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Safe at Home

Title: Safe At Home
Author: Kat Lee
For: Web2theweb1, a newly discovered fan and hopeful friend
Fandom: Lady and the Tramp
Character/Pairing: Tramp/Lady, Jim/Jane
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: fffc Amnesty: 3: Safe and a request by Web2theweb1
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 549
Date Written: 11 July 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She waits until one quiet evening when Tramp is laying by Jim Dear's feet before finally posing the question that has her worried since they came home from the adventure that brought them together. "Tramp," she asks softly, her voice just a decibel below the humans' hearing, "how are you feeling?"

He looks at her in surprise. "I'm all healed up, Pidge. No need to worry."

That isn't the concern that's been weighing on her mind. "I know you're healthy," she tells him, her stub tail wagging a little at the thought for she had been worried about the injuries he'd received while protecting her and the baby, "but how are you feeling?"

The fur above his eyebrows arches downwards, showing his confusion. She sighs; she shouldn't let the talk in the neighborhood get to her. She shouldn't let the memory of Peg and some of what she had said while they had been in jail bother her. Peg's a very different dog, after all, than she'll ever be. But then, what right does she have to think herself any higher of such a beautiful dog? Peg had told her Tramp would never be happy settling down.

Tramp cocks his head to one side and absent-mindedly scratches an ear. He no longer has fleas -- ridding him of them is one of many needs his new masters have met --, but it's an old habit nonetheless. They have met many of his needs, he reflects, looking up at Jim Dear as he turns a page in the newspaper Tramp brings him every morning. They've met . . . all of them, really. For the first time in his life, he doesn't have to plan out how he's going to get his next meal or rely on Tony's and Butch's kindness. He doesn't have to worry about the dogcatcher or any of the other multitude of dangers out on the streets. "I'm . . . safe," he yips, realizing it for the first time and wagging his tail.

Rising, he walks over to his beloved Lady, who still looks troubled, and nuzzles her gently. "And completely in love, so I'm happy, if that's what you're asking, Pidge."

"So you will stay?" she asks him as Jane Darling looks down from her knitting and wonders what on Earth the two dogs are saying to each other. "Forever?"

"For as long as you'll have me," he assures her, running his tongue over the side of her face, from the top of her pretty head to the bottom of her furry chin.

She doesn't pull away from his tongue this time, though she knows Jane Darling is watching. "Then forever it is," she barks, wagging her tail happily.

Her mistress smiles as Lady licks Tramp. "They are adorable together," she comments to her husband.

Jim Dear glances up from his newspaper. "Yeah," he agrees, wondering where this new conversation is going, "they are."

"They make a fine addition to our family," Jane Darling adds, reaching down and stroking Lady's head.

"I never knew there was any debate," Jim comments.

"If only he knew, huh, girl?" Jane asks, winking at Lady as the dog licks her fingers. Tramp barks again, and Jane runs her hand smoothly down his back. "Yes, Tramp, I'm glad you're staying too."

The End
Tags: lady n tramp: tramp/lady
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