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To Ride Over the Moon

Title: To Ride Over the Moon
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Willow/Kennedy, past Willow/Tara
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words: October Bingo: Broomstick
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 1,410
Date Written: 4 October 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

“What’s this?” Willow asks, lifting the wrapped object she’s just found lying on the bed she shares with her girlfriend.

“That,” Kennedy answers with a sly smile, “is a super secret present for a super special young Witch.”

“A young Witch?” Willow intones. She looks around the room. “What? Am I supposed to start teaching somebody?”

“Willow!” Kennedy rolls her eyes. “You’re not that much older than me!”

“Lame joke,” Willow says, sighing, “I know,” but she’s still smiling.

“Open it,” Kennedy urges, coming to stand beside her.

Slowly, Willow twists the silver rope around it free. The brown wrapping practically falls apart in her hands afterward until she’s holding a black broom. She gasps softly. There are magical symbols carved into the broom’s handle and painted with a silver that matches the ribbon she untied. The straw end is wide enough for two people to sit on the broom while the handle is strong and sturdy, perfect for steering -- if Witches really did ride over the moon. “Kennedy -- “ she starts, turning to her girlfriend.

Kennedy holds her hands up. “You can do it! I know you try to stay away from magic these days, but I know you miss it. It’s a part of you, like Slaying’s a part of me. It needs to be controlled, yes, but it also needs to be embraced. You’d never try to keep me from slaying, and I’m never going to try to keep you away from using your gifts.”

“And I know you’ve been moody this season. Halloween used to be your favorite holiday -- you told me so yourself the first year we were together --, but you’ve gotten more and more away from your magick. You’re not going to turn dark again, Willow.”

“What makes you so sure?” she asks, turning to look into Kennedy’s dark eyes. “The power is addictive -- “

“Yes. So’s the power behind Slaying. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go rogue, or that you’re going to try to end the world again.”

“I wasn’t exactly trying,” Willow murmurs, looking down at the broom she holds, “when Xander stopped me.”

“And who do you think carved this broom?” Kenn asks her. “It was handmade. I know you know that.”

“You had Xander carve it,” she whispers.

Kennedy nods. “I most certainly did, and he was eager to help. He carved it from a limb on a tree that he told me reminded him of one that you and he used to hide in together when you were little.”

Willow nods slowly, remembering those nights. Xander’s father would be drunk, yelling, and looking for someone to hit. She’d come over, because she didn’t want that person to be Xander, even if he sometimes purposefully ran in between his father’s fist and his mother. They’d climb into the tree together and hold each other, and often they’d still be there when the morning light came, making everything not look quite as bad as it had in the darkness the night before.

“We believe in you, Willow,” Kennedy says, reaching over and touching her girlfriend’s hands where she holds the broomstick, “and we want you to be happy. You can’t be genuinely happy as long as you’re denying a part of you.”

“Maybe -- “

“No maybe about it. I know you, and I know you’re not happy not practicing. I’ll keep you steady. I won’t let you go over into the darkness, and I won’t leave you like she did. I promise.”

Willow’s lips tremble. Tears fill her green eyes, threatening to brim over. She knows that’s a promise that Kennedy may not always be able to keep, but as a Slayer, she’s bound to be considerably harder to kill than the first woman to whom she’d given her heart. Emotions churn and toil within her. Finally, looking for an easier way out than actually deciphering her feelings, Willow protests, “But Witches don’t actually ride broom.”

“They can. I know that’s your favorite myth. Make it levitate,” Kennedy says gently. “Make it strong. I’ll ride with you.” She looks into her eyes. “I know you want to do this, Wills.”

Willow nods mutely. She does want to. She’s always adored that legend of the Witch riding over the moon starting the official Halloween holiday. “You . . . don’t think it’s silly?”

Kennedy shakes her head. “I don’t think anything’s silly if it makes you happy.”

Willow smiles, but a couple of tears do fall down her face. Kennedy cups her smiling face in her hands, caresses her gingerly, and softly kisses her lips. When she pulls back, releasing Willow’s mouth from hers, Willow whispers, still smiling, against her mouth, “You are so good to me.”

The corners of Kennedy’s mouth lift into a partial grin, partial smirk. “Not as good as you deserve.”

Willow shakes her red head. “Better than I deserve,” she amends.

“Nah. You saved the world, Willow!”

“After I almost killed it.”

“Water under the bridge,” Kennedy insists, waving a hand through empty hair that Willow can feel even now crackling with magical energy. “Now,” she questions, lifting the broom Willow still holds, “are we going to do this, or are you going to keep kicking yourself for something that happened years ago and that you have made up for so many times since? It’s not like you only saved the world once, you know!”

Willow laughs, and it’s music to Kennedy’s ears. “You’re not going to let me say ‘no’, are you?”

“Hell no!”

She laughs again, leans forward, and kisses her girlfriend. “You’re amazing, Kenn. You know that?”

“You make me that way,” Kennedy answers. It’s the truth for no one has ever inspired her like Willow does, not to these heights of creativity, gifting, or love and not to be the best she can be, as Willow inspires her to be every single day of their life together.

“You make me that way, too,” Willow returns for she knows it’s her love for Kennedy that keeps her connected to the living and keeps her trying so hard. She looks again at the broomstick she holds. It would be so easy to go back to the darkness, to let the power rule her, but she won’t, because a dark Willow can not be with a Slayer. She could not be with the young, remarkable, amazing woman she loves and who so clearly loves her in return.

“Fine, fine!” she cries, laughing and beaming happily. “I’ll do it!”


It takes scant minutes for Willow to gather the ingredients they need and mix them together into a potion. She spreads the potion onto the broom, then holds it between her legs. Kennedy hikes on behind her and puts her hands on Willow’s hips, telling herself that she’s ready for whatever might come next. Her girlfriend says the incantation she’s written, and they rise together in the air.

Realizing too late that they’re too large to fit through the open window, Willow leads them through the door she hastily, magically opens instead. They spiral out into the hallway and down the steps. Spike and Buffy duck. Xander grins. Dawn squeals in delight. It’s Giles who opens the main door, pushing his spectacles back up onto his nose with his free hand as he does so. He exchanges a look with Willow as they start to blow past him ands nods ever so briefly.

Willow’s smile bursts across her face at the slight acknowledgement Giles has given her. If even he believes that she can do this safely, without fear of losing herself again to the power, it must be true! Kennedy whoops behind her as they rise swiftly into the evening air. “Hold tight,” Willow calls over her shoulder. Kenn does so, holding to her hips and leaning into her back as Willow takes off for the moon.

Anything is possible, she remembers as they sail over the moon. With love and magic, anything is possible. Kennedy’s whooping behind her. Willow releases the last of her inhibitions and squeals her delight, sounding much like Dawn earlier. Kennedy has taught her so much: She’s made her realize that it is possible to want to live again and to love again, and now she’s taught her something else too: With magic making the impossible possible and good friends and family gathered near, and of course her Kenny baby best of all, this might just be the best Halloween yet!

The End
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