Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Back Where He Belongs

Title: Back Where He Belongs
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Wolverine/Sabertooth
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 97: Extinction
Warning(s): Anti-Hunting
Word Count: 1,105
Date Written: 28 January 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

Logan’s head jerks up as a deer crashes through the trees around them. She has a little one next to her side. Wolverine’s claws are just beginning to come out when a bullet explodes in the deer’s heart. She falls, leaving her little one to cry out miserably as the hunters race after them. The baby stands by her side, nuzzling his momma and not leaving her.

But suddenly, Logan’s lover leaves his side. Anger roars from his voice like a lion as he flings himself as the hunters who are laughing about Bambi. He’s a flurry of claws and teeth, and Logan just watches as Victor tears the hunters apart. When he’s done and the men are dead, he comments softly, “Didn’t know you’d developed a soft spot for animals, Vic.”

“I don’t have one,” he hisses, spitting out a piece of one of the hunter’s arms. Blood dribbles down his chin. He glances at the two deer. The baby cries again but finally starts to back away, trembling all over his young body. “But I hate people like that. I’ve seen those hunters in this forest before. They only ever take the heads of th’ animals they kill.”

Logan waits, knowing fully well that killing and beheading animals, although it might anger him, has never demanded much of Creed’s attention, let alone an attack like the one he just let loose. “They only care ‘bout lookin’ good,” he snarls, licking blood from one hand, “an’ tellin’ stories that make ‘em sound good. They probably would have said that she was a buck that put up a fight.”

“Deer don’t fight,” Logan interjects in a whisper. Unlike his lover, he has endless respect for the species for they are one of the gentlest animals God ever made.

Victor ignores him. “Point is,” he continues, lapping up more blood that has splashed onto his muscular flesh, “it’s assholes like that that are gonna drive us extinct. You got any idea how many animal species hunters like them have already made extinct? They’re not in it for survival, Logan, or even for the bloodlust. They like feelin’ big, like feelin’ important, strong . . . “

“Like yer father,” Logan cuts in, suddenly understanding.

“Exactly like that bastard,” Creed growls. He licks the last drop of blood from his skin before turning and looking curiously at his lover. “But what about you, whelp? It ain’t like you to just lay there an’ let me kill humans.”

Logan shrugs at first. He doesn’t want to tell Creed that he caught him by surprise, and he certainly isn’t about to admit that he didn’t want to run him away today. “They had it comin’,” he says, looking at where the fawn is even now watching them from the shadows in the bushes, his eyes big and sorrowful. “If you hadn’t got ‘em, I would’ve. I just wouldn’t’ve killed ‘em.”

“Which would’ve let ‘em keep comin’ back an’ comin’ back an’ comin’ back until they emptied the forest of all life.”

“I didn’t stop you, did I?” Logan asks quietly.

“Nah.” Victor breaks into a grin. The baby deer scurries further back into the shadows at the sight of his glistening fangs. “Maybe you are learnin’ somethin’ after all.”

“Some men don’t change,” Logan says softly, “an’ some tigers don’t change their stripes.”

“I’m not gonna change.”

“I’m not askin’ you to change. You’re right. Their kind is going to keep on after ours until they drive us extinct.” He’d recognized several of the hunters as being members of the local chapter of the Friends of Humanity. He shakes his head. “Charlie never could understand why I won’t not kill, an’ look at where it got him.”

“Precisely. Just another dead peace lover. We gotta take a stand, Logan, or they’ll kill us too.”

“I do take a stand, Creed, every day. I just choose my stands a little . . . more carefully.”

Creed snorts. “Whatever, punk.” He starts to walk past him, but Logan reaches out and grasps his wrist tight.

“I’m not done with you,” he growls.

“Look, if you wanna fight over the scum, you should’ve did it while they were still breathin’ -- “

“Just shut up,” Logan commands, growling again, “an’ kiss me.”

Victor’s feral, green eyes sparkle with mischief and delight. He jerks his hand in Logan’s arm and wraps his fingers around his upper arm. He snatches him to him. As their mouths slam together in another fiery, passionate kiss, Logan backs him away from the dead bodies and the baby deer still watching his fallen mother. He’ll have to come back for the fawn later, check on him, and make sure his other family found him. He’s too young to be left alone. If he has to, he’ll take him to a sanctuary.

But right now, he just keeps kissing Victor, cooling his fury and backing him away from the scene. When they’re far enough away that he’s no longer concerned about the deer, Logan roughly and unexpectedly flips Victor around. He slams him into the nearest tree trunk. Victor growls, but Logan pulls his hair, snatching his head back, and slams his lips again over his, drowning his growl in their kiss.

He slams him into the tree a little harder as he rocks him, taking what’s always been his. Now he knows why the animals haven’t been moving all day, but their killers are dead. They have nothing more to worry about, and as he and Victor sound like just two more animals, the others slowly begin to come out of their hiding places.

Not for the first time, Logan wishes fervently they didn’t have to hide. But Creed is right: Humans are bent on their destruction, especially slime bags like the ones he just killed. Besides, no one, not even their own people, would understand what they share. They’re at home here in the forest among the animals, because they are two animals of the same kind.

Victor turns suddenly, snatching Logan out of him and lifting him up. He slams him into the tree, but before Logan can protest or speak a word, his mouth covers his again. His tongue thrusts into him as his manhood roars against his. This, Logan thinks just before he gives himself over to the pleasure and passion between them and ceases all thought, is where they belong: in the forest, with the animals, with each other. Always, most of all, no matter how hard he tries to be a part of civilization, he’ll always come back here to the wilderness and to Victor for this is where he belongs.

The End
Tags: x-men: wolvy/sabes
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