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More To Offer

Title: More To Offer
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Giles/Spike
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: nekid_spike A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Day 23:
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 475
Date Written: 25 August 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

“Not bad, Ripper,” Spike murmurs softly, bringing the former librarian to glance over at him where he lays on his back in the moonlit shadows. Something catches in Giles’ throat, and he almost misses the next chord. Almost, but he recovers just in time to strum it and make it seem like he’s unaffected, as he should be.

He clears his throat as he finishes the song and looks away. “I don’t know why I did that. It’s not as though I had anything to prove to you.”

Spike grins, the tips of his fangs showing in his dangerous smile. “For the same reason all of us men tend to get in over our heads: you wanted to prove you could do what I thought you couldn’t.” Giles had barely hesitated, after all, to pick up the instrument and start playing after Spike had found the guitar in his apartment and called him on it, thinking he couldn’t possibly have enough style left in him to play. It had been a while since he’d enjoyed being wrong quite so thoroughly.

A thousand retorts tumble through the Watcher’s head, but they all seem to fade away as he looks back over to the Vampire. “Did I?” he asks in a rush of breath, the words escaping him before he can stop himself.

Spike smiles, and in that smile bathed in moonlight, he looks more beautiful than the moon himself. Rupert swallows hard. Until tonight, he’d never known a man could be beautiful, but Spike most certainly is. And he is dangerous, Giles reminds himself sternly, one of the most dangerous Vampires you or your Slayer have ever encountered. There’s only one reason why he’s here, old man, and that’s so that you can keep an eye on him. He should just stake him and be done with it.

“Go ahead then,” Spike urges, and Rupert realizes he missed his answer.


“Play me another.”

He rises hurriedly, perhaps a second too hurried to keep his dignity in tact and his private thoughts private. “Perhaps another night,” he says and quickly escapes to the sanctuary of his bedroom.

Spike smiles as he hears Giles’ locks sliding into place. He can lock every lock he’s got, but soon he’ll have them opened for him. He’s wearing the old man down. Soon, he’ll have the Slayer’s Watcher exactly where he wants him. After a moment’s pause of remembering the beautiful song just played, Spike finds himself, much to his surprise, wondering where exactly that is. Ripper, after all, has a great deal more to offer than just a way to get to his Slayer. Spike grins, running his tongue hungrily along his fangs, and watches the moon as he listens to the human in the next room breath jaggedly. Oh, yeah, he’s got a bloody lot more to offer.

The End
Tags: btvs: giles/spike
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