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12 Days of Christmas 12: Back Where He Belongs

Title: Back Where He Belongs
Author: Kat Lee
Thanks To: geckogirl89 for inspiring me to finally write a new Corgel!
Fandom: Angel
Character/Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Lorne, Fred, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,265
Date Written: 3 January 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

He hasn’t felt this way in so many years, surely not since they took this place over. There’s been no need to hide, and he’s finally been the life of the party again. He barely has time to miss Caritas, but he does have time to miss her. They all miss her, even if they don’t speak her name. He still finds it hard to believe that she finally broke out of the coma only to leave them again, supposedly for Hollywood, when he knows full well that she no longer cares about being a star. Oh, she wants to be a star all right, but not a star for the people. She only wants to shine for Angelcakes, and the dear, dead dumbass is too blind to see it.

Lorne hums to himself as he works. It’s past time he took matters into his own hands. Once Cordelia is back in the group, she’ll see they’re doing their best to use all of Wolfram and Hart for the right purposes, and being the soul of their team as she’s always been, she’ll be able to make sure they succeed in doing just that. But first he’s got to get her back here with them where she belongs. The only way he could have done that is something he would have easily seen even without his ability to read auras.

He still wonders if he’s doing the right thing, but it’s not because he doubts the outcome. He knows her return will bring joy to them all, and they’ll finally feel complete again not just as a team but as the family they’re supposed to be. But maybe he shouldn’t be waiting until Angel finally dumps out the contents of the stocking Fred insisted he hang with the rest of theirs.

Maybe he should have just locked the two of them together in a room back when he had the chance at Angel Investigations. Everything would have been so much easier and better. She never would have come so close to dying. The whole Jasmine fiasco never would have happened. She’d have never gone evil. Angel would never have come so close to having to kill her.

And they wouldn’t be here, Lorne thinks, casting shifty glances around at his surroundings. Wolfram and Hart really is huge, but it’s easy to forget just how big until the middle of the day when no one else is at work. They’ve always done most of their operating at night, but now that the company is led by a Vampire, Angel’s made it clear he doesn’t want anyone doing anything without his consent in the daylight, which includes Lorne. But even if Angelcakes catches him now, he’ll never know what to expect.

Lorne glances one last time at the CD and tickets he holds before attaching the note that reads simply, She already said ‘yes’, dumbass!, to them and shoving them all the way into the bottom of Angel’s black stocking. Leave it to Angel to even have his Christmas stocking be all dark, gloomy, and brooding, Lorne thinks with a chuckle. Oh, well, even Mister Gloomy Pants won’t be able to stay Gloomy when he sees what he has in store for him and the woman who should have been his equal partner in all things years ago.

All their lives are going to change this Christmas, Lorne thinks again as he starts whistling a carol. Everything in their lives is finally going to be made right! Carefully, he repacks Angel’s stocking. He pauses at Wesley’s gift, wrapped in a single, thin box and wonders what on Earth it could be. He knows Fred’s giving him some kind of book from the feel of her wrapped present. Gunn’s present is a knife he created himself with a mean blade on one end and a button on the handle that will change the handle into a stake at a single touch. It’s wrapped in a single, red bow. Harmony actually passed with some cash. Lorne knows he doesn’t even want to know what Spike’s gift to their boss is, but it really doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to be able to beat his gift!

Lorne leaves, still humming. He’s joyful all the rest of the night, and the hours pass swiftly until the gang is together again. Fred catches the way Lorne is eyeing Angel and his stocking while everybody else is busily going through theirs. “Come on, Angel!” she exclaims, taking his down and handing it to him. “You promised you’d join in the celebrations! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

He grumbles, but she whines. “Angel!”

“Oh, all right.” The Vampire relents, grumbling, and Lorne barely hides his smile. There’s just something about Fred that makes it hard to tell the girl no. It had been nearly impossible to tell Cordelia no, but there’s a difference in their methods. Cordy always paid you back if you disappointed her, but Fred is so sweet with her whining that a guy, even a homosexual one, doesn’t even want to think about upsetting her.

Lorne’s watching intently from over Fred’s thin shoulder when he feels someone enter the room. He glances up to see Gunn and Wesley are both already staring. Harmony and Spike are too busy flirting in the corner to notice, but the boys are staring at Cordy with their mouths open. Lorne can’t blame them: She looks even more drop dead gorgeous than she did the last time he saw her, and she’s always known how to make everyone’s head turn.

“Lorne,” Angel asks, looking up at his friend and turning the CD over in his hand, “what is this?” He frowns in confusion. “What do you mean, ‘She already said yes, dumbass’?”

Lorne shakes his head and rolls his eyes. His red horns draw down a little further on his handsome, green face. “Only you wouldn’t get the reference,” he retorts.

“It means exactly what it says,” Cordelia calls across the room to them. “It means I already said ‘yes’, dumbass. I’ll go with you to the concert.”

Every head in the room is now turned toward Cordelia. Angel’s mouth falls open. His hands drop his package and stocking. The stocking hits the ground, but Fred grabs Lorne’s package before it can follow suit. “You did it,” she whispers, awed and looking at him through wide eyes.

“Somebody had to.” He grins. “It’s past time.”

“Hell yeah!” she exclaims, surprising him. He chuckles, and Gunn starts to chuckle. Wesley laughs.

“Stop staring, ya great poof,” Spike calls, “and go for her!”

“Cordy -- “ Angel can barely speak her name.

“Yeah, yeah. I’d tell you to put your mouth where your money is, but you never were good with finances.” She starts to stalk across the lobby toward him. “Are we going to do this thing or what?”

He blinks. “What thing?”


He stares. His mouth moves, but no words emit.

Cordelia shakes her head. She rolls her eyes, but she smiles. She hooks a hand around his pale neck and pulls him down toward her. “Just shut up and kiss me,” she commands, “or do I have to go get mistletoe first?”

“I have some!” three voices sound together. Gunn, Wesley, and Harmony all start forward, grabbing various sprigs of the deadly plant from the roof.

Lorne just shakes his head, grins, and watches. Fred leans against him, beaming as she watches patiently too.

Finally, Angel does what he’s dreamed about for years: He kisses his Princess, and this time, he holds nothing back!

The End
Tags: angel: angel/cordy, angel: ensemble, angel: lorne, holidays: christmas
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