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One Sentence X-Men Stories

overwhelmed anticipation exhaustion humilitation optimistic surprised
confused sympathy anger sad energetic hyper
pleased thankful mischievous bliss tired broken
calm lonely defeated cold love hope
shock relief tears laughter thrilled remorse

Overwhelmed - Jubilee + Wolverine

Sometimes, she still feels overwhelmed by it all, by leading the next generation of mutants and trying so hard to do a better job of it than those who came before her, by fighting to save a world that fears and hates her, by simply fighting to survive in a world gone crazy, but then Jubilee thinks of her Wolvy, straightens her back, holds her head high, bares her teeth, and fights even harder to make him proud.

Anticipation - Nightcrawler/Daytripper

She never has to ask him if he's missed her whenever she flies or ports home to his side -- she never has to ask, because he's always quick to show her his anticipation with every eager jerk of his cute, furry, and blue tail around first his body and then hers.

Exhaustion - Nightcrawler/Storm

She doesn't have to admit her exhaustion: he can see it in the droop of the green tree branches around them, the weak whisper of a breeze through the grass, and the slow, lazy drops of water slipping through those already sagging branches that continues until he sneaks up behind her, wraps his arms around her, and his tail around her shin, hugs her tight, and his whole world smiles again.

Humilitation - Beast/Iceman

"Bobby," Hank whispers compassionately, wiping the tears from his boyfriend's handsome, sorrowful face with his furry thumbs, his claws ever so gently grazing his cold skin and warming him after their argument, "I had no idea you felt that way, and I am ever so sorry I have given you any cause to think I feel the slightest humiliation when I am with you in such events as tonight's post-debate dinnerrr forrr all I do feel forrr you, my beloved Rrroberrrt, is love," and then, as if to prove his words, Hank kisses him passionately, deeply, and slowly senselessly in front of the crowd.

Optimistic - Husk

Her hands on her hips, Paige stares down Monet as she retorts, "Optimism is a good thing; it takes it to survive sometimes, to keep th' hope that we are goin' to succeed in makin' this world a bettah place not just for mutants but for humans too, like mah little brothers an' sisters an' God knows Ah got plenty o' 'em an' it's been hard keepin' 'em happy all th' time, 'specially with losin' Daddy an' Momma workin' all th' time, but it's easier for them to see me happy -- an' heck, it's easier for th' whole world t' believe in us if we believe in ourselves and abilities first to get th' job done -- so, Ah guess, yeah, Ah do have to be optimistic all th' time, M, fer them, not so much for me but for them, just like everythin' else Ah do an' am!"

Surprised - Prestige/Magma

She was surprised to see her again tonight after so many years apart, surprised, but in just a few seconds as Amara viciously attacked Logan, hurting and understanding -- after all, it makes perfect, tragic sense that, with her life falling apart, most of her friends and family either dead or missing, she would come across the only woman she's ever loved other than her new team leader on the opposite side of the X-Men; it makes perfect sense but just doesn't help the tears already tracking down Rachel's face.

Confused - Colossus/Kitty Pryde

If she allows herself, she could easily be confused by what she feels for him for his mere presence still, after all this time, makes her insides tingle and her heartbeat quicken, but after all this time, she isn't still the same, doe-eyed kid she once was when she loved him the first time and he left her nor is she the same weeping girl she was when he gave his life to cure the Legacy Virus; no, she's more than an adult now -- she's not just Kitty Pryde but the leader of the X-Men, which is exactly why she has yet to craft a codename for herself -- that's who she is and who he and the world face, the X-Men's new leader who will help the team pave the road to finally realizing Professor Xavier's dream, not Kitty Pryde who, for all intents and purposes, has taken a vacation within her own damaged and hurting soul.

Sympathy - Prestige/Magma

She sees so much of her own self in the other girl that her heart can not help but to bleed with sympathy; after all, Amara, like Rachel, had her own home stolen from her and was made the puppet of a sick and twisted mad man, but like her mother before them, they will rise together like a Phoenix from the fire, finding love and happiness in each other and overcoming all their pasts have thrown at them both.

Anger - Wolverine/Storm

"You don't wanna make her angry," Logan tells Creed with a grin, but before Sabertooth can respond, Ororo's lightning fills the sky in blinding hot symbols of her fury; oh, yeah, his woman's like no one he's had before and no one else he'll ever find, not that he wants to find, or love, anyone ever again but her.

Sad - Jubilee + Wolverine

She used to be able to see so much in the sky, especially when her fireworks lit it up with her own designs; she could make anything happen, it seemed, when she was putting on a fireworks show, see anything in the sky she desired, but now all she sees -- and all she feels -- is empty and sad, a hole in her heart and soul that will never be sealed unless her Wolveroonie returns.

