Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

The Wolverine's Lady

Title: The Wolverine's Lady
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: RoLo (Ororo/Logan)
Rating: Strong PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: lands_of_magic April Showers: Downpour
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,298
Date Written: 16 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

Logan leans across the hard metal of his bike. It's hard for even his eyes to see in this downpour, and if he was out here on these slick roads with rain pelting his face and body, he might take a break, just a short break, enough for a cigar and maybe a cold one, but still a break. But knowing what's waiting for him at the end of this ride just makes him punch harder and faster through the pouring rain.

Part of him almost wonders if Stormy's mad, but he knows better. She keeps too tight a control on herself and her powers to let her anger build over something as small as his being late, but she does like to let Mother Nature run her course sometimes. No, this storm is perfectly natural, but almost as powerful as the ones his lady uses to beat at their enemies.

The wind whips at his leather jacket and blows his gray hair back from his grizzled head. The rain keeps coming as he swiftly eats up the miles and finally slows down as he edges into the city. He's not worried about a speeding ticket -- only an idiot would try to give him one today --, but he doesn't want to risk running over a pedestrian he doesn't see in time. And this is New York -- there are always people in the streets here, regardless of the weather.

He can see a few inches in front of his nose, but that's it. Everything else is dark and gray. Vehicles of all kinds are stopped on the sides of the road. He even spies a taxi that's parked, its wipers beating like mad, and those drivers are usually nearly as crazy as he. They speed on in any weather, but not that one, not today. "Hmph." Logan makes a sound in the back of his throat and keeps going. He hasn't got much further to go now, and he knows every second of this perilous drive will be made worth it when he arrives at his destination.

Thunder roars like a furious beast, and lightning slashes jagged fingers through the sky that's now as dark as night. It hits a building right next to him, but Logan shakes his head and keeps on driving. He's been hit by lightning, felt his body burned thousands of degrees by lightning, fires, and other weapons, but he's also felt worse pains. Besides, nothing can compare to the glory he'll feel when he gets to pull 'Ro close in his arms and lay a kiss on her regal lips.

Taking a sharp turn, Logan finally slows his ride as a bright, circular light appears in the fog of rain and wind ahead of him. She stands wrapped in a shroud of glittering mist that seems almost to make her long, ivory hair sparkle around her gorgeous body. He slides to a stop beside her, and Ororo reaches out with the gift Mother Nature gave her and wraps him in her protective aura.

The rain, lightning, and wind can't touch him now. He leans back on his bike, turning it off and runs a hand through his thick, gray hair. The movement splashes raindrops across his haggard face, but he doesn't even notice them. He knows he's grinning at her like an idiot right now, but he can't help and doesn't really care to! He doesn't know how she does it, but somehow, she gets more beautiful every time he sees her. "'Ro," he breathes her name.

"Logan." Her smile suddenly seems to lift the weather, although the rain keeps pouring down all around them. He can practically hear birds singing and feel the warmth of a bright, blue sky drying the drops of rain on his skin. "I thought you might be late."

"Well, somebody could've stopped this rain -- " he starts.

She laughs, and the sound is the sweetest music he's ever heard, sweeter by far than the prettiest cry of any bird. He knows, from experience, it can part clouds. She doesn't offer an explanation. She doesn't need to for they know each other completely, and she knows already that he knows she tries to let Mother Nature run her course as she will most days. It's not like the weather will spoil their indoor plans.

She watches as he gets off his bike, her blue eyes seeming to touch and caress his muscles as they ripple and move. She lets him come to her, and he's notes again, as he walks to her, how she seems almost to glisten in the bubble wrapped around them where no rain falls. "It was damn sure worth it, though," he mutters just before she takes his lips with her own.

Her mouth drags his into a passionate, searing kiss, but he goes willingly. Fog wraps around their booted feet and starts to raise. The thunder blasts louder, and he knows she's having an effect on the weather, even if it's unintentional. She can't help it. She is the Goddess of the Weather after all, and his Goddess too.

His arms circle around her waist. He brings her closer against his body and strokes the small of her back through her slim, silver dress. His tongue dives into her mouth, thrusting further, deeper, seeking his completion with this wonderful woman. They kiss until he forces himself to lift his mouth from hers, knowing her lungs must be burning now.

She leans against him, her breasts pressing into his chest, and he can feel every inch of her through his wet clothes. She whispers in his ear, "I'm glad," then runs his tongue inside his ear, making him shiver like no one before ever has and in all good ways.

His hand on her back jerks her closer when she goes to move away. "We could end the night early," he suggests huskily, "weather being th' way it is and all."

"Oh, no, Mister Logan," Ororo dismisses the idea immediately though her tone is light and teasing. "You are going to wine and dine me like a real lady tonight." Her teeth catch his ear lobe and nibble it lightly. "Although I promise that dessert will be even more worthwhile than your trip back home today."

"Promises, promises," he chides, his hands smoothing down her sides inside her dress. "But all right." He grins down at her as he pulls his head back just enough that he can see her beauty in full. "What's a mere mortal to do any way but follow his Goddess?"

"Not a Goddess tonight," she tells him, her eyes searching his. "Just a lady." She starts to turn away to lead the way into the restaurant where they've had reservations for a month plus.

He quickly reaches out and takes her hand. He's not sure he's dressed right for this place, but enough Benjis should make it work. Squeezing her hand, he comments with his obvious pride showing in his voice, "My lady." He knows she's right. Whatever happens tonight, even if their date gets cut short by another emergency requiring them to rush off and save the world, going through miles of storm to be by the actual Storm herself is a small pride indeed. He'd do anything to be with her, even if it's to be doing nothing more than fighting beside her, but tonight, he is going to treat her like a lady. He's going to treat her like a lady in the restaurant she chose, and then afterwards, he'll treat her like the Wolverine's lady she is. He growls just thinking about what's to come. Ororo smiles, tightens her grip on his hand, and shivers in delight as she leads the way.

The End
Tags: x-men: rolo
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