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12 Days of Christmas 2: A Strange Christmas Tree Topper Indeed

Title: A Strange Christmas Tree Topper Indeed
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Labyrinth
Character/Pairing: Jareth/Sarah, Goblins
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,955
Date Written: 14 November 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Sarah ducks as a Goblin goes flying through the air. The little creature wails as it sails over her head. She turns, watching its descent, and grimaces as it hits a tree. She starts to turn back around and spots two more Goblins spiraling after the first. They hit the tree with twin Thud!s and slide to the palace floor. There’s a fourth, fifth, and sixth coming before Sarah can leave the throne room.

She has to continue ducking underneath the flying Goblins as she makes her way through the palace’s main corridor and into the royal bedroom she shares with her loving husband. She cringes and ducks again just as he kicks yet another Goblin. This one actually seems to scream with delight as it spirals past the Queen, following the path of its brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

“Jareth,” Sarah starts softly, wondering what’s set her husband off this time. He is often loving, but she knows, from prior firsthand experience, that he can be a fierce opponent. When he doesn’t answer, she probes a little bolder, “Sweetheart? What’s wrong? Why are you kicking the subjects this time?”

“They simply will not leave me alone!” he exclaims, glowering down at the twenty or so who are still in the room. “All I wanted to do was to wrap this present for you, and they will not leave me be for two seconds to wrap it!”

Sarah glances down at the colorful box he indicates with a wave of his royal hand. She has to cover her mouth with her hand immediately to keep from laughing at the expression of the Goblin who is currently wrapped with the box containing her present in its big, red bow. She walks quietly over to the bed and unties the ribbon.

Jareth pouts. Even after all this time, how the man manages to make every expression undeniably sensual is beyond her! She wants nothing more than to grab him and kiss him as he remarks, “You were supposed to wait to open that.”

She shrugs. “So I won’t open it,” she replies, retying the string, “but I had to let her out.” She makes a face at the Goblin who even now is scurrying for her King. It is so difficult to tell with these little, green creatures if they are male or female, but she hates referring to anything living as a mere “it”.

“Oh, King! Kingie!” the Goblin cries, launching herself over the bed and onto Jareth’s leg. The pitch of her voice is even shriller than most of the creatures, convincing Sarah that she is indeed a female. “Kingie, kick me! Please kick me!” Sarah watches in disbelief as the Goblin begs to be kicked.

Jareth obliges her request without hesitation, raising his booted foot and kicking its point straight up her rear end. The Goblin squeals more with delight, Sarah notices, than pain or terror as she, green, wrinkled hands clutching her rear end, sails out of the room and down the corridor.

“Kick me! Kick me!” the Goblins cry, all squirming around Jareth’s long legs.

“Kick me!”

“Come on, Kingie! Kick me!”

“Do me next!”




“Kick me!”

“See?” Jareth asks his wife. “I can scarcely refuse when they beg so!” He grants their wishes, spinning a circle and kicking each of the closest Goblins surrounding him. No sooner has he kicked them away, then more swarm closer to him and resume the chant of, “Kick me! Kick me! Kick me!”

Sarah watches in stunned disbelief, her mouth hanging slightly agape, as Jareth once more grants their wishes. After the most recent group has been kicked away and down the corridor, one of the Goblins Sarah could swear had flown back in the throne room rushes into their bedroom. “Kingie! Kingie! Please kick me again! I almost made it!”

Sarah stares. “You almost made it where?” she asks.

“To the tree! To the tree! I almost made it to the top of the tree!”

Sarah stares at Jareth, who is quite nearly at the end of the very short length of his patience, and the begging Goblin. More Goblins circle around her husband, each begging to be kicked. One even turns around, boldly lifts her little skirt, and shakes her green booty at her King. Sarah blinks, clearly disturbed. “This has gone too far,” she suddenly snaps.

“You’re telling me,” Jareth agrees, “but how can I resist such a simple plea? There’s so much they ask for, dearest, that I can not give.”

“Violence is not the answer -- “ Sarah starts only to be cut off by the little Goblin shaking her bared behind in front of Sarah’s husband.

“Oh, don’t pay mind to Queenie, Kingie! She not Goblin! She not understand! Kick me! Kick me! Pleeeeease kick me!”

Sarah shakes her head. Of all the bizarre things she has witnessed in this strange land, this activity this morning must certainly be the strangest! “Jareth -- “ she starts, but he does not heed her as he kicks his boot up the little Goblin’s behind. She screams with glee, clasping her behind as she sails through the air and out of the room.

This time, Sarah follows her. Jareth’s kicks are always powerful, and like the Goblins before her, this little Goblin flies straight down the corridor and into the throne room, from whence Sarah can now hearing the jostling of tree limbs, bells, and other breakable ornaments. She increases her speed and enters the throne room, ducking underneath yet another flying Goblin just in time to see the one who had begged so hard for her King to kick her hit the tree. “DRAT!” the Goblin cries out instantly.

