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Kat Lee

Changing Status

Title: Changing Status
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
Character/Pairing: Chris/Vin, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Give It A Whirl: Social Media Posts
Warning(s): Modern AU
Word Count: 923
Date Written: 31 January 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

The office is abuzz that morning with gossip and friendly, happy chatter. “Did you see?” almost everyone is either asked or asks before someone else can ask them the moment they walk in. Buck is greeting everyone at the door with their favorite coffees while Ezra is taking bets on who the person is who has finally prompted their leader to change his Facebook status.

It isn’t until Vin stomps in that one of Buck’s efforts is waved away. He glowers when Ezra tries to include him in the office pool and doesn’t stop stomping until he stomps into Chris’ office and slams the door behind him.

Five heads turn at the slamming of the door. “Ooo,” JD whispers. “I wouldn’t wanna be him.”

“You think he can take Chris?” Josiah asks.

Ezra leans in, eager for a fresh set of bets, while Buck just shakes his head. “It ain’t what you think, kid,” he drawls. Placing his coffee on JD’s desk, he walks as quietly as he can to their leader’s door. The other four officers quickly follow him, each pressing their ear against the door and listening intently.

“So,” Vin drawls much slower and sounding less angry now that he’s face to face with the man who made him that way in the beginning, “you wanna tell me who she is?”

“Who who is?” Chris questions, pouring a second cup of coffee out of his thermos.

“You changed your Facebook status this morning,” Vin says as though that should explain everything.

“Yeah. So?”

“So you went from being Single to In A Relationship over one night!”


“Don’t tell me it’s that damn D.A. Mary Travis!”

“Of course not! She’s a friend, Vin! I’m damn sure not interested in her that way!” Chris looks up at the tall Texan, his green eyes patiently but deeply searching his. “Vin,” he finally asks, “what did we do last night?”

It takes a moment for that to sink into Vin’s mind pass the wall of his anger while outside, beyond the physical wall of Chris’ closed door, JD’s mouth falls open. Grinning from ear to ear, Buck covers the Kid’s mouth with his hand, keeping him quiet. Nathan smiles. Josiah grins. Only Ezra seems despondent as he walks over to the nearest desk and starts counting out his losses.

Back in the office, reality finally begins to dawn on Vin. “You mean . . . “ he asks hesitantly, his words failing him. He can’t bring himself to put their relationship into actual words even after seeing Larabee’s post. Until this moment, part of him was even scared that what they had experienced last night, what they had found together, might prove to be nothing more than a very fond and realistic-feeling dream.

“Yup,” Chris drawls, wrapping his arms around Vin’s lean and rigid frame. “I’m in a relationship with you. Unless you don’t want to be, of course?”

Vin blushes but lowers his head and kisses him, making his answer clear in the embrace of his mouth on top of Chris’.

“What did he say?” JD hisses against Buck’s hand. “What’d he say?”

Chris leans into Vin’s kiss, but even as the Texan wraps his arms around him and deepens their kiss, he reaches behind him, picks up the stapler off his desk, and throws it at his own door. The door opens, and four of his six agents fall through it. Buck’s the first on his feet. “Chris,” he mutters, tipping his hat and hurrying out the door.

Even Josiah blushes as the Preacher picks himself up off of the floor. Nathan’s skin is darker than usual, but he’s still grinning. “Congratulations, you two.”

Chris breaks the kiss to snarl, “We ain’t gettin’ married!”

“Not yet,” Nathan teases, ducking out of the door.

“But I have a feeling I’ll be conducting a ceremony soon,” Josiah drawls in his deep, resonant voice. Beaming, he hurries out behind his partner but reaches back in, grabs JD by the back of his shirt, and pulls the Kid out with him. He closes the door to give their friends privacy, turns around, and nods at Ezra. “I give ‘em three months before they get hitched.”

Ezra rubs his hands together in glee, his gold tooth shining in the early morning sunlight filtering into the office. He’s always ready for a new bet, and maybe, just maybe, he won’t lose this one!

Left alone in his office, Chris looks at Vin. “Now where were we, agent?”

“I believe,” Vin says, pulling Chris closer against his chest, “we were right here.” He kisses his leader’s lips deeply and passionately and with all the love he’s been holding for so long for this man alone. He knows there will be more hurdles to their relationship -- inter-office relationships never work easily --, but to be with this man, he’d do anything, even follow him to the altar when that time comes. And it will, he knows as Chris deepens their kiss. It’s just a matter of time, he knows just as he’s known, since the moment that Chris’ eyes first met his across incredible odds, that their getting together was inevitable too.

“The Lord blesses us all,” Josiah’s deep voice rumbles outside. “It’s about time He blessed us too.”

Vin hears him and knows the Preacher is right: Chris is the fondest, most wonderful blessing for which he could have ever asked, and he’ll never again let a day go by where his superior officer doesn’t know that to be the truth it is!

The End
Tags: tm7 au, tm7: chris/vin, tm7: ensemble
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