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One Bill That Won't Be Canceled

Title: One Bill That Won't Be Canceled
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: lands_of_magic: Independence Day (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Winter sent YOU!) and in honor of the upcoming Guest Weekend at nekid_spike featuring Smallville
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 1,786
Date Written: 11 July 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

The silence in Lex's spacious office suddenly seems deafening as he stares, in disbelief, at the day's headlines. His hands begin to shake. Suddenly, he throws his paper down in disgust and anger but pauses again, suddenly realizing he's no longer alone, when he reaches for his intercom. "Did you see this morning's paper?" he asks, only realizing after the words leave his mouth, how foolish his question is. "Lane has another hit."

"I'm not worried about what she has as a hit," his husband tells him gently, floating closer. "What I'm concerned about is what they're doing."

"I think it's time I bought the Presidency," Lex admits with a heavy sigh. "It's not like he's the richest man. He's only the second richest; he has a price."

"We're not going to play his game that way."

"Then what do you have in mind, Cl- Superman?" Lex questions, looking up at him. His calm demeanor is the complete opposite of how Lex feels right now. He wonders how long he's known about this change to have become so calm about it.

"We're going to do what I've already tried to do, Lex: We're going to fight hate with love."

"How?" Lex asks, tilting his head to the side and studying him. Part of him wants to cry right now. All of him wants to demand answers from Clark right now as to how he can be so calm and how long he's known. Has he known before today that this . . . nightmarish new law, or rather revocation of law, was in the works? If he had told him, could Lex have stopped it from happening? Why hadn't he told him?

Even worse than his need for answers from his own husband is the burning desire to throttle the truth out of their current President and to beat him until he lifted this immoral revocation. He should have known something like this would happen; he should have stopped him when he had the chance! But instead, he had listened to Clark and merely enacted his American right to vote. He should have had the bastard assassinated before he ever took the stand, but now it's too late. Now this seemingly has happened overnight, and there are thousands of people who are going to be heartbroken because of this, thousands of families who are going to be destroyed . . .

Maybe the people at the protests are right; maybe the Devil truly has overtaken the American Presidency at last. He has feared, since day run of the new President's campaign to be elected, that he would do worse to the nation than Lex himself would have if he had been sworn in. Looking at this morning's headlines, he knows he was not only right -- It's already happened. Freedom, basic human rights for which so many have fought for so long, have been stripped away with a single bill's passing. Part of him wants to deny its happening, but he glances again at the paper and sees it clear as day in black and white on the Daily Planet's front page.

Superman holds out his hand to him. "Come with me," he tells him, "and you'll see."

"What if it doesn't work?"

"This is the only first step," he tells him in a voice that's supposed to sound reassuring. For years now, Clark has been able to reassure him even in his darkest times, but right now, Lex isn't feeling that reassurance. "It won't be enough by itself, but we want the people to know where we stand."


The man he's loved since they were only children, mere teenagers just beginning to learn their capabilities, moves with every bit of the swiftness he deploys in protecting the nation that Lex feels has turned against them by electing the man who canceled their marriage. He lifts Lex from his chair and into his arms and presses his lips to his. Sweetly, he ravishes his mouth, his tongue reaching all the way to the back of Lex's mouth and curling sensually around his. It's the longest, deepest, most sensual and passionate kiss they have shared since Lex last believed Clark to be dead.

When Clark finally lifts his head, he's still gazing deep into his blue eyes. "Now," he asks, almost breathless himself, "will you come with me?"

Lex's sigh is mingled between the immense pleasure and heat he still feels curling his toes and the weariness, disappointment, and near heartbreak he felt before Clark touched him. "Yes," he answers. His fingers brushing over Clark's cheek, his grin twists into a smirk as he adds, "Not that you didn't already know that."

Cuddling Lex close to his chest, Superman flies them out of the top floor of LuthorCorp and all the way to Washington DC, where others, both heroes and civilians, both those blessed with extra powers and those without, both military soldiers and those they serve to protect, are already gathering. Looking beneath them, Lex is amazed by the sheer amount of people already colored. There are people from all walks of life, all nationalities, and all religious sects. Their people are gathering -- Clark's superhuman friends, his own LGBT allies in Washington, others who share their beliefs and life style, and others still who are merely supportive of their right to believe, and love, as they choose.

