Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Happy Box

The depression from February is finally beginning to lift. I know I owe several of you letters, and my heart's with all those of you who are going through trying times -- and always with you, Laura, Erin, and Biz. I hope you had the best birthday ever, Sev, and, Kat, thank you for all the glowing reviews! They always make me smile, even when nothing else can. Just bear with me, my friends; you will get something more than stories.

I was blaring Adam and was right at this part of Ant Rap:

So tired of anarchists looking at me
Don't need their credibility

I just happened to see a crow totally strutting and doing his stuff, looking for all the world like he/she was dancing, in a yard I was passing. The timing was just too perfect!

Miss y'all!!
Tags: celeb: adam ant, real life: happy jar
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