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Kat Lee

The Light In Their Darkness

Title: The Light in Their Darkness
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Lost Girl
Character/Pairing: Kenzi/Bo, Dyson/Bo, mentions Bo/Lauren
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: fffc January 2018 Special: A Light in the Darkness
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,011
Date Written: 29 January 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to SyFy, not the author, and are used without permission.

She watches her from across the crowded room, leaning absentmindedly against the bar as she does so. It’s Friday night, and Trick’s place is packed. Yet none of the other patrons even register in Kenzi’s eyes. She doesn’t take notice of any of them, not man or woman, Light or Dark, not even the strange ones with the horns sticking out of their heads or wings wriggling on their backs. She only sees Bo as she sips her drink.

“Is she Light or Dark?”

“Light,” she murmurs into her glass. “Definitely light.” And she’s certainly brightly lit tonight by hope, eager anticipation, and joy. Kenzi watches Bo’s face light up brighter than it does any other time as Dyson strides toward her. She can’t blame the wolf. Bo’s a brilliant, and any one, man or woman, would be lucky to have her. It’s no wonder she’s got the whole Fae community fighting over her, and it isn’t just because she has yet to choose sides or back down from her stance against taking sides. The woman is beautiful, inside and out, and her smiles can chase away the dark sorrows from anybody.

But as they embrace, Kenzi sides and turns away. She sips her drink again and clutches the glass a little harder in her lace-gloved hand. She’s beautiful in ways no other person Kenzi’s ever met. She really does take one’s breath away. Still there are times, like now when she’s smooching the heck out of Dyson, that Kenzi just can’t stand to watch her. She loves Bo and knows Bo loves her, but she also knows Bo will always only love her as a friend. She may be bi, but her heart’s torn between the wolf and the doctor. There’s no place left for a little former thief to steal a little action except as a friend.

“I didn’t realize she’d chosen a side.”

Kenzi blinks rapidly and turns at last to look at the Fae who had spoken to her earlier. “Excuse me?” she asks.

“You said she’s light,” he says, indicating Bo. Kenzi turns back around and watches as Bo talks excitedly with Dyson, her hands still on his.

“She is light,” she responds honestly, “but she’s not Light Fae. She’s not going to choose a side. You people can keep badgering her, keep trying to force her, but it’s not going to do any good. She’ll never choose a side. She’ll never bend to somebody else’s rules.”

“Then why do you say she’s light?” the Fae asked, confused, but then he takes another look at Kenzi. He sees the way she watches Bo and the light that highlights her natural aura. “Oh,” he says, his ears wiggling, as though he’s just now noticed. “You’ve got it bad for her, human. No wonder you’re willing to be her pet.” Sniffing disdainfully, he walks away.

Kenzi just lets him go. She’s no one’s pet, but the Fae are never going to understand that. Their little, prejudiced minds are never going to see her as anything more than Bo’s pet human just like they’re never going to stop trying to force her heroine to choose a side. Nor will the other side ever leave her alone if she does finally choose the Light. Kenzi already knows that, if Bo ever does choose one side over the other, she’ll go with Light, because her heart doesn’t have a touch of darkness in it.

“She is light,” she murmurs again into her drink, taking another sip. She’s already light. Even if she never actually chooses a side, Kenzi knows she’s Light. She isn’t capable of hurting others just for the pleasure of it. She may have been touched by darkness, but neither her heart or her soul have any darkness clouding them. Heck, Kenzi’s darker than she is. She easily remembers a multitude of times when Bo chastised her for lifting something or refused to kill somebody of whom Kenzi thought she should make mincemeat without a second thought.

She’s light, but she doesn’t agree with all the Light Fae’s ways because, in truth, she’s lighter -- she’s better -- than they’ll ever be. She doesn’t believe in owning another living being. She doesn’t believe that being born one thing rather than another, or to one family rather than another, makes anybody more special, or less, than the next person. She believes everyone has the right to be loved and to be happy, and it would tear her heart asunder if she ever so much as suspected the sorrow she brings to Kenzi every night as she watches her with Dyson or Lauren.

Nonetheless, Kenzi knows that if Bo wasn’t in her life, there’d be even more sorrow. She may not be watching the most beautiful woman in the world, loving her from afar while knowing she can never have her, but she’d be worse off. She’d be alone in this world, if, indeed, she was even still living in it. She hadn’t been too far away from fatally giving up in life when Bo had stumbled into her life. There’s no doubt in her mind that she wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for Bo’s friendship, her love, her light in her life. “Yeah,” she whispers, “she’s damn sure light.”

Behind her, silently cleaning a glass, Trick watches Kenzi watching Bo and Dyson. If there’s a touch of compassionate sorrow to his dark eyes, no one sees the glimmer. Despite it, he still smiles. His granddaughter is light. Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, and himself already see that, and one day, the world will too for Bo is going to change everything, and everyone who draws close to her, for the better. He knows it, and he’s already proud. It will just take the world a little longer to see what the four of them already know. That’s my girl, he thinks as Kenzi silently thinks the same and watches, with only a slightly heavy heart, as Bo lets Dyson lead her out the door and into the night.

The End
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