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Ricardo Rossi

Presenting Ricardo Rossi for a challenge at tv_universe. If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Bunny Ears sent YOU!

Character Name: Ricardo Rossi

TV Show: Modern Family

Casting: I actually had the actor I wanted to place somewhere before I thought of the character this time: John Stamos. I've always loved his work and thought he was yummy even when I was a kid. We just started watching Fuller House, and I've got to say: The man still has it! He's just delicious, seconded only by Antonio Banderas and David Bowie as Jareth, and he also has a huge heart!

He may not be gay himself, although that's certainly debatable, but he is a LGBT activist and has played at least one gay starring role in a movie we very much enjoyed and highly recommend,

Between the size of his heart and his gay activist status, I think he'd fit in great with Cam and Mitch of Modern Family!

Character Background: Mitch's job requires him to partner with a new lawyer. The man's from out of town, but Mitch and the rest of the firm are very well acquainted with his work. He's supposed to show Ricardo the firm's ropes, how they do things there, while Ricardo helps them win their latest case, a very difficult, and dangerous, one that, when won, will put the head of the drug dealers in the area in jail!

Mitch knows he's in danger, but what he doesn't expect is for Ricardo to be sexy -- or to move on him, while he's constantly making it clear that he's a happily married man! He's even more surprised when Cam perks to attention while Mitch is talking about his work, which Cam usually finds boring, and mentions Ricardo's name. It turns out that not only is Ricardo advancing on Mitch at work, but he's also a blast from Cam's past -- a serious boyfriend he loved back in his college days and who used to fill out his jeans quite nicely on Cam's family's farm!

Now Mitch is faced with three problems: He's got to get the criminal behind bars and stay safe -- and especially alive -- while doing it! Plus, he's got to carefully turn down Ricardo's attentions, because he doesn't want his denial to cause the talented lawyer to leave their firm, and he's got to do all of this while keeping Ricardo away from Cam -- especially when the new, gay hunk in town offers to take both Mitch and Cam on with heated pleasure!

(Alternatively, the Polyvore link is here.

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