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Legends In Their Own Time

Title: Legends In Their Own Time
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Power Rangers
Character/Pairing: Kim/Trini, mild Amanda/Rebecca
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Say What Friday: "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win." -- Gandhi and femslashbb: Legends
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 1,793
Date Written: 20 October 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

“Oh my God!” Kimberly breathes as she and Trini walk around a corner and spy two girls kissing. Trini, still holding to Kimberly’s hand, pulls them back around the way they’ve just come.

Both Kimberly’s and her own eyes are wide as Trini turns to Kim. “Was that who I think it was?” she asks in a hissed whisper.

Kimberly nods. “Yeah. It was Amanda and -- “

“Those girls who are always mean to you?”

Kimberly looks away, biting her bottom lip, and for the first time, Trini realizes that there’s more to the story of their behavior than she’s ever guessed. Maybe they have a reason for being mean to Kimberly, although how anyone could have something against her dearest friend is beyond Trini’s comprehension at the moment. She tugs on Kimberly’s hand, bringing her troubled eyes back to face her again. “Kimberly, what . . . “

“Let’s just say they have a reason,” Kimberly says in a rush, “for being mean to me. I don’t blame them for it. It’s my fault really. I just never thought they’d -- they’d -- “

Trini grins. “Turn out to be so much like you and me?”

“This isn’t a laughing matter, Trini! It could destroy their reputations, their lives in this town! You see how people look at us!”

“Yeah.” Trini nods. After just a moment’s hesitation, she asks, “What do you want to do about it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to rat ‘em out?”

“No! Of course not! Trini . . . “ Kimberly shakes her head. Her hand suddenly feels cold inside Trini’s grasp. She looks away again. “Let’s just go, okay?”

“Okay,” Trini relents, nodding, “if that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I want, okay?” Kimberly responds, biting her bottom lip again. Though she can no longer see them, Trini can tell tears are building in Kim’s eyes. “Let’s go.”

Trini squeezes her girlfriend’s hand. “Okay,” she agrees and lets Kimberly remain quiet all the way back to Kim’s house, pass her family, and into her bedroom. They still don’t speak as they settle down onto her bed. Trini just holds Kimberly, letting the storm build and surge, letting her girlfriend stare at the walls, the ceiling, anywhere but at her . . .

Until she can finally stand Kimberly’s silence no longer. “Kim?” she whispers. “You wanna talk about it, baby?”

“No, I . . . “ Kimberly turns and presses her face into one of the several pillows they have standing up against her bed’s headboard. “I really, really don’t, Trini,” she mutters into the pillow.

Trini’s never been known for her patience, but somehow, with Kimberly, it’s different. Somehow, she has the ability to be more patient with her than she’s ever been with anybody else, including her little brother back when their relationship was still good. “We all have pasts,” she says gently after another moment’s ticked by in the quiet but troubled atmosphere. “We’re not all proud of them,” she adds, reassuringly stroking Kimberly’s back. “But we are not our pasts. If there’s anything being a Ranger has taught me, it’s that our future can be anything we choose to make it. We’re not limited because of our experiences or our pasts or even who we are or who we choose to love.”

“It’s not like that,” Kimberly whispers. “The . . . The reason why Amanda and Rebecca are so mean to me is . . . Well, it’s my fault. I deserve it.”

“Maybe you did at first, but you’ve earned your redemption. We all have.”

Still not lifting her face from the pillow’s security, Kimberly shakes her head. “They don’t know that. They don’t know who . . . or what we are. They don’t know we’re Rangers.”

“No,” Trini relents slightly, “but they have some nerve.”

“Trini -- “

“No, Kim! I’ve seen the way those girls treat you! They take turns ignoring you and making fun of you! They do everything they can to make your life miserable!”

“But Imade Amanda’s life miserable first!”

“Maybe you did. Maybe you even did it on purpose. But how long ago was that, Kimmy? You can’t keep living in the past! They’ve done everything they can to provoke you to kick their asses, but you’ve always just turned and walked away! You’ve always been the bigger person!”

“But I wasn’t always!” Kimberly nearly shouts, her head finally lifting from her pillow to gaze at her girlfriend in tear-filled agony.

“Kimberly!” Trini’s heart aches at the sight of her tears. Her eyes are red, tears pouring down her cheeks. She reaches out and wipes away her tears before pulling her closer. “Whatever you did,”she says firmly, “you're not that same person any more.”

“No,” Kimberly agrees, “I’m not, but to them, I’ll always be the person who ruined Amanda’s life!”

“It doesn’t look that ruined to me!” Trini protests. “She looked pretty darn happy!”

A small smile chases across Kimberly’s mouth as she remembers how passionately Amanda and Rebecca had been kissing. “They did look pretty happy, didn’t they?” she asks.

“Oh, yeah! They had no idea we were anywhere near! Although, you know, it’s a shame our people think we have to hide in alley ways and behind closed doors.”

