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Inspiring the Bard

Title: Inspiring the Bard
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Xena, Warrior Princess
Character/Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog #54: Inspiration
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,042
Date Written: 20 February 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

"It's just so frustrating, you know?!" Gabrielle sighs, blowing a puff of air up at her blonde bangs. "Of course you don't know," she continues without giving Xena a chance to answer her. "You're not a writer. You can go weeks, probably years, without feeling the need to write something. But to give you an idea of what it feels like: It's like if you went weeks without fighting. Can you imagine that? Whole weeks without having to kick any one's butt?"

Leading Argo behind them, Xena's lips lift into a wry smirk that goes unnoticed by her traveling companion. "Might be peaceful for a change," she muses.

"But you wouldn't like it," Gabrielle argues. "I've seen you, Xena, when you can't find a battle to fight or an innocent to save. You don't like it. You crave action like I crave being able to write."

"Have you tried?"

Xena actually recoils a little at the smoldering glower Gabrielle's green eyes shoot her. "Of course I've tried!" she exclaims hotly. "I try every night, every day! You see me pull out the same scroll when we stop every evening!"

"Maybe you need a different scroll?"

"It's not the scroll's fault. I'm the one unable to fill it with words. And besides, yeah, I tried at that tavern yesterday."

"Maybe you need something to write about?"

"I have plenty to write about! You tell me new tales of your past adventures every day! I'm not hurting for new material! I'm just hurting for the words to put it into!"

"Maybe you need to experience something yourself?"

"Hello! We stopped a war just last week!" Gabrielle passes her hand through the air as if to emphasis her words. "I thought for sure I'd able to write something about that!"

"And you didn't?"

"Haven't you been listening?" retorts the frustrated bard. "I haven't written a word in three weeks! Not one! At least not one worth writing! I mean, sure, there have been days when I've managed to get down a few words, but nothing that made sense, nothing that sounded good, nothing I could build an actual story from, nothing -- "

"Gabrielle," Xena interrupts quietly.

Gabby stops talking immediately, her gaze going back to her heroine. "What is it?" she whispers, tensing. Her eyes dart around the surrounding trees and bushes. "Is somebody coming? Is something coming?" Maybe it was a monster. Maybe it was a monster they hadn't encountered yet. Maybe it was something that would finally inspire her words to flow again. Maybe --

She almost jumps when she feels Xena's hand gently clasp her shoulder. She looks up at her instead, her hand reaching for Argo's reins to free Xena to fly into attack mode, but Xena's intent gaze stops her. "What -- ?" Gabrielle starts to ask but is again interrupted.

Xena's lips cascade down onto hers. Her tongue slides into her open mouth, smoothly dipping pass her teeth, and laps against her own tongue. Gabrielle shivers, her mouth widening. Xena steps closer, letting go of Argo's reins. The horse whickers, bucks his head, and goes to find some sweet grass, leaving the women with their own sweet lips.

Xena's tongue twists around Gabrielle's, dancing and provoking Gabby's to slide along Xena's smooth surface. Xena's hands move to Gabrielle's waist, pulling her closer until all that's standing between their firm breasts are Xena's armor and their leather. She deepens their kiss. Gabby starts to speak against her mouth, starts to murmur something, but Xena dips her tongue in deeper, silencing the bard's words.

Xena caresses Gabby's hips, her hands sliding over her smooth skin and tucking underneath her short, brown skirt. She reaches behind her, cups her bare buttocks, and squeezes. Gabrielle jumps, and it's only Xena's expertise that keeps her from biting down on Gabby's tongue as it hits the top of the warrior's mouth. Xena's smile spreads wide against Gabrielle's lips as she kisses firmly, pouring all her heat and passion into their kiss and refusing to let Gabrielle go until . . .

Until she does. As simply, quietly, and unexpectedly as she had began their kiss, Xena suddenly releases Gabrielle, spins around, and walks away. "Xena!" Gabby gasps.

"Write," the Warrior Princess calls back to her young lover without looking back or pausing.

Gabrielle's already rounded eyes widen even more. Still tasting the fire that Xena invoked deep inside of her, Gabrielle runs after Argo. She grabs the saddle bag that contains her supplies, snatching ink, quills, and a scroll just as the horse begins to move again. Already unfurling the scroll, Gabrielle drops onto the ground where she stands and begins to write.

She moves quickly, words pouring once again from her mind through her hand and onto the scroll that's been waiting so long for her to fill it. Her words flourish across the papyrus. Xena approaches on silent feet, unseen by the bard, checks to make sure she's writing, and then continues on to the lake they were approaching. She spends the next several hours fishing while Gabrielle writes and writes and writes.

Ten quickly filled scrolls later, Gabrielle approaches Xena on the bank before the lake. She drops her freshly filled scrolls to the grass before sitting down beside her. She lays her head on Xena's shoulder, but not before kissing it. They sit there in comfortable silence before the lake for a while before Gabrielle speaks quietly, her smile sounding in her voice, "I should have known I wouldn't be hurting for inspiration long as long as we're together." She giggles happily, her joy making Xena smile as she takes her hand in hers and threads their fingers together. "You have a way of bringing it out of me."

"Or in you," Xena murmurs. Gabrielle laughs out right this time and doesn't argue for she knows it's true. As long as she's got her Warrior Princess, she'll continue to write. As long as she's got her love, she'll have a reason to write. Xena kisses the top of Gabby's head. Then they just sit, Gabrielle's head resting against Xena's shoulder, her most recent written stories piled beside them and their own story stretching out before them like the golden rays of the sun they watch set together.

The End
Tags: xena: xena/gabby
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