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Kat Lee

Paying Homage

Title: Paying Homage
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: nekid_spike 30in30: Day 28: Blame It On The Rain, Wasting Time, Hold On
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 541
Date Written: 29 May 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Hold on," Spike snarls in frustration as Buffy starts to run around the corner. He catches the sleeve of her leather jacket and snatches her back to him.

"We're wasting time -- " she starts to complain, but he hushes her by grasping her beautiful face in his hands and kissing her so deeply that it feels like his tongue reaches to the very back of her mouth. She's breathless when he lets her go again, and his eyes have turned yellow with the hungry desire raging inside of him. She can see hints of the Vampire within the man and felt the tips of his fangs graze her lips when his tongue withdrew, but she's not scared of him any more.

He shoves his fingers through her long, wet hair as he hisses against her mouth, "Time with you is never wasted." His hands slide down her tight body, his fingers going quickly to work on her buttons.

"Spike!" Buffy gasps. "We don't have time -- "

He pulls her pants down and drops to his knees before her. "I always have time to worship you, pet. Even a pauper can gaze upon a Queen."

His words hush her again. They sound almost like the beginning lines of a poem, and there's a part of Buffy that's always secretly envied Cecily for all the poems William once wrote her. But it isn't William who's kneeling before her now in the mud. She remembers that fact the moment Spike's mouth burrows into her centers, his fangs nipping at her soft folds. She gasps again, and as his tongue slides home, her gasp builds into a scream.

She grabs his shoulders to keep from falling and barely hears him whisper against her flesh, "Blame it on the rain." For a moment, his words don't make sense through the haze of pleasure wrapping around her. Then she starts to remember: Giles and the others are waiting on them. There's another apocalypse. There's another Demon bent on ruling the world. There's another --

Her thoughts break off as Spike's tongue thrusts inside of her and she screams again. The world can wait, she decides, finally agreeing with him. After all, there are thousands of apocalypses and Demons. There's always another one. But she's only got one Spike and one body, one heart, one life to give him. Finally, she gives it freely in the alley way, and when they do catch up with Giles and the rest of the gang later, both breathless and grinning like fools, Giles complains that they're late, and Xander asks what happened to their clothes as they're both covered with mud and even Spike's jacket is torn, Buffy just grins. "The rain -- " she starts.

Giles looks pointedly at her. "Dear Lord!"

Buffy hushes, turning as red as Willow's hair, but still holding to Spike's hand, she doesn't regret a moment of it. His words come back to her. Even a pauper can gaze upon a Queen. He was right, of course, and she's never felt more like a Queen, more rich or loved, than when he pays homage to her. She squeezes his hand and stifles a giggle. She can't wait 'til the next time it rains!

The End
Tags: btvs: spike/buffy
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