Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

2 Sentence Fics

Couple of Sentence Fics written for prompts at comment_fic

Power Rangers: Billy/Jason - 71 words:

“What are you doing here?” Jason asks in disbelief, dropping his bags in his new dorm at college. “You could’ve gone anywhere!”

“Yeah,” Billy agrees, walking forward and taking his hands in his, “so I came here to be with you,”; the kiss that follows assuages any doubts Jason may have once had, or any Billy may have been carrying, as well, out of concern that he didn’t want him there.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Supernatural: Dean/Crowley - 95 words - WARNING: CONTAINS CHARACTER DEATH!:

He knows the moment he must die. He sees the inevitably of someone surrendering their life, if not their soul, to win this time and knows that losing his brother or the Angel will surely kill everything good that’s left in Dean, everything that made Crowley fall in love with him. He never expected to grant unrequested mercy to a mortal, let alone to fall in love with one, but Crowley knows the ride was worth it, loving Dean was worth everything, as he steps up, steps forward, and plays his part to the end.

Tags: power rangers: jason/billy, supernatural: dean/crowley
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