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Turtles and Elements

I thought for sure before even reading up on the Elements that Donnie would be an Earth, but I was not at all sure about Leonardo -- until I read the whole information about Earth. Instead of Donnie, Leo is the first who springs clearly to mind. Of the brothers, he is the most stable, reliable, and steadfast one. He may not be constantly moving, but he is constantly working. Even when he is still, his mind is still working; often, if he’s still, he’s meditating and/or searching for an answer.

His loyalty is definitely the hardest to earn, and he can be overprotective easily and often of his brothers and family. Once his loyalty is earned, nothing will make it waver, and he can easily overlook things that are right in his face that he doesn’t want to see when being used or deceived by a loved one. He makes his decisions as leader carefully, but once made, he doesn’t like to change them for any one or reason, displaying the stubborn qualities of an Earth, and any of his younger brothers -- and they’re all younger -- will quickly tell you that he’s the most rigid and serious among them. Raphael might even joke that, unlike the rest of them, Leo never had a childhood, and perhaps he didn’t for he’s always been there with Splinter to help protect his family.

I’ve actually become convinced that Donatello’s element is Air. Instead of being flighty, it is the Element most concentrated on thought, and Air people are always in motion, even if it’s just in their mind. Donnie rarely rests. He’s always thinking of something, creating something or solving some problem. He is definitely a studious and scholarly genius, but he can have trouble concentrating on one item at a time. He’d be one who prefers to multitask, because it’s difficult for him to concentrate all that amazing brain power on just one problem at a time. I imagine about the only time he succeeds in doing so is when he’s saving lives, especially those of his family.

Donnie is often described as being shy, but once he opens up, he can talk your ear off as easily and quickly as Mikey. His words often confuse others as he has a propensity for what others often refer to as fifty-million-dollar words and his meaning can become lost in words others don’t quite comprehend. But rather he’s trying to solve problems, just trying to express himself, or trying to talk with his brothers, the most important thing to him always remains the same as that which is the most important to his brothers: their family.

Like Donnie, Leonardo, and Earth, I had Raphael pegged as being a Fire, but then when I read the description, it didn’t sound completely like Ralph. It actually sounded more like Mikey! Fire isn’t all about anger, but it does provide heat and light. It can’t exist without others and definitely isn’t a loner, again like Raphael. Fire people are, however, passionate, warm, and have a tendency to light up the room and be the life of the party. Any Turtle fan worth their pizza knows Mikey’s the party dude!

Michelangelo is also the first one to find the lighter side of things, the positives in the darkness, and crack jokes and make light of even the most dire situations. But like the others, the most important things to him are his family. Without them, he’d quickly lose his joy, his light, and stop being the Mikey we all know and love.

It should be no surprise to any fan who’s been with the Turtles long enough to remember Master Splinter’s outstanding “Skipping Stones” that Splinter is a Water. Just like in the song, he may be look calm and smooth on the outside surface, but underneath his exterior are the ripples of the stones cast by the others in his life and his deep desire to care for them and resolve their problems. He often has to curtail his desires to help in order to let his boys solve things for themselves and learn and grow into their own men and Ninjas.

His compassion for others is what leads him, but it would have been very easy for him to be depressed, especially in the early days when he sure how to care for the four, young, and mutating turtles placed into his pathway but was equally determined not to leave them. Although he’s not volatile or irrational, and those are certainly qualities that makes me consider that Raphael may still be a Water (I see parts of both Fire and Water in him), he is also known for making his sons think harder than they would like and guiding situations that could be considerably more light-hearted into serious thoughts. He’s had to work to find a balance not just in guiding his sons but in learning to be a father to them; after all, can anybody imagine a Mikey who wasn’t given time to play? This doesn’t often come into play in the later times in their lives that we are shown, but I imagine it was a very interesting part of his journey as he became the Sensei we all know and love.

Site Used: The Four Elements: Finding Your Element

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