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Kat Lee

Every Second Counts

Title: Every Second Counts
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: fffc All Amnesty Special: r11.06: MPreg
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 758
Date Written: 31 July 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

He wakes with a start, an eerie cold still sliding through his bones. He reaches out instinctively, but the side of the bed next to his is empty. His lips press together, effectively silencing the sigh that rises within him. He should have known he’d be gone already.

But then the sound of a flushing toilet and padding footsteps prompts Lex to lift himself up onto his elbows and look again. His lips lift into a small, relieved smile as his young lover reenters his bedroom. “I thought you were gone,” Lex murmurs.

“No call to save the world yet tonight,” Clark replies with a big, nervous smile that almost looks guilty.

Lex doesn’t call him on it. Instead, he simply admits, “I’m glad.”

“You look troubled,” Clark comments, with a frown, as he sits beside him. Lex goes willingly as Clark draws him up into his arms. “Tell me about it?”

“It was just a strange dream,” Lex answers with a shudder. “A very strange dream.”

“I’m an alien,” Clark reminds him with a teasing grin. “How strange can your dream possibly be?”

“You were pregnant,” Lex explains, looking up into his eyes and watching as they widen with shock, “first with our baby.”

“That -- “ Clark nervously wets his lips. “That isn’t possible.”

Lex shrugs one shoulder. “Between your alien physiology and all the advancements science is constantly making, who’s to say what’s impossible, if anything? You were the one who taught me to believe in everything I once thought impossible.” By loving me. The last three words go unsaid, but neither needs a reminder of the darkness inside him from which Clark’s love saved Lex.

“But it wasn’t a good dream,” Clark says gently. “What happened?”

“One moment, you had our child within you, and the next . . . You had the world.”

Clark sighs; his head drops.

“A man can hardly be blamed for his dreams,” Lex argues defensively before his love can say another word.

Clark’s quiet voice, when he does speak, surprises Lex. “I’m sorry I make you feel that way. I can’t help that I have to fly off so often. It’s not like I want to, Lex. But if I don’t help people when I can am I not just as much to blame as whoever’s hurting them?”

“I understand why you go, Clark, but it’s not like I can help what I dream.”

“I never said you could.” Clark’s fingertips brush over Lex’s face, caressing his temples, his cheeks, his chin, his ears, his lips . . . “But I want you to know,” he says in that same quiet, calm voice, “if I ever have to choose between you and the world, it’s a choice I made long ago. I choose you. Above everybody else, above anything else, I choose you -- and our child, should we ever have one. I love you!”

Lex’s eyes mist over. “I love you too!” Just as he leans up to kiss him, however, Clark looks sharply away and toward their open window. Lex doesn’t need to ask what’s drawn his attention; he already knows. It happens every time after all, every single night. “Go,” he says simply.

Clark looks back at him. “But -- “

“Go. I’ll still be here when you’re done saving the world. I’ll always be here.” Waiting for you to get back to me.

Clark kisses him fast and hard, deep but not long. As he pulls away, the onslaught of his lips against Lex’s leaving the multibillionaire breathless, he promises, “And I’ll always come back to you.”

Lex grins. “You better,” he whispers huskily and lets him go. He may have to wait for him every night and day of their lives, and he is definitely the only person for whom Lex will ever be willing to wait, but it’s worth it to be loved by a man so wonderful, so pure, so wholesome that his goodness saved Lex long ago.

Left alone, Lex casts a glance back at their pillows. He’s not about to risk that dream again -- even if, knowing his Clark, Superman could find a way to care excellently for both the world and their child -- so he pulls himself from their bed and starts toward his study and the day of monotone work that awaits him. His nights, however, will never be monotone, or at least whatever time he has to share with his lover will never be so. Smiling, Lex finds himself whistling, already looking forward to the next second he gets to spend with Clark.

The End
Tags: smallville: clex
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