby floated in the middle of the screen. His face contorted into something ugly, almost Demonic, and bubbled words floated away from him. It was something in Latin, which only one of the agents could comprehend and knew was not the romantic verse the computer programmer had intended. Josiah chuckled.

Vin Tanner rose out of some bushes along the bottom of the screen, his musket lifted, at the ready, and aimed straight for the Cupid. The Cupid spied him and trained his bow and arrow on the Texan. They fired simultaneously, but the Cupid’s arrow struck Vin’s chest. Tanner’s own bullet actually missed, something that rarely happened in real life. “I would’ve gotten the little sucker,” Vin grumbled at his desk.

Chris Larabee walked onto the screen. He and Vin took one look at each other, and hearts exploded across the computers. They embraced, kissed, and left the screen.

Buck and JD appeared next, having an animated argument over JD’s preferred bowler hat as usual. The winged baby spotted him, and as he trained his arrow on him, Buck’s eyes shot wild. He shot at the baby, scaring him away but missing his mark. Two arrows struck Buck and JD, and Buck turned from the Cupid to chase his partner. He picked his own hat up off of the bottom of the screen and started hitting the Kid with it until JD managed to snake his arms around his partner and draw him in for a kiss. They were still kissing when they sank beneath the viewable levels of the monitors.

A beautiful senorita in a full, colorful dress walked across the screen. The Cupid appeared suddenly, causing Inez to shriek in surprise, but Ezra was there instantly. His derringer once more missed his target, but he was able to pull the stricken senorita into his arms and against his body. Like JD and Buck before them, they were kissing when they went off screen.

Rounding out the team were Nathan and Josiah, working on his church as they often did in their spare time. They were on the roof when the Cupid appeared, his beady, little eyes just barely lifting over the church roof. He was behind Nathan, and neither the Preacher nor the former medic spotted him before he struck them with his arrows. They did, however, see each other in basking, beautiful new lights.

They embraced, kissing deeply, and as they did so, the Cupid grinned like the triumphant, little beast he was and shot high up on the screen. Hearts exploded across the screen as all four couples came back into view. Cupid spun, his arrows pointing at each before soaring hearts filled the screen, completely blocking out both the Cupid and the couples he’d put together. The center hearts formed words, telling the agents Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Dang!” Vin whistled.

“Ah must say, Mistah Dunne,” Ezra drawled, “yoah skills continue to improve.”

“Well done,” Nathan complimented with a nod of his heart.

“I think that’s about the best I’ve seen our stories done yet, brother.”

“Where is that old hat of yours any way?” Buck asked, a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.

It was their leader who silenced them all. Having observed the entire animation and his men’s reactions, Chris didn’t speak a word. He simply clapped, which soon had his other five agents clapping as well.

JD basked in the glow of their uproarious applause as his eyes fell shyly to the floor. “Thanks, guys,” he mumbled, glad, as ever, to be a part of their magnificent family.

The End
Tags: holidays: valentine's, tm7: buck/jd, tm7: chris/vin, tm7: ensemble, tm7: ezra/inez, tm7: josiah/nathan
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