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Wherever Jack Leads

Title: Wherever Jack Leads
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My own beloved Jack -- I couldn't resist penning a little sweet something for my dearest Muse with this challenge!!
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 66: Ship
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,077
Date Written: 27 May 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

Jack hums underneath his breath a song that Will has heard thousands of times and yet, somehow, no longer grows tired of. Jack's fingers move in the starlight along with the tune until Will snuggles closer, his head burrowing into Jack's tanned shoulder. Jack's hand stops its dance and comes to caress Will's chest instead. "What are ye t'inkin', luv?" he whispers.

"Not a thing," Will answers with a smile. Before meeting the Pirate, he never would have thought it possible not to have a single care in the world, but he doesn't. All he needs is Jack, and he's got him forever more.

He can feel Jack looking at him suspiciously, but Will just smiles. He's completely content tonight, a feeling he hasn't had often enough yet to lessen his appreciation of it. He reaches up and runs a hand through Jack's long, dark dreadlocks, eventually stopping, grasping one of his beads, and twirling it gently between his thumb and forefinger. There's so much about Jack that he used to take for granted, back when they first met, and that bothered him deeply, but now he loves every spot, even the feminine touches of beads and feathers in his hair.

Jack leans into his touch with a sweet smile. His lips brush Will's bare arm before he gazes back up at the night sky. "Look up there, Will," he urges in a soft whisper. Will follows his gaze, but although the stars beautiful on this cloudless night out at sea, he'd much rather spend his time looking at his Captain instead.

"Ye can have any headin' ye want out here," Jack whispers softly, lifting Will's free hand to his lips. "We can go anywhere ye want. I'll give ye anythin' ye want. All ye have ta do is tell me what it is ye want."

Will remembers many a time growing up as a poor, orphaned stable hand when he had wished for such a thing. He had imagined his parents still being alive, showing up to claim him as their son, proving to be royalty or other such, limitlessly rich figures, and offering him everything and anything he could want if he would just come live with them and let them love him as their son. There had been many things, growing up, he'd wanted, but none more so than to simply be loved.

And now he is exactly that. For a moment, he thinks of sailing to China or Japan, of seeing what the ends of the world look like, of hunting for lost treasure . . . but all are fleeting images compared to the vision of the man laying with him now. He threads his fingers silently through Jack's hair until his hand comes to rest on Jack's stubbled cheek. He feels his dimpled smile underneath his palm before shifting his position so he can gaze directly down into his eyes. "I want to stay right here," he says decisively.

"For tonight, aye, but tomorrow?"

"Right here."

Jack's gold-accented grin takes on a teasing turn. "Aye, very well, but after that? Ye're goin' tae get sore an' restless after a while, darlin'." He winks and then laughs as, even in the shadows, he can tell Will's cheeks are burning a little hotter and brighter.

"We can go wherever you want, Jack," Will answers after a moment, "but all I want is to be right here -- by your side. Whether that's on sea or on land, fighting Zombies or hunting for treasure, I don't care as long as I'm with you. I don't need any other heading or any other adventure. You're all I want, and all I need." By God, it had taken him long enough to figure that out! All those years spent chasing fruitlessly after Elizabeth almost make Will sigh -- almost, but he can forget even that wasted time with the way Jack's gazing up at him now.

He looks at him so adoringly, as though he is his entire world, as though, just the same as Will himself, he has no need to go chasing after gold or plundering other ships, but Will knows better. His beloved will always be a Pirate. He'll always be after some treasure or another, deep into one adventure or another, constantly risking his life for so little just cause . . . But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they're fighting soldiers, other Pirates, or the undead. It doesn't matter if they're seeking gold, dubloons, or magic artifacts. Not even all the close calls to death they endure following Jack's desire for adventure really matters. All that matters is that they have each other.

Will beams down at him. Tonight, he can pretend that his Jack doesn't want any of that. He can imagine that he is all he wants, all he desires, just as he knows his soul mate is all he needs and desires truly. Tonight, he can imagine that nothing and no one else in all the seven seas matters to either of them. Tomorrow, he knows, Jack will lead them off on another crazy adventure, but tonight, none of that matters and, to Will, all that ever matters really, truly is his Jack and the fact that they get to live this life together, side by side and in love.

"The only heading I need, or want," he repeats in a hushed whisper, lowering himself back down toward his Captain's mouth, "is you."

Jack's grin suddenly flashes on mischievous; his dark eyes, surrounded by rich, kohl markings, sparkle. Will jumps in surprise nonetheless as Jack's bold hand caresses the bulge between Will's bare legs and squeezes him there with gentle, but hot, care. "I can feel that," he murmurs just before Will kisses him. He's not ashamed of his body, not any longer, not after all of Jack's thorough loving. His body only states the same truth that Will's lips are already telling: all he will ever need, all he will ever want, is Jack. Wherever else that takes him, wherever they go beyond Jack's ship and this moment, doesn't really matter. All that matters is that he's got the man -- no, Pirate he loves, and he's not going to waste a single moment of their life together focusing on any other heading. Jack can lead wherever he wishes; Will will follow him without, for the most part, protest and always eagerly, always lovingly, forever.

The End
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