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Kat Lee

A Purr All Their Own

Title: A Purr All Their Own
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Batman/Avengers
Character/Pairing: Catwoman/Tigra, Doctor Strange
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: femslashbb: June 2017 Challenge: Vacation
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,344
Date Written: 27 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners (Catwoman/Batman/etc. = DC; Tigra, Avengers, Doctor Strange = Marvel), not the author, and are used without permission.

She perhaps shouldn't have come here. The thought keeps wrapping itself around Selina Kyle's mind as she makes her way through the throng of people. There are definitely more people here than she had hoped. It would be a thief's dream locale, but she didn't come here to work. She came here to forget about work. She came here to forget about him.

And perhaps that's just exactly what the problem is: She can forget about work. She can forget about the good people and cats she's seen taken down, at least for a little while. She can stop worrying about her babies, because she knows they're in good, perfectly capable paws. She can certainly forget about Gotham City and the rest of its nightlife. But she can't seem to forget about him.

Maybe it's because he's the very reason why she's here, why she fled from Gotham and came halfway around the world to this tropical paradise. Maybe it's because she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. She wouldn't have slowed down building her criminal empire, and she certainly would not have began to doubt her every move. She'd be surrounded by riches and cats right now and be the Queen of Gotham, if not the world, if it wasn't for him.

But every time she's ever succeeded in forgetting the Bat, he's somehow managed to show up again. He showed up at Arizona's bedside, back when the girl was hurt because of her, and at every funeral service for every friend she's ever had. He's always been somewhere nearby, lurking not far away at all, priming with sexual energy and danger. She's compared him to catnip before, and the analogy certainly still works, and just like a druggie fixed on a drug, it's hard as Hell for her to get the Bat out of her system.

But he's not here, and he doesn't know where she's come. She certainly hopped enough buses and changed enough flights to lose him even if he had been trying to follow -- which he hadn't. He only cares about Gotham, not the world, and if she's not in Gotham, she's not a threat to his precious, little sandbox right now and, thereby, not a concern for him.

She growls at the mere thought and flexes her sharp, ruby red fingernails. Men are such a pain! They always manage to dig underneath a girl's skin no matter how hard she fights to keep them out. And they always have such purrfectly good lines. He's convinced her more than once that he believes in her cause and sees the reason she truly fights, and steals, for her dreams. She's not just trying to support herself; she's trying to save all the cats of the world! A girl has to have money to get what she wants, and in this world, she's got to have money to get what she needs to. There's a huge difference between the two. Sometimes, Bruce seems to genuinely understand, but the Batman never does.

She might get into Bruce's heart, but the Batman's is as cold as the ice in her drink. He doesn't love anybody or anything other than his city and his reputation. And perhaps the Batbrats and Alfred. Selina sniffs indelicately and is about to take another sip of her catnip-spiced martini when the seemingly impossible finally happens: She forgets about the Batman, whose image has been lurking in her mind ever since she broke out of Arkham and got the Hell out of Gotham again.

She forgets about Gotham. She forgets about Bruce and the cops after her. She forgets about herself and even her babies, who she'll have to find a way to send for when she picks her next target -- she is not, not, not going back to Gotham this time at all! She forgets everything as she sees a pair of finely toned, furry, and striped legs stalking her way.

Selina slowly lowers her sunglasses down her nose. Her emerald eyes watch the other woman over the top of her glasses, and she begins to purr as she watches the stranger move. The woman is built to resemble a runway model, but she is clearly all cat! Her stripes are like a tiger's, her eyes are a feral green like the type that Selina has often dreamed of peering out at her from a dark jungle, and her curves are barely hidden at all by the black leather bikini lined with what looks like tiny, prehistoric teeth.

Selina growls in an altogether different voice than the one she'd used earlier to lament over the Bat and everything wrong he's ever done to her. Indeed, he's still no longer in her mind as she watches this beautiful, lethal stranger sashay toward her. Her tongue swells in her throat, and her body grows tight with need. This woman is exactly what the vet ordered!

"Excuse me," she calls, feeling her own, invisible tail whisking beneath her, as the woman starts to walk pass her, "but I don't believe we've met." She unfolds from her lounger and stretches gracefully as she stands to meet the furry stranger. "And I thought I knew every important cat there was to know anywhere on this planet. The name's Selina," she introduces herself, holding out her hand, palm down, to the other woman, "but you can call me Cats."

"Tigra," the woman answers, blinking at her with the innocence of a kitten. She sniffs her hand, then her drink, and her delicate, dark eyebrows arch in surprise. "Catnip?"

"Oh, yeah." Selina purrs. "I can make you one too, if you like."

Tigra smiles, and for a moment, she looks like a predator ready to eat someone, but Selina's not afraid. This vacation just became what she needed, all because of the catwoman before her! "You had me at the purr," she answers lustfully and purrs herself.

"Mmm. Barkeep," Selina calls, raising a hand, "another martini! Three more actually, but make these three to go!"

"But we just got here!"

"But what I'm going to share with you, dear girl, is something none of these humans need be privy to." And that, she thinks, includes the Batman! So long, Gotham! She's definitely never going back now! But she will send tomorrow for her babies to join her on this tropical island, but tonight . . . Tonight, she and her new playmate will party like only two cats of the same furset can!

Tigra looks at her, her purr deepening, and Selina matches both her gaze and her purr. "There's plenty of catnip where we're going?" the tigerlike woman asks.

"Oh, yeah," Selina purrs, "and there's me!"

Tigra wraps her tail around Selina's bare leg and pulls her closer. "I can't wait!" she purrs excitedly.

"No need," Selina answers, paying for their drinks as they arrive. "That's why they have room service." She winks, lifts their tray, and leads the way back to her room.

Tigra makes a mental note to thank Doctor Strange for bringing her to this other world whenever she sees him again. She needed a vacation badly to forget all the bad things that have happened to the Avengers over the last couple of decades, and this woman is the purrfect solution! She follows Selina still purring, eager to get acquainted with this new and better playmate who will never leave her wanting like every man before her has!

And a universe away, Doctor Stephen Strange steeples his fingers today before him and watches the two catwomen come together in the crystal ball. "Ha!" His booming laughter bounces off of the empty walls of his home. "Sometimes it's nice to play Cupid." He, too, begins to purr as he watches the women come together behind closed doors and kiss again and again and again . . . until all thoughts of mankind have left them and only one man remains anywhere close, watching over them and purring in a language the women would have believed all their own!

The End
Tags: avengers: strange, avengers: tigra, batman: catwoman, crossover, crossover fic
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