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Kat Lee

On A Magical Night

Title: On A Magical Night
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Dean/Sam, John/Bobby
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words August Rush: Day 7:
Warning(s): (W)Incest
Word Count: 905
Date Written: 15 August 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Kripke, not the author, and are used without permission.

The years fall away as they stare pass the trees into a moonlit clearing and the man in the very center of it. “I don’t believe he’s doing this,” Sammy whispers, his tone displaying his obvious hurt.

This whole act of spying on Bobby may seem familiar, but there’d been different reasons for it when they had been children. Now there’s nothing childlike or innocent about this experience. Now, their very closest friend in all the world is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, something they may have to kill him for. “I can’t look,” Sammy whispers, pulling away.

Dean kicks him. “Yes,” he growls through gritted teeth, “you can, and you’ve got to! I’m not doing this one by myself!”

“But, Dean, it’s Bobby!” Sam almost whines. Bobby, their closest friend. Bobby, the only family they have left other than each other. Bobby, who, for a while when they were kids, was more like a father to them than their own dad.

“Dad?” Dean squeaks in choked surprise.

Sam almost falls in his rush to stick his head back around the tree and look again. “Oh my God,” he whispers. “It is Dad! He rose Dad?!”

“I didn’t hear him do a spell,” Dean argues.

“But the salt -- The circle -- “

“I don’t know, doofus! To protect them, maybe?”

The brothers watch as their father embraces his dearest friend. They gasp simultaneously as the two men kiss. Dean whips back around to the other side of the trees, but Sam stands watching, mesmerized. “Oh my God,” he whispers, echoing Dean’s earlier cry. The men look toward him, and Sam ducks hurriedly back into hiding.

“They’re together!” Dean exclaims heatedly. “All this time, they’ve been together, and they didn’t tell us!”

“Mom has been dead a long time,” Sam whispers gently.

“That’s not the point! They’re together, and they didn’t trust us enough to tell us!”

“Did we tell them?” Sam asks, stopping his brother short for a moment.

“Did we tell them what?”

“You know what, Dean! We’ve never told anybody we’re together!”

“That’s different!”

“Why? Because we’re brothers?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Sam shakes his head. “You’re missing the point here, Dean.”

“No,” Dean argues, “you’re missing the point.”

“No, I’m not! Think for a moment! It’s Halloween; it’s midnight! What they say is true! We can communicate with the dead on Halloween!”

“Mom,” Dean whispers.

Sam nods. “And we’re missing a moment with Dad right now.”

“I’m not going around there!” Dean shudders. “I don’t wanna see that!”

“I didn’t say you did, but do you really want to let an opportunity go by when we could talk to Dad, see him, and not take it?”

“Now you’re the one who sounds Dad-obsessed!”

“I am not Dad-obsessed,” Sammy argues, “but this night only comes once in a year, and he . . . “ Sammy looks away from Dean, away from the clearing where Bobby and his father are probably still kissing if not worse. “I can finally tell him I’m sorry,” he whispers and wipes away the tears that escape his control and fall. Without another thought, he bursts into the clearing.

“Shit,” Dean hisses and follows his brother, as he always has when Sammy’s not been following him.

Bobby and John break apart with twin, horrified looks on their faces. “Sam! Dean! This isn’t -- “

“Oh, save it, Bobby!” John snaps as his lover’s mustache quivers. “They’ve seen us now!” He looks at his boys. “But if you think Bobby resurrected me, you’re wrong. He wouldn’t do something like that.”

“No -- “ Dean starts, but Sammy cuts him off.

“You came to him,” he whispers, shocked.

“Yeah. We get one night.” John glowers down at his children. “Maybe I should be angry -- “ he starts, but Sammy cuts him off as he just had Dean.

“I’m sorry,” he blurts out before he can stop himself. “I’m sorry for every time I ever doubted you, for every time -- “

John floats over to where his youngest son is beginning to babble and clasps a hand that feels, to the nervous Sammy, surprisingly solid on his shoulder. “You were just being a Winchester,” John says. When Sammy raises surprised eyes to him, he reassures him further, “It’s okay. Your temper tantrums are just like mine were.” It’s funny, John thinks, how easily he can admit some things now that he’s dead that he never could while he was still alive.

“Is Mom there?” Dean asks, edging forward.

John looks up at his other boy and smiles fondly. “Your mother watches over you two every day, and she loves you very much.” He pauses before adding quietly, “So do I.” He sees the tears mist in his children’s eyes, reaches out, and pulls them both close to him in a hug. They linger there, together, for a long moment before John looks up at Bobby. “They’ve found us out,” he states the obvious.

Bobby grins, mirth sparkling in his old eyes. “I always told you they would. Pay up.”

John chuckles. “That was a debt made while I was alive. You know I’ve got no money now, Bobby, and for the first time, I don’t need any. All I need is my family.”

“We’ve got tonight,” Bobby says softly, his mustache trembling with his unspoken emotions.

“Yeah,” John agrees, his words a gentle breeze on the magical, night air. He pulls Bobby into their family hug as he echoes, “We’ve got tonight.”

The End
Tags: holidays: halloween, supernatural: dean/sam
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