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To His Angel

Title: To His Angel
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: Soft PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words August Rush: Day 14:
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,302
Date Written: 29 August 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Kripke, not the author, and are used without permission.

“I told you there would be repercussions,” Sam mutters out of the corner of his mouth, his wide eyes staring straight at the angry Angel ahead of them. “Dude, you should know by now not to piss off Angels!”

“It’s a little different, Sammy, when you’re da--” Dean stops in sudden confusion. Can what he and Castiel do really be considered dating? He never takes him anywhere. He’s never really considered that part of their . . . unique relationship before, but now he does. Between constantly fighting for their lives and hunting down monsters before they can kill the remaining innocents in the world, there’s never any time for just relaxing or even flipping through TV channels. Dean’s well accustomed to not having time for himself, but this is different. This time, it doesn’t just affect himself and his little brother. And although he’d tried to make plans with Cas, his life as a hunter had intervened yet again. “Huh, Cas, I’m sorry I was late.”

“Late?” Castiel intones, and Dean feels shadows spreading all around them. “I’m sorry. I suppose that is another thing about your species which I simply do not comprehend accurately. I was under the impression that being late for an event implied that you actually showed up, just not at the appointed time.”

Out of the corner of his own, wide eyes, Dean sees his brother beginning to edge backwards. He lets Sammy go and concentrates on the man or, rather, Angel who just brought him such incredible pleasure last night. “Okay,” he says, spreading his hands wide. “You have me. I never showed up. I’m sorry. I would have, if you hadn’t left. I would have just been late.”

“I waited, Dean. They wanted me to order, so I did. Our food was ice cold before I left, still without any sign or word from you that you were still coming.”

“I’m sorry,” Dean says again, realizing, with some surprise, how easy it is for him to say those dreaded words to this partner. “I should’ve called, but it’s a little hard to do that, Cas, when you’re fighting for your life!”

“You had time to kiss the girl who were protecting.”

“I didn’t kiss her! She kissed me! Besides, you’re not supposed to be watching me!”

“I was concerned, so I peeked. It was a good thing I did for otherwise I would not have known you still have feelings for the opposite sex and I, evidently, am inadequate to -- “

Dean moves with sudden swiftness, crossing the space between them as fast and effortlessly as if they were in battle. “You’re right,” he remarks, coming up in front of Castiel, “there is a lot you still don’t understand about us humans. Like just because you don’t want somebody doesn’t mean you force them off of you when they’re a pretty girl kissing you.”

“But if you do not wish to have sexual -- “

Dean grabs Castiel’s head. His fingers thrust up into his short, brown hair. His palm rests against his throat. “The only one I want sexual situations with,” he speaks swiftly, surprising them both, “is a certain annoying, stubborn Angel.”

A smile crosses Castiel’s lips. Dean will later swear that, in that moment, he heard the rustling of feathers. “You once told me I would not be family if I was not stubborn -- “

“Yeah, we’re all stubborn,” Dean agrees, “but there’s a time for talk, Cas, and there’s a time for action.”

“And this?”

“Is a time for action,” Dean answers without hesitation. He steps closer to him once more, finishing sealing off the distance between them, and slams his lips up against Castiel’s. This time, he’s fully aware of the rustling of Cas’ invisible wings as he feels them enclose around him. It’s always a wonderful feeling that defies description whenever Castiel hugs him with not just his arms but his wings as he’s now doing. Dean’s body melts in his Angelic lover’s embrace, but he keeps stubbornly holding to him, kissing him more deeply, his tongue sweeping into his mouth until he’s rewarded with a soft moan from Castiel.

Dean pulls back just a little and smiles up as Cas. His thumb draws softly across his Angel’s cheek. “Dean, when you kiss me like that -- “ Castiel murmurs, nearly speechless.

“I know, baby,” Dean returns, his hot breath blowing across Cas’ smiling lips. “I can’t stay angry either.”

Castiel stiffens suddenly. “You do not have a right to be angry.”

“Sure I do. You peeked. You invaded my privacy. You looked in on me when I had no idea you were there. And you didn’t even bother to keep watching to see that I backed away from her after that one kiss. I told her I didn’t want her, man. She was hot. She was Asian. And I actually turned her down. For you.”

“You did?” Cas asks in surprise.

Dean nods. “Damn straight I did. Who wants a busty Asian when you can have an Angel?” He jerks his head back toward the open doors of the warehouse, where Sam still stands, waiting at a safe distance. “You can ask Sammy if you don’t believe me.”

“No.” Castiel shakes his head. “I always know when you’re lying to me, Dean Winchester, and when you’re serious.”

“And this time?”

“You speak the truth.” Castiel sighs. “I suppose there is still a great deal I do not understand about your species.”

“Damn straight there is, but let’s leave the learning for another day and go home, Cas.”

“Okay,” Castiel agrees readily, dropping the power that’s been surrounding him since they met back up. He starts to walk pass Dean toward Sam.

Dean turns after him. “Where are you going?”

Confusion creases Castiel’s brow. “You just said -- “

“Let’s go home. Yeah. Let’s go home. Let’s beat Sammy there and have a little time just the two of us.”

“But -- “

Dean walks over and wraps his Angel in his arms. He leans his forehead against Castiel’s shoulder. He’s felt a burning need for him all night that’s only been amplified by turning down that girl who was so ready to give herself to him, feeling himself wrapped completely in Castiel, and the powerful kiss they just shared. “Let’s go home,” he murmurs again. “Sammy can take the Impala home.”

“But -- “ Castiel looks down at him in surprise. “Are you sure?” he whispers, knowing Dean doesn’t usually like for him to teleport them anywhere or to let his brother drive his car, who he often refers to as his “baby” rather than “the Impala”.

Dean raises his head and looks at him with such need shining underneath his half-lowered eyelids that all of Cas’ questions are instantly erased. He beams down at him. Dean answers with a grin of his own as his Angel nods. “Yes,” he says, “let’s go home.”

And with that, he sweeps them out of the warehouse and across the state to just outside the bunker. Dean doesn’t protest even as Cas picks him up and carries him into the bunker and to their waiting bed. He doesn’t protest; he doesn’t struggle. He just waits until Castiel lays him down and then he wraps his arm around his Angel’s neck again and brings him in for a long, passionate kiss followed by another and then another.

He’s always done the right thing, always dropped everything to do what a hunter should do, but this time, his life as a hunter is going to have to wait for tonight, he doesn’t belong to the world or to his brother. Tonight, even if only tonight, he belongs to his Angel, and by the time the sun rises again, there are no more doubts left in either of their minds. They belong together, and together they will be.

The End
Tags: supernatural: dean/castiel
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