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12 Days of Christmas 4: Their Winter Wonderland

Title: Their Winter Wonderland
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Ivy/Harley
Rating: PG-13/T
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,463
Date Written: 22 November 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

Harley trembles with anticipation. She can hear Ivy’s kind smile in her voice as she tells her, “It’s okay. We’re almost there. It won’t be much longer now.”

She wants to ask her why they couldn’t have just driven here, but she already knows Ivy hates all those awful automobiles that clog up the Environment with their noise, smoke, and pollutions. Harley’s slowly learning to see the world as Ivy sees it, and she can’t really blame her for hating them. They’re almost as loud and obnoxious as their drivers. She just wants to be wherever they’re going faster than they’re getting there.

But then, she knows Ivy. She knows she’ll take her time leading her to wherever her latest surprise is. They could be walking into the place right now, and she won’t tell her until she’s completely ready for her to look. But it’s going to be something good, Harley knows. It isn’t going to be simply a new hideout or a terrible bomb or other mass destruction weapon set to destroy the city. This is going to be something majorly cool, something for her or something for them to share. There will be no evil attached to it.

She wonders what on Earth Ivy could have found, or perhaps created. Her woman does have a majorly cool touch when it comes to creating things. Maybe God was a woman after all, Harley thinks, her lips twisting into a wry smirk. Ivy could have shown Her a thing or two, and if He’d been a guy . . . Nah. He had to be a woman. Women are the gentle, imaginative creators. Men only create to destroy. He had to be a woman! She giggles at the revelation.

“Keep laughing, Harls,” Ivy whispers, but there is no condemnation in her words or tone. Instead Harley can hear the smile in her voice. Ivy always smiles so beautifully, and Harley wants even more to rip the blindfold from her eyes, see that beautiful smile, and cover it with kisses. “We’re almost there.”

“You already said that,” she complains. “Like, several times now. How about we just stop here and kiss that smile on your lips?”

“How about you wait,” Ivy teases back, “until I get to kiss the smile from your lips?”

Harley remembers smiling for the Joker, and she recalls easily the fake smiles that started long before that madman came into her life. People have always expected her to smile and be happy for this reason or that. But when Ivy makes her smile, she doesn’t have to force them, and those smiles reach all the way down to the innermost depths of her soul. They warm her all the way down too, despite the falling snow and the cold shiver in the air.

Ivy turns her suddenly and releases her. Harley feels her hands untying her blindfold. She gasps the second she can see from underneath the strip of green cloth. She wriggles, eager for it to be completely off of her face so that she can look around better, but right now, what she sees definitely looks like a Winter Wonderland.

Tall, stately evergreens surround them. Each glistens with icicles, snow, bright lights, and cheery ornaments. Stars and Angels radiate from their tops. “They were going to kill them all,” Ivy whispers. “Do you believe it? Every one of them was going to be chopped down and sold to humans just to last through the holidays.” Ivy’s sneering voice takes on a prideful tone as she adds, “I chopped them down.”

Harley has no doubt that she did, but the bodies of the men who would have been chopping and selling the majestic trees are nowhere to be seen. Blood doesn’t darken the snow. Joker would have made her see every corpse, but Ivy’s already taken care of all the bodies, all the destruction, all the darkness -- She’s taken care of it all, but she never blindfolds her to lead her to a place that isn’t somehow special for Harley herself.

She spins slowly around, snow crunching beneath her bright, black and red boots. She can see a few pairs of eyes looking out at her from the trees and realizes that there are little animals who have already made the Christmas trees their homes. The place is beautiful and already special, but there’s something missing, something she’s missing . . . She stops turning both as she completes her circle and as a large arm made with bark and covered in green, spiky leaves holds out a small box to her.

Harley squeals in anticipation and accepts the box. She quickly tears off the tiny, crimson ribbon, opens it, and squeals again. “Mallet earrings!” she cries, half in delight, half in disbelief as she lifts them from the box.

Ivy nods, barely hiding her own smile of anticipation. “And completely Environmentally safe.”

Harley quickly changes her earrings, pocketing her old ones, and looks around them again. This time, she notices the boxes some of the trees hold and the brightly covered presents wrapped and sitting at the bases of those trees who don’t already hold something. “For me?” she asks in disbelief.

Ivy nods. “For you. One present for every day of December.”

Harley’s squeal echoes across the lot. She races through the snow. Her girlfriend’s mouth is open to warn her, but then Ivy just shuts it, deciding to let Harley find out what she was going to tell her for herself. Harley hits her knees in front of the tree with the most presents at its base. She picks up a box and can instantly tell, from its lightweight, that it’s empty. She tosses it and another and another until she finds one that has some considerable weight to it.

She tears off its colorful wrapping paper with glee, opens the box, and squeals again with delight. It’s a whole new uniform with tight, leather like pants instead of a mini skirt. She knows Ivy would never have anything made from an actual cow’s skin, but whatever the material is, it looks and feels just like the genuine stuff. “With that uniform,” Ivy calls, “you’ll never have to shiver in the snow again.”

Still clutching the costume, Harley turns back to Ivy with a wicked grin spreading over her pale mouth. “What if I want to shiver in the snow?” she asks. There are so many presents! She wants to open them all, but most of all, she wants to dive into the woman she loves! Dropping the clothes, she somersaults over the snowy ground.

She comes to a stop right in front of Ivy, grabs her to her, and kisses her firmly and passionately. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she squeals, unable to curb her enthusiasm, as she lets her go. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is THE best present ever!!!”

“Why don’t you open another one?” Ivy asks, caressing her smiling cheek.

“In a minute,” Harley replies, grinning from ear to ear. “First I want to thank you proper like!” She kisses her again, long and deep, and this time, she doesn’t let up even as Ivy’s vines pull them gently down onto the soft, green bed they’ve made for them on top of the snow. Ivy truly has given her her very own Winter Wonderland this year, but of all the wonders with which she’s ever gifted her, the most wonderful of them all is definitely, and will always remain, her love. She loves her, truly loves her, unlike anyone else Harley has ever known, and unlike all the rest, too, her kindness and generosity know no bounds.

In the back of her mind, Harley reflects that she’s got to find something super, super cool for her this year, but she doesn’t let that thought hinder their passion or her joy. She kisses her with all she has, no longer feeling the cold of the season or the harshness of mankind. She kisses her, her hot tongue plunging ever deeper into her mouth and curling around hers. Her hands are fast and eager, spreading across Ivy’s body and trying desperately to reach every inch of her at once.

Somewhere along the way of worshipping her girlfriend’s body, Harley hears Pammy call to her, “Merry Christmas!”

She finally lets up on the kissing only to whisper, “Christmas Shishmas! Every day with you, darling, is merry!” She kisses her again instantly and knows her words are true. She’d always had to pretend with the Joker, but with Ivy, she never has to pretend. With her, she is truly happy, truly loved, and every day is truly filled with wonder, the wonders of how wonderful her Pam-a-lamb makes her feel and the wonder of their love.

The End
Tags: batman: ivy/harley, holidays: christmas
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