Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Make Life Worth Living

Title: Make Life Worth Living
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Faith/Buffy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: gameofcards: Writing Pass It On: Tove Lo's Scream My Name (If you join, tell them Kat Lee of Team Clubs sent YOU!)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 657
Date Written: 25 April 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

She lives for moments like these. Exchanging kicks and jabs, adrenaline and her own blood pumping in her veins, violence all around her. In battles like this, she can forget who she is. She can forget what she's done and all she's endured. She's just a fighter, and she's fighting for the world.

A Vamp slips pass her guard, slams his fist into her head. Pain rattles her skull as her head snaps back, but then across the lines of fight, she catches a glance of her fellow Slayer. Buffy's spinning, a blur of blonde and black, and giving as good as she gets. But Faith gives better. She always does. She always must; that's part of being her.

She slams her stake forward, exploding the Vampire who managed to strike her, and propels herself forward into the two who take his place. She fights hard and rough, just the way she likes it. Time stands still and yet passes quickly at the same time.

Long before the battle's over, she's back to back with her partner, feeling her body move against hers, feeling her kills as she feels her own. The familiar sounds of battle also ring close to the sounds of fucking, to the very sounds she broke free from Buffy's mouth just last night. Grunts and screams punctuate the air, and still the fight continues.

Buffy yells. Faith hears the tearing of a bone. She flips over her partner and sails into the Vampire who's got B's arm, knocking him away from her and staking him before he can fall. Buffy, having learned from her, Faith knows, doesn't let the dislocated bone stop her. She keeps fighting, staking two more Vamps before Faith can even react to their coming.

Round and round, they spin, keeping each other's sides and backs protected, keeping each other going, meeting each other kill for kill, blow for blow. It's so much better working with B than against her, so much better screwing her brains out every night than having to fight her for her life, so much better being hers and owning her in exchange. And she does own her. Every Vamp in Sunnydale knows that now even if half the mortal guys are still clueless, but then when is a guy ever not clueless?

Faith smirks, flips back over Buffy, and slams her feet into three Vampires rushing them at once. She leaps into the air, kicking them again and bringing her stakes down. Two go poof underneath her as she falls. She hits the pavement crouching just as their female companion comes over the top of her. Faith stands abruptly, driving her stake higher than her head and impaling the Vampiress.

She expects another one to come rushing forward, but they don't. Her dark eyes cast careful glances around them. "Is that all they had?" Her words ring in the empty air, and she smirks again. "Guess so."

Buffy grunts, bringing Faith's attention back to her. Her arm's hanging at a dangerous angle. "Come on, baby," Faith coaxes, carefully taking her hand. "You know what I taught you." She's Buffy's rock as Buffy uses her balance and hold to push her bone back into place. Even after she's done, though, she doesn't let go.

Faith drapes her arm around B's shoulders. Buffy slides closer and rests her blonde head against Faith's shoulder as they start the long walk home. Faith glances around them one more time, making damn certain there are no more Vamps hiding. Then, swift as her stake, she turns her head and gently kisses the top of Buffy's head. She feels Buffy's smile rather than sees it and settles in to lead her home. But with Buffy snuggling close into her side, her body exhausted but her soul clearly and completely trusting Faith, Faith has to admit, if even only to herself, that these are really the moments that make life worth living.

The End

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