Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Coming Home Today

I really need to get back to the Happy Jar.

I know it will help me one day when I need it badly.

Today, on the drive home, I was thinking about how much I want to go home and yet again feeling like my home isn't really here because it's no longer complete. But I had two things, three babies, to cheer me up when I did get home.

We actually have two dogs now in addition to Dad's old girl. Xena and Sasha are both pure blood Labs who we got from a cousin and are consistently proving to be wonderful protection for us and for our other babies who go outside. We try to keep the dogs outside, because Abigail once mistook a kitten for a rat. Two kittens actually, at the same time, while we were asleep.

So, obviously, we don't want to take that chance again, and we often have kittens. So letting the dogs inside only when absolutely necessary is for the best, and there are plenty of places, including the old house where three rooms are in fine standing for animal accommodations, for them to get out of the weather.

But what do they do when I pull up but run straight through the pouring rain to get to me and their dog biscuits! (I always give them a couple when I get home.) Then they proceeded to lay their heads in my lap quite happily while muching their treats though soaked! Bless their hearts!!

Once I got in, Drew met me at the door. "Patrick's out." So of course I go right back out in the rain, calling my boy, knowing he'll come to me despite the rain and despite ignoring her. Only he doesn't come. I come inside, upset, turn around from shutting the door, and there's my wild, black baby boy looking up at me like, "Yes, Mama? What?" Needless to say, he got showered with loads of hugs and kisses, and it's another cat (our only other mostly black cat, who was one of Daddy's) who's insistent upon being out in the rain. She's one of the few even I can only do as much with her as she'll allow.

But my baby's in and dry! :)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend except for those of us who have to work, and may the rest of us have a great one when we get to OUR weekends!

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