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Kat Lee

The Whole of Her

Title: The Whole of Her
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Scorpion
Character/Pairing: Toby/Happy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 87: Mechanical
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,110
Date Written: 13 November 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to CBS, not the author, and are used without permission.

“Have I ever mentioned how much I adore your fingers?” Toby asks, coming closer.

Happy glowers as Sly becomes completely focused on his latest action figure and Walter mutters something about returning to his studies and leaves the room entirely. Paige slips her child into his jacket and hurries out into the cold, night air.

“They’re so long and agile,” Toby continues, seemingly oblivious to Happy’s growing anger, “and beautiful. They look delicate but -- “

Happy slaps down the bolt she’s been holding in place but keeps her favorite wrench lifted and at the ready in her other hand. “I’ll give you delicate, doc,” she growls.

“I was just about to say they’re not. They’re actually very strong, especially with all the mechanical work you do.”

“Doc -- “ Happy warns with one more growl.

Toby breaks out into a wide grin as he sees Sylvester bolt from the room, taking his action figure with him. “That worked,” he whispers, grinning.

Happy’s soft, brown eyes narrow dangerously at him. “What worked?” she snaps. “You pissing me off again?”

“Oh, hush,” Toby retorts, still grinning. “I think the lady doth protest too much,” he says in a badly accented tone.

“The lady,” Happy says, slapping her wrench against the palm of her other hand, “doesn’t protest enough.” She points her wrench at him. “I’ll show you how delicate I am the next time -- “

Her words break off as Toby wraps her quickly inside his arms, pinning her body against his. Gazing directly into her eyes, his nose nearly touching hers, he tells her, “You’re not delicate. Like I said, you never let me finish. You look delicate, but you’re strong. You’re the strongest, bravest, most wonderful woman I’ve ever known, Miss Happy Quinn.”

Happy continues to glower, but she can’t get her wrench back up without pushing him away, something she really doesn’t want to do. “If I didn’t know better, doc, I’d think you’d been drinking again.”

“I haven’t. You can smell the difference. I know.”

“You also know about a hundred ways to disguise your breath,” she retorts, but she knows he’s been with her and the rest of the team all day. He hasn’t had a chance to take more than a couple of sips when her back was turned.

“I am intoxicated, Happy. I’m intoxicated on you and on love and -- “

“Just shut up and kiss me, all right, doc, before the others come back in?” she growls.

His grin widens again. “Sometimes I love it when you’re bossy.”



“Then do as you’re told already.” His grin doesn’t falter in the least as he leans down and kisses her. Their kiss is fueled with passion and love but doesn’t last nearly long enough for either of them as they hear footsteps approaching. They break apart just in time as Sylvester returns to pick up his latest issue of Super Fun Guy. He leaves again, but though Toby continues to make eyes at Happy, she doesn’t lift her head back up from her task until hours later.

When she does, though, Toby’s still waiting at the ready. He sweeps her wordlessly away out of their headquarters and across town. They enter his apartment already kissing, their bodies wrapped around one another. His back is pressed against the closed door when he suddenly breaks off their kiss. “You’d better have a damn good reason -- “ Happy starts, panting breathlessly in between words.

“Oh, I do,” he says, grinning boldly. “I always have good reasons where you’re concerned, Miss Happy Quinn.” He lifts her into his arms, and for the first time all day, she doesn’t protest.

He carries across his room and lays her slowly down across his bed that, in the last few weeks, has become far more their bed than his. Even on the rare nights she doesn’t come home with him, his sheets still smell like her. Everything in the room still reminds him of her, and it’s as though she’s there even when she isn’t. He longs for the day when she never again parts from his side.

But for now, tonight, he looks at her like a servant worshipping his Queen. Though Toby is far from being anyone’s servant, Happy is certainly a Queen to him. He takes off her boots gently and works his way slowly up her body, caressing every inch through her clothes. When he reaches her hands at last, he raises them in his and kisses the back of each of her hands. He feels her shiver beneath him and beams down at her.

“I told you,” he says, gently splaying her fingers apart, “I adore these fingers.” Slowly, he sucks first one and then the next into his mouth, lavishing each with his tongue for several, long seconds before finally drawing his mouth off of her finger and ending with a gentle kiss on her fingertip.

He treats each finger the same until with a soft growl of passion, Happy protests again, “Leave my fingers alone, doc, and come adore me.” She wraps her legs around him, pinning him in and pulling him closer.

He looks up at her with a wide grin even as she knocks his hat from his head. “Oh, I’ll always adore you, Happy Quinn,” he promises, thinking of the ring he plans to have made, “always.” And as he kisses her, each kiss with growing passion, for a little while at least that one night, Happy stops her complaining and finally believes in him, in them, in the love she’d never thought she’d have but that he gives her. For one night at last, she’s happy completely, but the bright light of the next morning brings with it reminders of all she can’t have, all just being here in this room, in his bed, represents that is not hers to possess.

She slips without a word from his side, gets dressed, and leaves. He’s not surprised to wake to find her gone, but when he reaches their headquarters, he slips back into his place beside her and puts two coffee mugs onto her desk also without a word. She looks up at him in surprise, her eyes daring him to say something, anything.

He simply smiles over his coffee cup and takes a sip before reaching down, picking up her favorite wrench, and placing it inside her hand. As his hand leaves hers, he sweeps his fingers softly across hers, reminding her with his touch and intent gaze only that he will always adore her fingers and all of her -- and he will wait however long it takes to make her whole forever his.

The End
Tags: scorpion: toby/happy
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