Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

They Fell Together

Title: They Fell Together
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Original
Character/Pairing: OMC/OFC
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: fan_flashworks #182: Together
Warning(s): Character Deaths
Word Count: 198
Date Written: 20 February 2017
Disclaimer: This one's mine, folks.

When blue eyes met green,
History began,
And into love,
Two souls fell together.

Years passed.
Love grew;
Happiness abounded.
Every time they touched,
These two fell together again.

Wedding bells sounded.
Rice was grown,
And doves flew.
Into martial bliss,
They fell together.

But one day,
The world grew dark.
Pleasure turned to pain.
Into the darkness,
The two fell together.

Sorrow abounded
Where once happiness had bounded.
Pain and terror
Screamed through the night.
Tears fell,
And after the funerals,
The two fell again,
Spiraling into darkness.

Happiness could not
Be found again.
Love with others shattered,
Never to be repaired.
Darker and darker,
The two fell together.

"Are you sure about this?"
He asked her once.
Holding his hand,
Over the roar of wind,
She nodded yes,
And the two fell together.

Plummeting toward Earth,
Airplane lifting away,
Fingers interlaced,
Parachutes aren't pulled,
Safety unreached, unwanted,
The two fell together.

Kissing high in the air,
One last kiss, one last joy,
Tears falling,
Soon their pain will end.
The two fell together.

Through life, through love,
Laughter and smiles long gone,
Rapidly toward the ground,
To their end and into eternity,
The two fell together.

The End
Tags: original character, original fic, poetry
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