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Family Continues

Title: Family Continues
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Jubilee/Roxy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words August Rush: Day 3:
Warning(s): Cannon Character Death, Spoilers
Word Count: 767
Date Written: 8 August 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She stands in the place she thought she could call home again, watching the enemy descend. Craft after craft, each loaded with weapons already lit to blaze, is sweeping in. Soon, the battle will start, and she doesn’t see any way of surviving this one.


Jubilee takes her hand from Roxy’s for the first time in a hour and moves to hand her Shogo. “Take him -- “

“No,” Roxy almost growls. Jubilee’s red eyes, but before she can ask for an explanation, Roxy speaks again, “I’m not leaving you. Not this time. Not again. Not ever again!”

But she does take Shogo from Jubilee’s outstretched hands. She kisses his forehead, and Jubie’s heart almost breaks as Shogo gurgles, claps his hands, and reaches out for her, his mother, the only mother the tiny tyke has ever really known. She takes him back and hugs him tight as faculty and students alike run around them.

“LIN!” Roxy calls, jerking Jubilee’s head up.

Nature Girl is surrounded by the impossible, by squirrels, cats, and birds all getting along and not fighting. A chipmunk even sits on her shoulder, its little cheeks full of nuts. Lin runs closer to them, and as she runs, Jubilee notices she’s even being followed by a small tree. She shakes her head. This is impossible, but then it’s not impossible. She’s a Vampire, for crying out loud, and a freaking X-Man. Impossible shouldn’t even be in her vocabulary!

As gently as she can, Roxy lifts Shogo from his mother’s arms and holds him out to Lin. “Take him with you.” It’s a plea, not a command, but only those who know Roxy would understand the subtle difference. Lin nods, takes the baby, and runs, animal babies, the human baby, and even plant babies going after her.

Jubilee looks at Roxy through tears glittering in her red eyes. “Thank you.”

Roxy shakes her head. “Don’t thank me,” she tells her, “not with words. Thank me by kicking ass!”

Jubilee looks at her in surprise. “Who said I wasn’t going to?” she demands.

“I know you, Jubie. I know how easy it would be to give up! That’s why I’m not leaving you! Like it or not, you’re stuck with me!”

Her words seem strangely familiar, and Jubilee’s mind flashes back to another young, stubborn, and fiery girl who threw those words at another older person who was tired of fighting. He had fought for her, she knows, at times when he’d felt like giving up. He had survived while he had, so that she would live, so that Kitty would live, so that so many of them would live.

Her grin comes out both cocky and teasing. “Damn, you’re too much like me.”

Roxy winks. “I know. Now let’s kick ass!”

Jubilee looks up at the lowering spacecrafts. She’s about to ask “how” instead of “why” for the first time when she notices they’re not firing. Then she sees where one has landed and Kitty’s embracing some guy in a suit. Her Vampire ears easily pick up Pryde’s words despite the distance separating them. “You came.”

“Of course I came.”

Jubilee grins, realizing that what they’d thought was the enemy about to attack wasn’t the enemy at all. Maybe they do stand a chance after all, she starts to think. Roxy takes her hand again, and Jubilee’s eyes meet hers.

“Don’t give up,” Roxy whispers where only she can hear. “Don’t stop fighting. For me. For Shogo.” Emotion chokes her words as she admits, “We need you.”

And she, Jubilee recognizes, needs them just as Wolverine once needed her, even if he’d been too stubborn to see it at the time. Roxy may be like her, but she’s certainly become like her father. The ground shakes, and Jubie knows the fight’s really beginning this time. Yet one look back in Roxie’s eyes tells her there is no maybe, not to the fight beginning or to them standing a chance. They’re going to whup these aliens’ asses and send them packing, and when the dust clears, her family, or what’s already left of it, will still be here for her, just as Wolverine was there for her so long ago in the desert.

She growls. She doesn’t have claws to bare, but she does bare her fangs. “Let’s kick ass!” she cries, and together, with Roxy right beside her, she flies into the fray. They’ll win this day, and the X-Men and their dream will continue. Moreover, Jubilee’s own dream will continue. She still has a family to protect after all.

The End
Tags: x-men: jubes/roxie
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