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Beauty and the Vampire

Title: Beauty and the Vampire
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Spike/Dawn
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: nekid_spike Mini Nekid Guest: Dawn and Harlot's Choice: Spike Goes... On Vacation!
Warning(s): Slight AU
Word Count: 1,769
Date Written: 9 June 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Bloody Hell!" Spike snarls, immediately beginning to drag his heels. Death by the instruments he sees in front of him would have been a far worse way to go than by railroad spikes even back during his days of being the Big Bad. He shakes his blonde head. "No. No, Nibblet. Not even for you!"

"But, Spike," Dawn wails, "you said you'd do this one with me!"

"That was before I saw it in person! There is no way you're getting me in there!"

Dawn stops pulling on his arms and folds her arms before her chest. Her bottom lip juts out just a little as she glowers up at him. He tries to pretend her look has no effect on him. She's a kid, he reminds himself; she's not meant to be sexy! The burning he feels in his loins is no better than the thirst that still hits him sometimes when she stretches her neck too far out and his eyes linger on her silent offering for too long. It's made of pure evil, it is, and he won't pay it any heed. He starts to turn away.

"Fine," Dawn says, and her tone stops him cold. He knows that tone. It's the same one his sister used to use on him before she made him take complete leave of his bloody common senses and help her against impossible odds. But this isn't impossible odds. It's one damn Vampire feeding on a bunch of kid. It probably wouldn't even take him more than a couple of hours tonight to find the cretin and slay him. Or her, he reminds himself. He's an equal opportunity guy after all, and the Vampire could easily be dressing up as one of these disgustingly sweet Princesses and using the disguise to get to the kids even more easily.

But right now, that isn't his problem. Right now, his problem is Dawn and keeping her from talking him into doing anything crazy, like going into this insane theme park after the bloody Vamp. His gaze swings back to her, and he almost instantly wishes it hadn't. She smiles up at him, and he knows the blasted girl is perfectly confident she has the winning hand this time. "I'll just go in there by myself, find him, track him, kill him all by myself." She lifts her head a little higher, showing her pride. "I'm not a kid any more after all. I can stake one measly Vampire."

Or the damn thing could eat you, Spike's answering glower warns her, but she ignores him and turns her back on him instead.

"I'll find you when I'm done," she adds, still sounding as perfectly confident as her older sister. Spike growls, his fangs showing, but the throng of people just continue on around them and into the park. He supposes if they did notice his Vamp side getting irritated, they probably just think he's one of the characters. Oh, yeah, whatever Vamp has holed up inside this park is going to have an easy run of it -- or at least, he has had until now.

"We get in," he growls softly, dropping into step beside Dawn, "find the Vamp, dust it, and get out." They stop at the gate long enough to have their tickets stamped and then continue on inside.

"Of course," Dawn says amiably as they step through, but then she flashes him another bright, winning smile. "And of course, we will have to ride some of the rides, because he's probably hiding on one."

Spike groans and slaps his pale forehead, thankful for the Wolfram and Hart technology that allows him to be out in the sunshine but also knowing he's made a big mistake. "I knew I was going to regret this."

Dawn's smile doesn't falter as she turns around, walking backwards, and shoots at him, "It's not too late to back out. I can probably handle him all on my own, and if I can't, you can always come in after."

"After you're dead," he mutters and shakes his head. "No way, Nibblet. But let's get done in this bloody place as soon as possible. All the happiness makes my skin itch!"

She laughs at him -- actually laughs, but when he looks up and sees the sun shining on her long, brown hair, Spike can't help a smile of his own creeping over his scowl. She is beautiful and brave, just like a miniature version of her sister although without any of the physical benefits of being an actual Slayer. But she is still just a kid, he reminds himself as he trods along behind her.


By the time the park closes late that night, they still haven't found the Vampire, but Spike's forgotten all about his reluctance to come along on the mission. Dawn sighs, heedless of the huge grin plastered across Spike's face as she murmurs, "Well, he could be in one of the other parks."

"There's more?" he asks in surprise.

"Duh!" She cocks her head slightly, examining his grinning face underneath his new Pirate hat. "You really don't know a thing about Disney, do you?" she asks.

