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The Most Important Thing

Title: The Most Important Thing
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex), mild Jonathan/Martha, Lionel
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: gameofcards Cross Your Hearts Mini Bingo: Free Space: (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Clubs sent YOU!)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,236
Date Written: 22 January 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

His head is lowered as he reaches his hand into his pocket and curls his cold fingers around the hard piece of wood therein. He remembers what’s in his pocket and who gave him the small, wooden heart as a reminder that his love is always with him. He doesn’t have to be what the world expects. He may be a Luthor, but he’s already much more than his namesake. He has a wonderful man -- a wonderful, beautiful, heroic young man who loves him. He has Clark’s love.

He doesn’t have to listen to this! He doesn’t have to take this! He doesn’t have to be his father’s son or his puppet! He already has another life just waiting for him to take it! He turns sharply.

“Lex!” Lionel demands, “Are you even listening to me?!”

“No, Father,” Lex answers quietly, his back still turned on him. “I’m not . . . not any more.”

Lionel grabs for him, but Lex is faster. He darts out of his father’s reach and stalks quickly through this place that is supposed to be his but has never felt like a home to him. Lionel screams in outrage behind him, but Lex just keeps walking and ignoring his father, who’s never once acted like a father. He keeps moving and only picks up speed as he heads to his car, the same make and model of the one he was driving the fateful night he’d almost killed Clark.

Thank God, he thinks yet again, that he had not killed the boy! In the few months they’ve known each other, Clark Kent has come to mean so much to him. He’s much more than the only friend Lex has ever had. He’s the only person he’s ever loved other than his mother, and Clark is the only one who’s ever loved him. Tears prick his eyes just thinking about him, but he doesn’t let his marred vision slow him. He jumps in the car and speeds away from his estate, from his father, and all that being a Luthor has ever meant.

He takes the miles between their houses as fast as he did that night, even though he knows he shouldn’t. He could run over somebody else, but he doesn’t care. He could wreck, but if he does, Clark will somehow know and come to his rescue. He’s always been there for him ever since that first night. Lex wipes away the tears that start to fall down his troubled face. This is a decision that has been hard to make and a long time in coming, and he should have done it long, long ago. He should have done it the very first time Clark pressed his lips to his.

He peels into the yard on two wheels, his tires squealing. He slows as he sees a brightly colored flash of movement just ahead. He stops his engine, jumps out, and is not at all surprised to find Clark already in front of the car. “Lex -- “ Clark’s voice shakes as he sees the tears speeding down Lex’s sad yet smiling face. He rushes to him and takes him quickly into his arms before asking, “What’s wrong?”

There are so many things Lex wants to say. He wants to tell him about his father and what he’s demanding of him this time. He wants to apologize for not coming to his senses earlier, for not reaching this decision, the only right one he could possibly make for either of them, sooner. He wants to tell him -- “I love you, Clark,” he gasps out, and Clark seems to suddenly understand everything that’s tumbling around in Lex’s mind but which he can not yet voice.

“I love you too,” Clark assures him, hugging him tightly. He kisses the side of his smooth, bald head. “Stay with me, Lex. Stay with me tonight. Stay with me for for--” He can’t quite bring himself to say the words, but then a new voice, a soft, feminine one full of care and concern which so often makes Lex think of his mother, so long ago buried, cuts into their conversation.

“Stay with us, Lex,” Martha pleads. “We’ll work something out, but stay with us. Don’t go back to him.”

Lex looks up at her and sees a flash of movement through his tears as Jonathan Kent starts to move away. Martha tugs on her husband’s hand, and he looks into the troubled, young man’s face. He looks into his tear-filled eyes and sees not a trace of the anger and hatred he’s always seen in Lionel Luthor. Before he can change his mind, Jonathan nods curtly. “Stay with us,” he adds.

“Thank you,” Lex breathes shakily. “Thank you.” But then he turns back to their son, buries his face into Clark’s flannel-clad shoulder, and just lets himself at last cry the tears he’s forbidden himself for years. He’s home, he realizes as his tears finally begin to subside. He’s finally home, and he finally has a family. As he comes out of his sorrow, he finds not only Clark’s arms around him but Martha’s as well. Her hand gently strokes his back as Clark kisses his temple and flashes him a reassuring, joyful grin. Everything is going to be okay.

Lex looks up as he hears footsteps on wood. The screen door bangs shut on the farmhouse, and Jonathan Kent comes down the steps carrying a shotgun. Lex starts to push away from Clark and Martha, but Clark holds him tight. “It’s okay,” he says, turning toward the direction from whence Lex came moments before. “It’s not for you.”

Lex watches in amazement as his father pulls up behind his car. He sees Lionel start to get out and freeze when Jonathan points his gun at him. “Get off my land, Luthor.”

“I’ll be glad to with my son.”

“You never treated him like a son!” Martha snaps, her hands, too, still on Lex.

“Get off my land, Lionel. This is your last warning. Lex can stay as long as he likes. He’s of age. You can’t force him to go back with you.”

“No,” Lionel agrees, looking at his son with fury blazing in his eyes, “but I can arrange things so that his inheritance never becomes his.”

“There’s more important things in this world than money!” Martha cries out.

Lionel glowers but gets back in his car and speeds away. Lex stares in shock. Jonathan slowly lowers his shotgun. Martha rubs Lex’s back. Clark hugs him again. “There are more important things in this world,” Martha says again. “Most importantly of all is love. We can’t help you financially, Lex -- we can never offer you what your father could, -- but you’ll never hurt for love as long as you’re with us.”

“I know that, Missus Kent. Thank you. Thank you, all!” He burrows his face back in Clark’s arms, but this time, he’s smiling against the man he loves. He hears Jonathan move closer to Martha and hears them kiss and go back inside just before Clark lifts his face and kisses him himself. He doesn’t need his father or his money, Lex thinks. Every cherished dream he’s ever had has come true right here tonight. The man in whose arms he now stands happily and proudly is all he’ll ever need, and Lex basks in his love as he kisses him again and again.

The End

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