Not, Lex knows, that has ever been a choice. He tried so many ways to put Clark Kent behind him as they were growing up. He tried every trick in the book, every medical and psychological technique available, and even methods that most of the people below them have never even heard or dreamed exist. Nothing worked. Nothing worked, he has since come to understand, because nothing was meant to work. The heart loves who it chooses, regardless of the brain's protests, and his heart chose Clark. He's also learned he could never have made a better choice.

His husband doesn't stop at the ground with the civilians or even the military forces. He flies straight to Wonder Woman and three other flying heroes, two men and one female, Lex doesn't know. They are gathered above the lawn of the White House. "Are you ready?" Wonder Woman asks, turning to Superman.

Clark scans the crowd with his superior vision. "Not yet," he murmurs.

"Ready for what?" Lex questions, but nobody answers him as more news vans screech to a halt outside the gathered crowd. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and even Perry White himself jump out of the vans, all with cameras ready. Lois starts speaking into the microphone. He can't hear a word she's saying, but he knows his husband hears it all.

Protestors are screaming all across the grounds. "LOVE IS HERE TO STAY!" "YOU CAN'T STOP LOVE!" "LOVE ISN'T A MAN AND A WOMAN; IT'S TWO HEARTS!" "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!"

"What's happening?" Lex demands, barely able to hear his own voice for all the shouting. "What are we doing here?"

"Ready," Superman announces. Keeping one arm wrapped around Lex, he cups his face with his other hand and kisses him in front of the whole world. Lex starts to protest, knowing it will be easy for any one with half a brain to now deduce that Superman is Clark Kent, who the world knows as Lex's husband, but as Lex's mouth opens in protest, Clark smoothly dips his tongue into his mouth and kisses him more deeply.

On either side of them, the other flying heroes are kissing, but soon, Lex begins to loose all notice of what's taking place around them. He misses the stunts pulled by Batman and Nightwing as they flip from the trees onto the top of the capitol's gate and kiss. He missed Flash running the Martian Manhunter onto the lush, green grounds and kissing him swiftly. He even misses J'onn's yelp of surprise, his declaration that they are only friends, and Flash's shrugging, callous explanation that it was all in the moment.

But as the man he loves kisses him more deeply and more passionately than he has kissed them since they were first finding their way in love, Lex begins to understand. Everyone who is gathered here today is in support of their love and others like them. They are all here to send one message: Gay marriage, Lesbian marriage, queer marriage, whatever they want to call it is here to stay, and one man's hate, even if he is the President of the United States, can not turn them away! They will forever love the ones they love! Love will never be just between a man and a woman. Love will never see gender, or color, or religion. It always, only see two hearts destined to be connected together, and his is most certainly connected, for all time, to the man whose super-powered lungs are about to kiss the very breath out of his body!

But what a way to go! Lex thinks, not for the first time, as he surrenders to Clark's passion. It's only when Clark feels his body begin to sag against his that he slowly, gently lifts his mouth from his. "Kiss me again," Lex murmurs, though already breathless.

"We can wait a moment, sweetheart, for you to regain your breath and strength. They're getting the message."

"Damn it, Clark! I said kiss me again!" Wrapping his fingers around his husband's neck, Lex pulls Clark's mouth back down onto his. Let the President be damned! he thinks. Let the whole world be damned! No one will ever stop him from loving who he wants, or destroy his marriage to the man to whom his heart has always been destined to belong!

Marriage was more than a piece of paper and a bill of rights. They can strip that from them. They can call it what they want, but he will always be married to this wonderful man whose arms hold him now both so tight and so sweetly, and he has a feeling, hearing the shouts all around them, that he's not the only one! Maybe his plan to assassinate the President didn't happen, because Clark stopped him, but this President's plan and any other who might try it after him will also never happen. Their right to marry who they choose, Lex vows, is one right that will never be stripped away from them, and by the time this day is over, they will see those rights reinstated or maybe the President will be killed after all. He doesn't really care what it takes. Either way, he's staying married to this man, and nobody will ever stop them!

The End

Tags: justice league, smallville: clex
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