“In this small-minded town,” Kimberly states with great disdain, “you pretty much have to if you’re going to have any kind of a life.”

“Is that what happened before?” Trini can’t help guessing. “You outed her?”

“No! I . . . I guess I outed her in one way, but it nothing like that!”

Trini nods. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I understand. We all have . . . things in our past that we’re ashamed of. But I do think she's happy now, and I can’t help wondering if maybe we had something to do with that.”

“How?” Kimberly asks in disbelief.

Trini shrugs. “Simple. One of the things they’ve used to make you come so close to kicking their butts before is making fun of us for being together. But it hasn’t stopped us from loving each other.”

“You . . . love me?” Kimberly asks, staring into Trini’s eyes.

Heat rushes into her girlfriend’s face. “Well, yeah! I know we haven’t really talked about it before, but yeah, of course, I love you! You get me on levels nobody else ever has or ever will. Being Rangers is part of that, of course, but we get each other better than the guys ever will. They can’t even guess at how deep our connection is.”

Kimberly shakes her head slowly. “That’s true,” she says. After considering everything Trini’s just admitted, Kimberly asks, “So you think seeing us together might have finally made them think about how they really feel for each other and face those feelings?”

Trini shrugs. “Somebody inspired them to realize it’s not wrong to love each other.”

“And you think we did that?”

“Who else do you see openly loving each other despite being of the same gender in this town?”

“Nobody,” Kimberly admits, her grin growing. “That’s for sure.”

“So, maybe, you can stop kicking yourself now for whatever mistake you made in the past that hurt them?”

“It’s not that easy, Trini -- “

Trini nods. “I understand. But you’ve helped them way more than you ever hurt them, I’d be willing to bet, no matter what you did to them before.”

“Maybe,” Kimberly acknowledges. “It would be nice to think that.”

“I could do more,” Trini offers. “I could go and ask them, but knowing those two, they’d never tell the truth.”

Kimberly laughs. Her tears have finally completely stopped falling. “You’re right! They’d never tell the truth unless they had something to gain from it!”

“But I see it,” Trini continues, “and if you’re honest with yourself, you see it too.” She leans back on Kimberly’s bed and reaches up with one hand to cup her face. She runs a thumb softly across her cheek and burrows her fingers into Kimberly’s soft, brown hair. “We’re going to be legends, you know.”

“We already are.”

“Not just as the Rangers,” Trini clarifies, grinning, “but as ourselves. We’re going to turn this whole town on its ear. Those two are only the start.”

“You really think so?”

Grinning, Trini scrunches her nose and wriggles it the way she knows Kimberly adores. “I know so!” she declares defiantly. “We’re going to teach this town a lesson yet -- not as Rangers, but as ourselves!”

“And what lesson would that be?”

Trini’s eyes gaze up into Kimberly’s. “That you can love whoever you choose, and as long as the two of you love each other freely and make each other happy, that’s all that matters!” She shrugs a shoulder. “Follow where your heart leads and all that jazz.” Suddenly, she realizes that although she has now confessed her love for Kimberly, Kim still hasn’t specifically said if she feels the same way. “Uh, Kim . . . ?”

“Yeah . . . ?” Kimberly whispers, leaning closer.

“You never said,” Trini points out, “how you feel -- “

Kimberly beams down at her. The sorrow is gone from her eyes, replaced by love and joy. “Of course I love you too, Trini!” she exclaims and proves her love with a long, slow, and thoroughly heated kiss that would make all of Angel Falls scream in terror and simultaneously melt. Maybe her girlfriend’s right. Maybe this is the beginning of teaching their world how to love right. Regardless, Kimberly knows she’s loved, and she’s going to enjoy this next hour before she has to send Trini home for the night, spent in her girlfriend’s arms, their mouths locked together in a love Kimberly finally feels sure will never die or dull. She kisses her, and she can tell from the way Trini’s body moves against hers, the way her lips answer hers, and the way her hands caress her that she truly is loved in return.

Maybe Trini’s right, she thinks again. Maybe they will be legends not just as Power Rangers but as themselves for daring to follow where their hearts lead. Maybe they will start a revolution of people finally loving the people their hearts, not their minds which are subjected to fears of differences and being ridiculed for their choices, have chosen. Maybe they’ll teach the world, or at least Angel Falls, how to live, love,and be free. Kimberly herself will always be free now, she knows, and she’ll always love the same, fantastic woman, her fellow Ranger, her dearest friend of all. “I love you, Trini!” she pauses in between passionate kisses and great gasps of air to tell her.

“I love you too, Kimberly,” Trini breathes against her mouth, and Kim’s world is complete at last, her mistakes, if not forgiven, at least forgotten. They’ll hold her back no longer. She is worthy of being loved, and Trini loves her thoroughly!

The End
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