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Wholly His

Title: Wholly His
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: nekid_spike 30in30: Day 26: Fangs, Vampire
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,630
Date Written: 29 May 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

Conversations drift around her as Buffy sits still, feeling awkward on a bus full of strangers. She hasn't rode a bus since they left Sunnydale, especially not one this crowded with so many people she doesn't know, but she's here for a reason. She's got a job to do, and she'll do it well as she always does. She'll find the killer -- this modern day Jack the Ripper -- and make him regret ever coming here to America.

But still, there's something about being caught up here in this daily routine for so many people that makes her nerves feel unsettled. She drills her fingers quietly on her lap, wishing the ride would hurry or that the killer would at least make himself known. It's as she tries to ignore everything else around her and focus on the job that she starts actually hearing some of the words being said around her.

"It's not easy," a girl who sounds to be about her age, maybe a little younger, says with a sigh. "I miss him, but he's doing the right thing. He's fighting for our country. How can I be mad about that?"

"I know what you mean. I worry about Darnell every day. Every time it's getting late and he's supposed to be home but it isn't and my phone rings, I . . . My heart just catches with dread, you know? I'm afraid it's going to be that call."

"I know exactly what you mean, and I feel the same way when I haven't heard from Jack. That's why we developed a secret code. If he's going to be unable to call me for a while and he can't really tell me why, he'll tell me he's thinking of me underneath the sheets -- "


"Not in that way, Annie!" The girl called Susan laughs. "It's our code. It's our way of him letting me know that he's going to be going undercover or on some other secret mission for a while. God, I miss him when he goes -- "

"I can just imagine! I miss Darnell every day, and I see him most nights!"

"You two are lucky," pipes up a third voice. "No, really, you are! At least you've got the men you love! Do you know how many of us single women dream about finding a guy like you already have? About finding our Mister Right? And not only that, but your guys are heroes! A soldier and a cop! Do you know how lucky you are?"

My guy's a Vampire, Buffy finds herself thinking as she leans back in her seat, listening to the conversation behind her.

"Is it really lucky, Felicia, when we don't even know if they're going to come home to us?" Susan asks.

"Yes, it is, because at least you love them and they love you! There are so many of us who never even find a man who really loves us for who we are!"

And that's exactly what makes some women so desperate, Buffy thinks, watching as a man wearing dark shades and a large overcoat discreetly follows a woman a few years older than Buffy off of the bus. "Wait!" she calls, jumping to her feet just as the driver's about to shut the door. Her sudden exclamation breaks off Annie's attempt to reassure Felicia that she will find her Mister Right when the time is right, but Buffy's done listening to their conversation. It's made her think too much, and she's got a job to do, a job that Mister Dark Shades and Big Overcoat is just screaming at her Slayer instincts to finish.

"Sorry! I forgot I needed to get off here today!" she bubbles, acting the dumb blonde as she bustles down the aisle. She receives a few, irritated glances from the other passengers, but her ruse works. The killer dismisses her, continuing on after his target, and she continues on after him -- but not without the other girls' voices still ringing in her head.

Now that she's got a bead on her homicidal maniac, it doesn't Buffy long to finish her case and kill the copycat Demon who's been leaving bodies with pennies over their dead eyes all over the city. He may be a Demon, but as usual, he's no match for the Slayer who's changed all the rules -- and Buffy has done exactly that. It's one of the facts that keeps swirling through her mind long after she's started her trek back to the apartment where she's staying with Spike.

Another fact is that her man, in his own way, is a hero too, and unlike the cop and the soldier whose girls spoke so proudly of them on the bus, his heroics, like her own, will never truly be recognized. At least the Supernatural world does have to sit up and take notice when she keeps saving the world, but they see Spike as only another Vampire with a soul, another Vampire who's been pussy whipped, as a Demon told them both just last week, by the Slayer, but he is so very much more than that. He's what's given her courage to fight when she wouldn't have had it otherwise. He's the person who helped her find her heart and her very soul after she was forcibly returned to Earth from Heaven. He helps to keep her fighting every night and every day, and he's been just as much responsible for many of the times she's saved the world lately as she herself.

Not to mention, he's definitely her Mister Right, Buffy thinks as she breezes into their bedroom and finds Spike just beginning to wake from his daytime slumber. She stops in the doorway and watches him with a fond smile, remembering the times he's held her when no one else could have. "Hey, Sleepy head," she murmurs finally as his mouth opens to ask her why she's staring.

It's then that he stares, wide eyed and open mouthed, as she crosses the room before him. The way he watches her makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, although she knows she isn't just like she knows she's not the most powerful. She may be the most successful Slayer of any generation, but there are still creatures in this world, and beneath and beyond this world, who are stronger than she, creatures who would make a quick snack out of her if she didn't have so many reasons to kick their asses -- and Spike is definitely one of those most important reasons.

She stops before the bed, leans over, and kisses him gently. "Missed you today."

"Mmm," he murmurs as she pulls back. He licks his lips. "I might miss my guess, luv, but I'm guessing there's more to it than that. That isn't a 'I just missed you' kiss."

"Sure it is." She flashes him a grin.

"No. No, it isn't." His eyes gaze directly into hers, and she feels like he can read her very soul. He's always been able to read her so easily. She could never lie to him even when she lied to everybody else, sometimes even including herself. She watches as he sweeps his tongue across his lips, over his fangs, and back into his mouth, all the while waiting patiently for her to tell him the truth. "I . . . I just wanted to thank you."

He cocks his blonde head to the side. "For what?" he asks, studying her eyes. He reaches up and pulls her down to sit beside him on the bed.

Buffy shrugs. It seems silly now, having paid those girls' conversation so much attention. It's not like any of them were ever expected to save the world. But still, hearing them talk about their men had made her remember how lucky she is to have her man and how proud she is of him. Her eyes meet his again as she whispers softly, "For being my Mister Right." Half of her expects him to laugh; the other half expects him to dismiss her comment and just start kissing her.

He doesn't laugh. When he reaches for her, instead of kissing her, he pulls her closer and yet still gently into his arms. He's been gentle with her ever since he got his soul except for those times she's wanted him not to be. He's always done his best to give her what she needs of him, even when she herself hasn't understood what it was she needed or why she needed it from him, of all people. He caresses her face, and Buffy shivers in a delightful way as he gazes directly into her eyes. They're so close now that his forehead presses gently against hers.

He can see into her very soul when he looks at her like this. She knows it. It used to bother her, used to scare her that a Vampire could read her like he does, but Spike isn't just any Vampire. He never has been. He's been her Mister Right since the beginning; it just took her so damn long to realize it. He's the better half of her, her soul mate, the man who completes her, the only man, Vampire or otherwise, who can. He's her hero, and she loves him! She opens her mouth to say so, but it's at that exact moment that Spike, still holding her so delicately, still caressing her so gently, still gazing into the very fabric of her soul, whispers, "My honor." His kiss, pledging his endless love to her again, reminds Buffy once more why he's the reason for her as she melts completely, freely, and wholly in his embrace and in his love once again.

The End

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