Energetic - Jubilee

Jubilee eyes the kids from behind her shades, wondering if she was ever so hyper and energetic, so carefree, so witless; she was, she knows, just like them at one time, one time a long, long time ago, but she's going to make damn certain what happened to her, especially all the losses she's suffered of her own humanity and lost loved ones, doesn't happen to them.

Hyper - Skin/Jubilee

He hasn't seen her like this in so long, bouncing on the balls of her feet, blowing bubblegum at him, and talking ninety words a second; he cups her face, caresses her gently, swears he'll remember her just like this for all time, but in the end, it's Jubilee who remembers Angelo being so caring, so patient, so loving with her.

Pleased - Chamber + Penance

He watches her delight in the simple pleasures of life, from a butterfly lighting on her nose to lapping up milk on a saucer like a cat, wonders how she is so easily pleased, and hopes that one day he'll learn the secrets she already has and be able to be so content; maybe the school will help to teach him those secrets to life, more likely it won't, but he knows she will and comes patiently ever closer to Penance and her secrets.

Thankful - Storm

Whenever her world has grown too dark and its pressures and living nightmares damaged her spirit to the point she can no longer feel her Mother's love, Ororo reaches out, flies high, and looks down over all the many reasons she has to be thankful, from the radiant flowers and majestic trees her Mother has blessed this world with to the innocent animals scurrying to and fro in the forests that line Xavier's Institute to her friends and family, each a reason to be thankful, each a source of endless love and reassurance, each a blessing from her Goddess; looking upon them, Ororo feels loved once more, feels her faith renewed yet again, and is ready to fight some more for a dream that, some days, just seems to be impossible, though nothing is impossible with love.

Mischievous - Banshee/White Queen

Sean's head jerks up as he feels an invisible slap on his rear in front of the children; he looks straight to Emma with a brow arched in question, but he knows already he shouldn't be surprised -- after all, he's found so much love in a woman he never knew possessed any, so why should a little bold mischievousness to lead to their bedroom later surprise him now?

Bliss - Storm

She feels her mother's caress in every touch of the breeze, but what's more is she hears the joy of her family in every laugh and joyful shout that echoes across the school's grounds; Spring has come again, and with it, at least for a little while, happiness for all of Ororo's family and a bliss for her that she already knows is short term but will last as long as her loved ones keep smiling.

Tired - Beast/Iceman

Bobby looks up at Hank, shaking his head in wonder and remembering how he'd tried his best to talk him into coming to bed but Hank had stubbornly refused to admit that he was beyond tired; now, as his boyfriend loses his grasp on the ceiling of his laboratory and gravity, Bobby's ready, catching him on a soft slide made of ice that curves through Hank's lab, out the door, down and through the hallways of the mansion, and finally deposits him straight into their bed, where he should have been all along, all while never once breaking Hank's snore.

Broken - Sabertooth/Wolverine

He lays broken in body and soul, thinking of him, as he always does when this time arrives, and it always comes sooner or later; death comes inevitably, but Logan back to his side, as a lover or even friend, never does until Creed wishes he could die and stay dead.

Calm - Wolverine/Storm/?

It starts as suddenly and unexpectedly as a storm appearing on a calm, cloudless blue Spring day, beginning with lightning bolts lacing her blue eyes with a warning that has Jubilee muttering, "Uh oh," and every man in the school ducking for cover and, for once, being thankful they're not Wolverine; a mission interrupting their date is one thing, after all, but a spat with a former lover who leaves her marks on both of them is another thing entirely.

Lonely - Jubilee + Wolverine

Jubilee stares out at the night through blood red eyes, remembering how once she'd so strongly and innocently believed that Bishop was wrong, but knowing now that he was right all along, that she will be the last X-Man standing, and having buried her Wolveroonie, she's never felt more lonely even as the X-Men's latest school is buzzing with all those, heroes and villains alike, who have come to pay their respects -- he's gone, no matter who comes to pay him honor, nothing can change that, and nothing will ever make her feel as alive again as she always did when she was with him; her tears roll on as endless as she'd once believed his life to be.

Defeated - Sabertooth/Wolverine

Creed's lips pull back into a cold, humorless cackle at the news -- he was right all along, the whelp should have listened to him, he'd predicted his own death so many countless times over the years -- he couldn't kill Logan, he could defeat him but not keep him dead, and that had held true for everybody, everybody but Wolverine himself and his own, damn, stupid honor --, but when no one's looking, Creed's cackles turn to tears and despairing, lonely howls of grief.

