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Kat Lee

From Beyond the Clouds

Title: From Beyond the Clouds
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men/Excalibur
Character/Pairing: Brian/Meggan
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: halfamoon Day 11: Challenge
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,258
Date Written: 12 February 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She's long been gone from her world when she suddenly feels her surroundings shake. Her blue eyes pop open, a name crying forth from her lips. "Brian?!" She takes to the air, and as clouds sing below her, she does not hesitate. She flies through them, and for the first time in a long time, she doesn't feel herself pulled back. Nothing moves to stop her or even interfere with her flight.

She soars straight to London, feeling the earth shake all around her again and again. She zips pass Big Ben, but nobody seems to notice her as she flies down among the common folk, something Brian taught her not to do long ago when she was just a child. But she isn't a child any more. She hasn't been for years. She's no longer a part of this world through which she's zipping faster than light now.

She hasn't felt Brian's touch in what feels like centuries. She hasn't tasted his sweet lips, and although she's seen him, it's always been from a far, far distance. She's tried to go to him, but she's never been able to get pass the clouds before. Something has always stopped her. Something has always held her back. But not today.

Today, she flies as though her own life depends on her arriving in time, even though she hasn't breathed or been a part of this world in so many years she's lost count. But none of that matters right now nor does Meggan try to figure out how she's slipped pass all the barriers that's been keeping her away from her husband all this time. And he is still her husband, and she still his wife, even though she hasn't been a part of his world in so very, very long.

She finds him, as she knew she would, on one of the streets they'd once liked to travel. All kinds of little shops line both sides of the road, but in the middle of the road itself, smashed into the pavement, is her beloved. A crowd is gathered, gawking and whispering. He's been putting up a good fight, but they don't expect their hero to rise again.

Meggan doesn't pause to look around, or even to consider why the people aren't gawking at her. No one seems to see her as she flies straight to Brian. She cries his name as she reaches out to him. A shocked cry splits her voice as her hands pass right through his body!

She's like Kitty, she thinks suddenly. No, she realizes a second later as she tries again, she's not like Kitty. Kitty is like a living ghost, but she is no longer alive. She is a ghost, nothing more than a spirit, and that's why she's had to watch her beloved from afar all these many years.

"Brian!" she cries, tears coursing fast and hot down her cheeks. She doesn't bother to dab at them although a part of her does realize, with surprise, that even as a ghost, she can still cry. And why not? that same part would later ask. Why shouldn't she still be able to cry when her heart still hurts so much for this wonderful man who she seems to have loved forever and who is now laying, still, crumpled, and defeated in a puddle of his own blood, just below her?!

"Brian!" she cries his name, knowing that nothing else matters, only reaching him. But she can't touch him. He probably can't even hear her. She's never been good at solving puzzles or otherwise figuring things out -- he was always the smart one, always the one to resolve their challenges. But none of that matters right now. All that matters is that he needs her.

"Brian!" she sobs his name. "BRIAN!" Still an Empath, the wind seems to fill her despair as it rushes over her prone husband. Brian groans. "BRIAN!" she screams his name again. He groans, and at last, she's rewarded with his weary, blue eyes cracking open.

"M-Meggan?" he whispers through bruised and bleeding lips. "M-Meggan?"

For one fleeting moment, her heart jumps as she thinks he can see her! But then his fingers pass right through her. They arch as if trying to grab her, but then the look in his beautiful, blue eyes changes. He doesn't seem to see her any more as they fill first with sorrow, then defeat, and finally acceptance. He lets them close.


"M-Meggan," he whimpers her name again.


The Earth trembles, and she looks up, seeing the Juggernaut start to come their way again, his mighty hands, each the size of a few hams, full of bags of money from the bank at the end of the street. "YOU HAVE TO GET UP! YOU HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING!" She'd try to fight the monster of a man herself, but she's a ghost. She can no longer fight.

And yet . . . Yet, every part of her soul is willing her husband to get up. It wars against his eagerness to join her, his ready acceptance to give up his life so he can be beside her again, and her own desperate yearning to be with him again. But it's not right, she knows. It's not right for him to go out like this. It isn't his time, not yet, no matter how much they'd like it to be. "YOU HAVE TO GET UP!" she yells again. "YOU HAVE TO FIGHT!" Once more, the wind howls as she screams his name, "BRIAN!"

His cracked hands move into fists. His tired muscles flex. "Meggan," she hears him whisper her name once more. This time, he doesn't stutter. He doesn't pause. He waits until Juggernaut steps too close to the place he thought would be his grave, and then he flies up, directly into his enemy, and carries him straight into Big Ben's ticking hands. Juggernaut screams as Captain Britain tosses him between the ancient clock's squeezing hands.

The crowd goes wild, and Meggan, though she was never seen by any of them, disappears again. Brian wipes blood from his lips as he hovers in the air, waiting for the Juggernaut's next move. He will take him down today, but he knows he won't do it alone. He knows she was there, even if but for just a second. He knows she was there, she still loves him, she's still proud of him, and -- he makes himself remember as he pummels his fists into Juggernaut, fighting him once more with all he has -- she's still waiting for him.

In a place beyond the clouds, beyond this realm of existence, of pain and suffering, his lady's still waiting for him. She's still waiting for him in a place where they can be together forever, and she'll be waiting there for him, and watching over him, as long as he still has a role to play on this earth. But when his time here is over, she'll still be waiting for him, he'll go to be with her, and they'll finally have the eternity of wedded bliss for which they've both been waiting. Brian wipes blood, sweat, and tears out of his eyes. "Thank you, luv," he murmurs, sensing her smiling down upon him, and then he hits the enemy again and again until, once more, their England is safe.

The End
Tags: excalibur: brian/meggan
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