Sarah stares. “You can’t possibly have thought being kicked would feel good!”

“It’s not that, Queenie,” one of the kinder Goblins starts to explain but the one who had bared her behind to her King interrupts him.

“Queenie not understand! Queenie never understand!”

“Maybe you should try telling Queenie what’s going on,” Sarah counters, “and you might just be surprised what Queenie does understand!”

“Queenie not understand this!” the Goblin protests. “Queenie never understand this! Queenie not like kicks! Queenie not like action!”

Unable to resist, Sarah grins and teases, “It depends on the type of action.”

Goblins are flying all around the tree now. Some start to pass it entirely but reach out, grabbing its branches, stopping their flight, and clambering onto the Christmas tree. Three more enter the room, one right behind the other, each holding their little behinds and squealing at the top of their high-pitched lungs. Sarah’s quickly getting a headache, and she can well imagine how Jareth’s head must be throbbing -- and how it must have throbbed for years before she came to reign here with him. She has to put a stop to this!

She’s just made that decision when yet another Goblin sails high over her dark head. This one grabs the very top of the tree and makes a sound like a trumpet blaring proudly. The other Goblins shriek and groan with dismay.

“No fair!” one cries.

“He won!” declares another.

“No fair! No fair! No fair!”

“Yes fair!” exclaims the one now sitting on the very top of the tree. “I won fair and square!”

Sarah blinks again as understanding slowly starts to dawn on her. “You weren’t . . . “ she says. “Surely you couldn’t have been . . . Were you challenging each other to see who could make it to the top of the tree first?!” she finally demands.

“Queenie does get it!” cries out the little female Goblin who had been saying the entire time that Sarah could not understand their game. Her mouth literally falls open.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” cry the others.

“Fun game, isn’t it?” calls one.

Sarah rubs her temples, her eyes drifting closed for a moment. “No,” she mutters. “No, it really is not.” She considers, for just a moment, handing the winner the star that she had intended to be on the top of the tree, the very same star that her father had once lifted her annually to put on their tree at home, back when the above world had felt like home and her family, her mother, her father, Merlin, and herself, had all been happy together. But that, she remembers, was so very, very long ago.

Families change. Christmases change, and so do traditions. If this game, as bizarre as it was, had brought the Goblins fun, and she can tell from their grins that it had, it would not be right for her to try to take that fun away. Besides, as much as her own head now hurts from the brief time spent with the little creatures this morning, she can only imagine how her husband’s head must be throbbing!

She whirls around and marches from the throne room, down the corridor, and all the way back to the royal bedroom. Jareth’s blonde head is hanging in his royal hands. He sits on the foot of the bed, and the room is completely, for once, devoid of all Goblins. Sarah quickly steps into the room and shuts and bolts the door behind her. “They were playing a game,” she tells him gently, approaching.

“I fathomed it had to be some such task,” he says, waving a hand in the air.

“They wanted to see who would top the Christmas tree.”

His head lifts slightly; he looks up at her through splayed fingers. “Really?”

She nods, biting back a smile. “Really.”

“I do not imagine you had such . . . tree toppers in the above world.”

“No, in my world, Christmas trees are generally topped with Angels or stars. There’s a figure called Santa Claus who is sometimes used.”

“But not Goblins,” Jareth says tiredly.

Sarah can’t help the smile that creeps across her face this time. “No,” she agrees, “not Goblins.”

He groans. “Only in my world -- “

She closes the distance between them, takes his waving hand in hers, and lifts it to her lips. She kisses him gently, almost reverently, as he has kissed her hands in the past. “In our world,” she corrects, “for your world is my world.”

He smiles as he looks up at her. “For as long as you want it,” he murmurs.

“I want it,” she tells him without hesitation, “forever. I want you forever,” sliding closer to him and wrapping his arms around her, she concludes, “my husband, my love.” She kisses him, and as he returns her kiss, the passion that they both felt when they first met, when she first called upon him for help so long ago, flares steady once again. For all his flaws, for all his desires, for all his power, for everything that is him, she will always love this man, and she knows he will always love her too. That makes this place, as crazy as it is with bizarre, often nasty little creatures all vying to be kicked, her home, and although she might give the Goblins more intelligence if she could, she would never change anything else about it or about him. “I love you!”

“And I, my Queen,” he breathes against her lips, “love you!” As they continue to kiss, Sarah slowly coming astride Jareth on their royal bed, she knows they’re going to have a very merry Christmas together regardless of any other circumstances. Whatever, or whoever, is topping their tree doesn’t matter. What matters is that they’re together and in love, and that’s all she could ever ask or desire for in this world, her own, or any other. Her hearts sing as their bodies sing together in a love ballad that will never end.

The End
Tags: holidays: christmas, labyrinth: goblins, labyrinth: jareth/sarah
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