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Claws & Fireworks: A Wolverine & Jubilee Fan Mix

What if I fall (I won't let you fall)
What if I cry (I'll never make you cry)
And if I get scared (I'll hold you tighter)
When they're tryna get to you baby I'll be the fighter

Keith Urban’s and Carrie Underwood’s The Fighter

It ain't the smoke, it's the fire that gets the burnin' done
If it wasn't for the bullet, nobody'd fear the gun
It ain't the bark, it ain't the growl, it's the bite that hurts
Thunder's just a noise, boys, lightnin' does the work

Chad Brock’s Lightning Does The Work
Lyrics Video

If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low

B-Real's, Busta Rhymes's, Coolio's, LL Cool J's, and Method Man's Hit ‘Em High
Lyrics Video

When she was three years old on her daddy's knee,
He said you can be anything you want to be,
She's a wild one,
Runnin' free.

Faith Hill’s Wild One
Lyrics Video

Don't judge a thing till you know what's inside it
Don't push me, I'll fight it
Never gonna give in, never gonna give it up, no
If you can't catch a wave then you're never gonna ride it

Bryan Adams’s You Can’t Take Me
Lyrics Video

Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life

Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You
Lyrics Video

call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can't wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me from the nothing I've become

Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life
Lyrics Video

You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down
No I'll stand my ground
Won't be turned around

Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down
Lyrics Video

And maybe, I'll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you through the darkest of your days
If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all
Then I hope there's someone out there who can bring me back to you

The Calling’s Wherever You Will Go
Lyrics Video


This has been for a lands_of_magic challenge. If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Winter sent YOU!

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