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Loving and Ruling Together

Title: Loving and Ruling Together
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Maleficent
Character/Pairing: Maleficent/Aurora
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Say What Friday: "Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel." - Melissa Etheridge
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 773
Date Written: 23 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She watches the beautiful, dark Fairy spiraling, carefree, through the clouds until, at last, Maleficent comes to perch before her on a rock. She cocks her head to one side, watching intently for a long moment before observing aloud, "Something bothers you."

"No! No . . . It's just . . . I would love to be able to soar with you!"

Maleficent's elegant eyebrows lift in surprise for just a moment. "That is easily enough accomplished," she says with a faint smile, holding out her hand to her.

Aurora takes her hand without hesitation, but though her fingers close around hers, she does not move any closer.

"There is more."

"Yes . . . Yes . . . I . . . " She fumbles for words.

"Whatever your heart's desire, my child, you have but to speak it."

"I . . . wish to become something more than I am."

"You are already Queen of all you survey."

"It is not enough." At the sharp look that suddenly glimmers in Maleficent's dark eyes, Aurora adds, "It is not enough for one to be Queen when one wishes to be loved."

"Is that all? All your subjects love you, and that Phillip boy worships the ground upon which you walk."

"Phillip is dear to me, but only as a friend." She searches Maleficent's eyes as she steps closer, her fingers tightening their hold on hers. "What if I were to tell you, Fairy Godmother, that the one thing I want is unheard of in all the lands? That what I desire is neither practiced or accepted?"

"I would remind you," Maleficent says with not a small amount of pride, stretching out the fingers of her empty hand to indicate the great kingdom in which they live, "where we have the pride to call our home. Here, all the things men simply fantasize over are truth! Anything is possible!"

"But even here," Aurora persists, her bottom lip trembling slightly, "this . . . practice, this desire of mine, this . . . love is unheard of!"

"Then it is time it is heard! Aurora, what is the most important lesson I have taught you?"

Aurora takes a deep breath and squares her delicate shoulders. "To always be myself. To let no man place a cage upon my heart, or upon my body. To live as my heart would have me."

Maleficent nods. "Precisely, so whatever it is you like, you have but to speak it, and it shall be done."

"You, Fairy Godmother," Aurora blurts out in a rush of words.

Maleficent blinks owlishly in surprise. "Pardon me?"

"I want you!" Aurora gushes. "I love you! As so much more than my Fairy Godmother, I love you!"

A slow smile starts to spread over Maleficent's face, but still, she hesitates. "Are you . . . certain? Completely and fully certain?"

Aurora lifts her head with pride, her long, blonde hair shimmering down her slender back. "I have never been more certain of anything," she vows, "in all my years!"

Maleficent does not point out that her years are not many, especially when compared to one who is all but Immortal, but the beaming, radiant smile she gives her says more than a hundred thousand words she could have prepared in answer. "Then it shall be!" she vows happily and, tugging on Aurora's hand, leans forward and kisses her.

Aurora's heart leaps. Maleficent's soars, and as it soars, so, too, does she. Her arms wrap around Aurora as she takes flight, and she holds her closely and dearly to her as she soars this time higher than the tree tops, than the clouds, than the very mountains . . . She soars higher and higher until it feels like they can reach out and touch the sun, but it isn't the sun Aurora wants. She reaches out instead and cups and caresses Maleficent's face. Her fingers tingle as she smoothes over her Godmother's high, delicate cheekbones and up her horns. She curls her fingers around her horns.

"For how long?" Maleficent asks breathless, her voice nearly tremulous as she gazes into Aurora's eyes.

Aurora does not have to inquire about what she is asking for she already knows. She beams up at her. "For as long as I can remember," she answers, "I have loved you, and forever and ever, I shall love you!" This time, as the couple kisses passionately, Maleficent leads their downward spiral back into their kingdom. The glide over the heads of their subjects and friends, and all who see them rejoice for their Queen and their true Queen are finally together as they have always been destined!

The End
Tags: maleficent: maleficent/aurora
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