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Full, Happy, and Loved

Title: Full, Happy, and Loved
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Bingo: Love at First Sight
Warning(s): Future AU
Word Count: 1,438
Date Written: 27 February 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

He's never been one to believe in fairy tales or in love at first sight. He will always remember the first time he laid eyes on his husband. He knew the younger man was going to change his life forever, but he could have never guessed how. He certainly didn't think he'd fall in love with him. He hadn't expected to live pass that night, and for all intents and purposes, he shouldn't have. At times in their past together, he's reasoned that he shouldn't have lived pass that point, that Clark was the reason he did, and thus the reason he knew he would change his life. But it's always been more than that.

He had never met any one like Clark Kent before that night, and he's never met any one like him since. It isn't just his alien physiology, a fact Lex had suspected for years before Clark finally confessed to him on the night Lex proposed, that makes him so very different from all the other men on Earth. It also isn't his charming grin, baby blues, or adorable innocence, although of those things make him ever more handsome in Lex's eyes. It's his heart that makes him so different, his heart that guided him to save Lex that night although he didn't know him and Lex had almost killed him, his heart that guides every decision he makes, from the way he cares for Lex, never letting Lex's wrath come between them for long, to the lives he saves, his heart that never lets him return cruelty, no matter how much the person deserves it. It's his heart that makes him the man he is and the man Lex loves.

"What are you thinking?" Clark asks softly, smoothing his fingers over Lex's bare scalp.

Lex turns and places a light kiss on Clark's bare chest. "I'm just remembering," he assures him.

"Not remembering something at work, I hope?"

"No." Lex's voice borders on a laugh as his lips twist into a wry smirk. "Nothing at work." Clark doesn't push; he just waits for Lex to continue in his own time. After a moment, Lex adds, "This is the anniversary of the day we first met -- "

Looking around their bedroom at the champagne bottle, emptied glasses, discarded clothes, and scattered rose petals, Clark teases softly, "Like I could forget." He laughs, and although Lex smiles, he doesn't join him in his laughter.

"For all intents and purposes," he adds solemnly, his serious voice stealing Clark's laughter, "that day should have also been the last day of my life, but it wasn't because of a certain heroic alien."

"Funny," Clark says, running a hand over Lex's back that he knows often bothers him because of all his long hours of sitting behind a desk, "but I always kind of think of it as the first day of my life. You were one of the first people I ever saved. Dad had always told me I had to be careful with my powers -- "

"You do," Lex agrees quietly. He never thought he would miss Jonathan, but he does miss watching Clark spend time with his father. They were good together and a bond like he always wanted but never actually had with his own father.

"But that night, seeing you go over the bridge, I couldn't just let you die. I was running after you before I even really knew what I was doing. And thank God I did. I can't imagine my life without you, baby. I don't want to."

"Do you ever think about love at first sight?"

"Why would you ask -- ?"

The roll of Lex's blue eyes is clear in his tone as he admits, "There's a stupid psychological test being passed around at work, and that's one of the questions on it."

A test, Clark almost asks, and not a meme? But whatever Lex's real reasons for pondering the question, Clark doesn't mind answering truthfully. He never minds sharing any of his thoughts with Lex as long as they're not related to his "work"; there are certain things, after all, as a member of the Justice League of America, which he simply can not discuss. Love, however, certainly isn't one of them. "I used to think about it all the time when we first met."

Lex's heart skips a beat. "You thought you loved me even then?"

His smile only falters a little bit in disappointment and mostly in confusion when Clark answers, "No. It took me a while to realize what you made me feel was love. You know my parents didn't exactly raise me to believe two men could love each other as much as we do."

"But we do," Lex says softly.

"Of course we do," assures Clark, wrapping his arms around Lex and caressing whatever bare flesh his hands find. "But I didn't understand things like that then. It took me a while to realize what I felt for you was -- and is -- true love and that what I felt for Lana was just a crush."

"So she was the one who you thought you loved at first sight?"

"Yes," Clark answers truthfully, "but you're the one I still love, darling. You're the one I will always love you."

"I love you, too, but . . . Does it make me cynical that I don't believe in love at first sight?"

"I don't think so. I'm no therapist, of course, but . . . Look at our situation. Neither of us knew what we had at the start was love. You didn't think you could love after everything Lionel and others had put you through. I thought I was in love with Lana to the point I almost let her come between us, but what I felt for her was not lasting. It never could have been, because she wasn't my soul mate."

Lex's lips lift into a warm smile, but he doesn't speak. He lets Clark continue instead. "You are my soul mate. You're my husband. You're the one I love and the one I will always love. Love at first sight is overrated." Clark's lifts his muscular shoulders into a shrug. "If you ask me, it's true love -- and soul mates -- that matter, and you've always been both for me, darling."

"I love you too, Clark."

For a while, they lay in silence, Lex simply enjoying Clark's hands caressing his body and traveling slowly further down his front. Just as Clark reaches Lex's swelling staff, he whispers in his ear, "Tell me. Do you believe in soul mates?" He takes Lex's staff in his hand, wrapping his fingers around it and squeezing it ever so softly. His other hand smoothes down his length, causing Lex's breath to catch between words as he answers.

"I . . . never used to, . . . but it's one . . . of many . . . things you make me . . . believe. You're mine . . . too." He beams and gasps with pleasure at the same time, Clark's long, agile fingers wrapping around his staff and squeezing him again. "And I guess . . . you could say . . . you keep me from . . . being cynical, too."

Clark's grin is obvious in his voice as he answers, "Of course I do." He rubs Lex briskly between his palms before starting to massage him again. "Just like I'm the very reason you're not going to make that meeting. I told you not to set one up for today." He shifts his position, uncurling and recurling his body in a new fashion around Lex's.

"It was the only time they could -- " Lex gasps as Clark's mouth touches his tip. Clark draws him in between his teeth, and no more words are shared, only moans, as he licks him. The meeting and any thought of being cynical are completely forgotten by Lex at Clark's continued touches. He isn't cynical, and there's no mission or person worth breaking away from his man today -- or at any time, really.

Clark does much more than keep him from being cynical. He is his soul mate. He completes him. Although Lex never knew it when they first met, he understands now that Clark did much more than save his life that night that changed both their worlds. He saved him, heart and soul, long before he ever fulfilled him, but since then and for as long as he lives, Lex knows Clark will keep him full . . . full, happy, and loved forever.

The End
Tags: smallville: clex
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