Cold - Beast/Iceman

The cold never bothered some people, but for others, like Bobby Drake, it was all he's ever known until he no longer did, until Hank McCoy reached out, wrapped his big, furry arms around him, and pressed his lips to his; Bobby had never minded the cold, but from that moment on, he's relished the heat and the way Hank embraces and cherishes him has forever been the most exquisite feeling in the world for Bobby.

Love - Professor X/Magneto

He knows the moment his lover's favorite student does the unthinkable and kills him, slaughters him with the Phoenix's power so mercilessly, so cruelly, so completely not because he sees it but because he feels Charles' agony in his mind, and his parting words in Erik's mind echo for years thereafter, War never won a fight; love wins, not war; win with love, until Erik is left to wonder if perhaps, all those years before he had listened to Charles and let love lead and not war, perhaps Charles would still be alive and perhaps, just perhaps, his war would be over and their hearts united as one with the love they always shared but never dared speak for fear that their other plans, their plans that Erik now, belatedly, realizes should have always been secondary, for the world, not for themselves, would never come to fruition; regardless, he'd gladly hand over the war just to spend one more second with Charles and tells him finally, without frills or casualties, how much he does and will always love him.

Hope - Jubilee

She stares at her gathered students, wondering what they see in her but knowing already that she represents to them the same thing they do to her: She is their last hope, their best hope, in learning how to handle their powers and survive as a mutant; she is the hope that they have always driven to stand for, but what they don't understand and she does is that they, too, represent hope: her last hope in the world, her last hope in mutant kind, her last hope at making a difference, her last hope in making the dream the Professor started and that so many of those she's loved have died for a reality, her last hope in doing something right.

Shock - Phoenix + Jean

When she returns, the Phoenix's power searches across the Earth until she cries out in shock: It's not supposed to be possible -- after all, the human has as much power as she, a fact she's made certain of every time she's pushed her away and denied her gifts -- but yet, it is -- as surely as the girl was fool enough to send her away when she most needed her, her human, her one friend in all the cosmos, if indeed she can call her that but she's surely the closest thing she's ever had to friend or family, is dead and will not resurrect this time as they were not bonded when she breathed her last, though the lack of bond doesn't keep the Phoenix's soul from crying out for Jean Grey now!

Relief - Mystique + Rogue

"You're alive!" Mystique breathes with relief upon seeing her daughter and realizing that the rumors she'd heard were unfounded; "You're alive!" she cries again, trembling inside as she fights to keep herself from reaching for her daughter, a trembling that only increases when Rogue glowers at her, spouts, "No thanks to you," and flies away, leaving her alone again but also happier -- after all, despite her daughter's temper, where there is life, there is hope, or so it's rumored.

Tears - Gambit/Rogue

Every night, she dreams of passion, of her wildest imaginings fulfilled, of a love acted upon to its fullest degree and the most wonderful passion she's ever felt, a passion and love both so strong they complete not just her heart but her very soul, but every day, when Remy touches her, she feels the leather of his gloves instead of his skin and is brought once more too close to tears at the realization of what they can never have.

Laughter - Wolverine

In the quiet hours of the night, when he's pouring over papers he doesn't half understand while sipping on a cold one and simultaneously trying to ignore the ghosts filling his office, which should still be Charley's but isn't for the kind, old man is dead, killed by one of their one of their own, and yet another one of those ghosts Logan fights every day to ignore, he sometimes hears the voices of those who should be asleep, but tonight when he hears laughter ring through the school, he stops his pen's scratching, listens, and smiles for it's the sound of hope, the sound of joy, a sound they damn sure all need more of, and ultimately, the sound that finally sends his ghosts winging on their way for another night.

Thrilled - Magneto/Professor X

He thought he would be thrilled the day his dream finally became a reality and mutants ruled the Earth, but he's not; instead, he flies away from all the celebrating and back to the grave that marked his life and his very soul far more than even the loss of his parents or his first love, back to the grave of the man who should still be at his side, back to the remains of the man who should be with him this day, whose dream was perhaps, in the end, the best thing for them after all but will no more be realized than will Erik's dream of dancing with him before all the world; he flies back to Charles in the end and settles down on his grave until, finally, they're together again as they always should have been in life.

Remorse - Wolverine/Storm

Logan smiles fondly as Ororo asks him about what he's thinking, but he doesn't tell her; he doesn't tell her that he's admiring her beauty or even that he loves her, and he certainly doesn't say that he's thinking about all the things she's taught him since she came into his life, soothing his fury with her gentle loving like the fire she just extinguished with her rain, teaching him that life is better lived not through remorse and learning and striving to make up for one's past deeds but through love and that is truly the most powerful weapon of them all; he doesn't say anything of that and just lets his lips against hers do his talking for him instead; after all, he's always been better with actions than words.

As always, all characters above belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.
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