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Kat Lee

Chasing Away The Nightmares

Title: Chasing Away The Nightmares
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Excalibur/X-Men
Character/Pairing: Nightcrawler/Daytripper
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: fan_flashworks 194: Toes
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 716
Date Written: 17 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She glides into the room in the silence that comes naturally to one who deals so often with the dark, mystic arts. Tonight is a very welcome surprise for her, and she hopes it will be for her boyfriend whom she hasn't seen in so long as well. She could have always simply teleported to be with him, but her busy schedule as a flight attendant makes it rather difficult to disappear inconspicuously from an airplane full of mostly normal people.

But her flight got canceled today, and now here she is, actually walking, not teleporting, into Kurt's room. She left her suitcases in the hallway outside and now sits the wine she carries quietly down on Kurt's dresser. She smiles fondly at the bundle of blur fur wrapped in a sheet. From the way he's thrown the covers, she guesses his night started with bad dreams again, but she hopes her presence will improve that considerably.

"Kurt?" she calls softly, drawing closer to the bed. He moans in his sleep and shifts his position. His feet thrust out from underneath his sheet, and Amanda grins at the sight of his feet. She's always thought his longer, but shorter in actual numbers, toes are cute, but then, she's always enjoyed all his many differences. She could never have fallen in love with a normal man, but Kurt Wagner is anything but normal -- exactly what the doctor ordered, she thinks with a smirk and a gleam in her blue eyes, after so many days away in the air.

Coming to a stop before his bed, Amanda reaches out and lightly runs her fingers along the bottoms of his furry feet. He kicks and squirms in his sleep, but he doesn't wake. She puts a little more pressure behind her tickles, but it's only when she starts tickling his toes, that he kicks wider and his eyes finally snap open. His deep, yellow eyes blaze at her in the dark. "'Manda?" His tail swishes out from underneath the sheet. She can neither stop herself from grabbing it nor does she try. "Am I dreaming?"

"No, Fuzzy. I'm finally home." She kisses the pointed blade at the end of his tail, then crawls up on the bed beside him. "Now let's see about chasing away those nightmares you've been telling me about, shall we?"

He beams. "You already have," he promises her and kisses her with all the passion she's been yearning and waiting patiently for all these many months away.

Amanda moans and cups Kurt's face in her hands as his tail wraps around her. After several long kisses meant to make up for all the time they've missed, she asks softly, "You're always be here for me to come home to, right, Fuzzy?"

Kurt gazes into her eyes, his own hiding secret troubles. Excalibur has had so many close calls lately. He's had so many close calls. His tail thumps the bed, but he vows softly, "Ja." He will always be for her, in spirit if not in body. He only hopes it's enough as he kisses her again and again until she has no more breath left for troublesome questions. True to her word, Amanda chases his nightmares away, and by morning's light, when they wake still held tightly in each other's loving arms, the world looks to be a much better place both to the swashbuckling X-Man and his lady love.

"Do you have to go back?" Kurt asks, sensing Amanda open her eyes. His tail is still curled around one of her bare legs.

"Not today," she says, holding him back and holding back also that, although not today, she will have to return tomorrow. "What about you? Any X-Men duties to attend to?" Her fingers run through his dark curls.

"Nozing," he declares, with a flash of his fangs and a thicker accent than usual, "zat can't wait . . . " He kisses her. " . . . for me to make love . . . " He kisses her again. " . . . to you again . . . " He kisses her. " . . . and again . . . " Again, he kisses her. " . . . and again . . . " And again!

The End
Tags: excalibur: kurt/amanda
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