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The Captain's Favorite Treasure

Title: The Captain's Favorite Treasure
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: fffc June Bingo: Treasure Hunting and lands_of_magic April Showers: Sun (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Winter sent YOU!)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,181
Date Written: 19 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

The Captain's patience is wearing thin by the time he strides purposefully back into his cabin and his slumbering partner. At least, the boy is supposed to be his partner, but he certainly isn't living up to the title today. Nor is any other member of his damnable crew, including his First Mate, Gibbs. Every one of them has been loathe to move around too day. "Too hot," they've mumbled. "Too tired." "Captain, I can't. I've done this," or, "Captain, I can't. I've done that." He's tired of their excuses.

Yes, it's hot -- the sun is already baking down on them, and it's not even mid-morning yet --, but a Pirate's life is never easy. They can't expect gold to be handed to them on a silver plate, but yesterday's raid on a Spanish armada brought forth extra prizes even Jack had not expected to find. He clenches the map in his ringed fist now, his teeth gritting and the dark hairs of his beard curling. The little idiots! All they have to do is get the Pearl going again, and they'll have real treasure in no time! All he needs is one man, and he can get her sailing again!

"Come on, Will," he mutters, slapping his lover's face gently but determinedly with the rolled map. "Wake up!"

Will snorts in his sleep and waves away Jack and the map. "Lemme sleep," he mutters, "just a little while longer."

Jack heaves an agitated sigh. The boy never would have dared to ask for a few more minutes' sleep when they first met -- Brown certainly had never taken it easy on him, and the bastard had abused him at the slightest provocation --, but he knows Jack will never hurt him. He'll never hurt him, but damn it, he wants him up! Still not letting go of the map, Jack presses one hand on the bed next to Will, crushing the map between his fingers and the mattress, and leans closer. "No," he whispers in his ear before running his tongue along the tender, already sweaty flesh.

Will giggles -- actually giggles -- and swats Jack away. Jack frowns down at him. In a way, he's glad to hear the laughter. The almost musical sound coupled with Will's insistent pleas -- this is only the fifth time he's asked him this morning -- for a little more sleep assure Jack that his love knows he's safe here. He's not afraid any longer -- not of Jack nor of asking what he wants nor of Brown, Barbossa, or even Davy Jones himself coming after them again. That's a wonderful thing, but it doesn't help Jack's current plight.

"Come on, luv," he murmurs, switching his position to where he stares down at Will's closed eyes, "just help me a little bit, an' then ye can go right back to sleep."

"No," Will says, still without opening his eyes. Reaching up, the collar of Jack's white shirts and pulls him down. "You join me here. Pirating can wait."

Jack sighs. How many times does he have to explain to the lad that Pirating is not a job? It's a lifestyle, a life choice, and a choice life at that! "Will," he grinds out between gritted teeth.

"Oh, come on, Jack. You can take one day off!"

"Do ye know how close we are to treasure?!"

"We're always close to treasure."

"No, Will! I mean it this time!" Jack waves the map in the air. "It's less than half a day's journey! Help me get the Pearl going, and then ye can go right back down!"

"Where's Gibbs?" Will asks sleepily, still not opening his eyes.

Jack sighs again. "Passed out behind th' rum," he admits.

"Pintel? Ragetti?"

"Still in bed."


"He said he wouldn't get back out in th' heat today fer all th' gold in the seven seas."

Will curls against Jack's side and doesn't seem bothered in the least when Jack sighs again. "Cotton?"

"He said he couldn't. He hurt his arm in yesterday's fight."

"The parrot?"

"The bloody parrot can't sail th' ship!"

"Then she can wait a little while."

"Maybe she can," Jack returns, "but I don't want to!"

"Sh. 'Course you want to." Will's fingers play over Jack's hot, dry lips.

"No, I don't!"

"We can sail in the cool of the evening. Pirates often sail at night. You told me that."

"I told ye everythin' ye know about bein' a Pirate, but that's beside th' point!"

"Aye. You did teach me everything I know about being a Pirate . . . " Will's fingers lightly caress Jack's mouth, then his tanned throat as they work their way slowly downward. Suddenly, he snatches the collar of his shirt again. " . . . and more!" he declares, slamming his mouth down hard against Jack's.

Jack's gasp of surprise allows Will to sweep his tongue into his mouth. Suddenly, the Pirate Captain realizes that not only is his lover definitely up, but finding that gold no longer sounds so appealing. Will and his men are right: It's too bloody hot to be out there under the sun, and besides, it is easier for Pirates to travel and do their "work" at night. It'll be much cooler tonight, too, and the wait will give him time to explore the same booty he reveled in last night.

Will's hands seem to be everywhere at once, stroking a heat in Jack that he should know, by now, is never truly sated. He remembers what Will said a moment or two before and smiles against his young lover's lips. Sensing the change in his partner, Will lifts his mouth from his just enough to breath huskily against his lips, and his mustache whose ends are now curling for an altogether different reason than before, "What?"

"I was jest thinkin' about what ye said earlier," Jack admits, his dark, kohl-rimmed eyes sparkling happily.

"Which one?"

"That we're never far from treasure."

"It's true," Will persists, running his loving hands over Jack's face and neck again.

"Aye," Jack admits with a slight nod of his head, his breath blowing across Will's lips, "it is. I just never thought about it that way before."

"You mean never thought about us that way before, but you are my treasure, Jack, the only treasure I'll ever truly want or need in this maddening world."

He can't tell the boy the same, Jack knows. Well, he could, but he tries not to lie to him these days. He smirks both at Will's innocence and his own jaded soul. "Aye. Well, ye may not be th' only treasure I'll ever want -- we'll get this one tonight," he adds, tossing the curled map up at his pillow, "but ye'll always be me favorite treasure."

Will beams. "That's all I can ask," he says and returns to kissing him. Jack gives himself over with a happy sigh, melting into his love and knowing that the rest of the treasure in the world can wait while he explores his favorite treasure chest. Gold never tasted so good!

The End
Tags: potc: wick
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