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Still A Mistake

Title: Still A Mistake
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Batman/Catwoman
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: gameofcards: 3x5 Prompt List: Brilliant, Fur, and Leisure (If you join, tell them Kat Lee of Team Clubs sent YOU!)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 866
Date Written: 5 December 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She stretches in a pool of warm sunlight. Instead of fur, her blindly reaching hands touch hard muscles and a solid, masculine body. Her lips curve into a satisfied smile as she remembers last night. She’s made the most brilliant move of her entire life! She finally has the big, bad Bat exactly where she wants him! A girl could live on the kind of money and fame Bruce Wayne possesses for several, leisurely lifetimes, and as long as she has him watching Selina, the Catwoman should be able to get away with anything.

Except she knows that isn’t how this works. It never has, and it never will. Bruce doesn’t let anything stop him from bringing criminals to justice as the Batman. Why, if his own, cherished parents were still alive and he caught them stealing, he’d even haul them off to Arkham! He’s slapped enough of those shiny, silver bracelets on her wrists over the years they’ve been dancing this game for Selina to know better. Nothing, and noone, will ever keep him from doing what he so blindly believes is right.

Selina sighs. Maybe last night wasn’t the most brilliant move she’s ever made after all. It wasn’t the dumbest, but there’s nothing more to be gained from her experiences with this man. She knows how this is going to end up, how it always ends up.

A kitty mews, and a soft, pink tongue washes Selina’s fingers. Gently, Selina pushes Diana away and raises up on her elbow. Bruce is still fast asleep, his lean, hard, wonderfully delicious body riddled with marks both from her scratching claws last night and from the other fights he survived as the Batman, both before he caught up with her last night and after. But God, he’s such a sight!

Selina presses her mussed, ruby red lips tightly together to keep from emitting the sigh that raises within her. She could stay in this bed all day as long as he was in it with her. Who’s she kidding? She could stay in it, with him, for a lifetime! She shakes her head, knowing too well her own goals can never be accomplished if she stays here. He might provide for her, but he’d balk at doing what her kids need. He’ll always balk at putting animals -- any kind -- before the humans who destroy them.

She shouldn’t be here, Selina realizes with sudden clarity. She’s wasted time and dangerously, foolishly opened her heart up yet again. Nothing good can come from what happened between last night nor can it come from anything that might follow should she still be here when he wakes. The best thing she can do is leave like the cat in the night she’s always been destined to be.

Yet, still, she watches him for several long minutes as his hard, muscular chest rises and falls softly with his gentle breathing. The man has a face that could not be more beautiful if Picasso himself had sculpted it, and abs to match. She could watch him all day long --

But she can’t. There are mouths depending upon her across the city, including at her own apartment in one of the darkest holes in Gotham. There are precious lives waiting for her to find them and free them. There are animals being beaten at this very moment, cats desperately needed her help, young, truly innocent lives only she can free.

Mutely, she shakes her head and pulls her hand back from stroking her lover’s handsome face. This can not be, can not happen, if she’s to be there for the real innocents who need her, the true innocents who supposed heroes like the Batman never notice. She’s needed, and she must go.

Selina leans forward and brushes her lips, as light as a feather on the end of one of the toy wands she plays with with her own babies, across Bruce’s forehead. He doesn’t stir, doesn’t even twitch. He doesn’t even know she’s in the room with him right now. This is the perfect time to go.

Slipping from the bed, Selina gathers her clothes and dresses without making a sound. She walks to his open window and looks back. Diana jumps with sleek, agile grace onto Selina’s shoulder. Selina blows a silent kiss to the man the woman part of her will always love even if the cat part can never stay with him, and then she’s gone, pitching herself out into the bright daylight.

She lands on her booted on the cool, green grass outside, Diana still perched on her shoulder, and takes off running. There are lives to be saved, after all.

Alone in his bedroom, Bruce opens his eyes and sighs. She’s gone. He felt the moment she left just as he felt the moment she first woke this morning after the wonderful experience, for it was even if it was also a mistake, they shared last night and the moment she, too, realized that what they shared was still a mistake. As he rolls to his feet, Bruce wishes he could go after her, but he knows he can’t. There are lives to be saved after all.

The End

Tags: batman: bats/cats
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