He shrugs. "Why should I? It's not like I'm a kid -- "

"I know we saw a lot of kids today, Spike, and I know that's what this Vampire is targeting, but didn't you notice the adults?" He shrugs again. "There were plenty of adults there today in costume and without any kids."

"I figured they'd left the little buggers somewhere."

"Some of them may have, but not all of them. There were couples on their honeymoon and others who came here to get married at Disney."




"Because it's the happiest place on Earth," she answers as though it's obvious and he's the one who's got so much to learn. "Because it lets people, regardless of how old they are, pretend there's nothing in this world to worry about, pretend that everything is as simple as magic and fairy tales and True Love -- "

"Magic's not simple, Nibblet," Spike interjects, lowering his fake sword down beside the couch in their condo.

"We know that," she explains gently. "They don't. They don't even think it exists in the real world, but Disney's like . . . It's like this magical place where anything good can happen but nothing bad is real, where people can be anything they want to be, where we can be old or young and it doesn't matter, where anything is possible. It's like going into a Genie's lamp and having everything you ever wished for right here at your fingertips."

"What do you wish for?" he asks, tilting his head to one side and examining her carefully. When she speaks like this, he can almost see her true age. She's not really a kid, he remembers. She lived for eons before being put into this body, but then before she was Dawn, she was only some kind of cosmic Key. She wasn't a human, much less a human girl.

"I . . . " She pauses and looks deep into his eyes from across the room. She shakes her head, turns from him, and grabs a bag. "Right now, all I really wish for," she says, and they both know she's lying, "is a bath." She all but runs from the room. Spike lets her go but not without blowing out a breath that lingers somewhere between a soft sigh and a frustrated growl. His long, pale fingers curl and then uncurl before he reaches for his cell and dials in to report.

Yet, all the time he's talking to her sister, all he can think of is Dawn until when Dawn finally emerges from the bathroom, his heart and tongue both catch in his throat.

"Spike?" Buffy's voice sounds in his ear. "Spike? Is something wrong?"

"Nah. But, hum, we may need another week here. This is a big place."

"I know. Disney's huge -- Spike? Hello? Hello?" But Spike's lowering the phone from his ear. He can hear her calling him, but he doesn't really register. He moved pass Buffy and accepted she'd never love him a long time ago, and now he's gazing at the most beautiful creature ever, one who very much puts her big sister to shame. Comparing the two is like comparing a drop of rain to the ocean: Dawn's got it all, including Spike's tongue all but falling out of his mouth.

"Do you like?" she asks, almost bashful, and twirls around before him as he turns the phone completely off.

"I . . . " He tries not to think, tries to remind himself that, ancient Key or not, in this form, she's only a kid. "If you had that, Nibblet," he manages, "why didn't you wear it at the park?"

"They have this stupid rule about only dressing like a Princess if you're a child."

"What? But . . . "

She stops twirling and turns to face him. He can't take his eyes from her golden dress, or from the mounds of treasure nearly glittering out of the top of her dress. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it registers that this is the costume worn by the Princess who falls in love with the Beast. He forces his eyes up to hers. She's smiling patiently at him, hopefully -- "I turn twenty one next week."

"What?! No." He shakes his head in denial.

"Yes." She walks toward him; he gulps and forces a hard lump down his throat. "You asked me earlier what I wish for? I wanted to come here. I volunteered for the mission, but I wanted to come any way, and with you. I want to make my fondest wish come true." She lifts one, suddenly elegant shoulder in a half shrug. "What better place than Disney?"

But then she's in front of him, grasping his leather jacket in her gloved hands, and whispering his name. Everything inside of him roars at him to take her. "I want you, Spike," she breathes against his lips, and then she kisses him. Like the Beast turning into a Prince, Spike melts helplessly. Dawn won't know it until the morning, but she's just made both their fondest wishes come true. He lets the years melt away, his restrictions and inhibitions, as he kisses her back in full. She doesn't shudder when her tongue touches his fangs; she moans instead and caresses them with her tongue. Spike lifts her in his arms, twirls her like a true Princess, all while never taking his lips from hers, and carries her to bed.

The End
Tags: btvs: spike/dawn
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