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Away From Them All

Title: Away From Them All
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: clexmas True Love Fest Day 5: Planning
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 756
Date Written: 12 February 2017
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

Lex looks up as a soft tapping comes at his window. He frowns. He hasn't bothered to reopen the window since the storm this morning, although he often keeps it open just so Clark can fly in whenever he finally gets a moment. The problem is they haven't had any time together all week. Every time Lex has tried to plan something for the last two weeks, some major catastrophe has happened, a new villain has appeared, the Earth has been placed into jeopardy yet again, or something else has happened to demand one if not both of them to have to return to their jobs.

He stands, his heart thumping louder with each new tapping. He considers asking who it is, not daring to believe it's actually Clark, as he strides purposefully across his office. He lifts the blind and feels the familiar catch of his breath that happens every time he sets eyes on his handsome boyfriend. "Clark," he murmurs in surprise.

"Are you going to let me in?" Clark asks, grinning as he hovers in place outside Lex's window. They both know he could touch down on the balcony, but the way their lives have been going lately, if he does, they're probably going to be paged again.

"Hold that pose," Lex murmurs though he does open the window. Thinking swiftly, Lex strides back across to his desk, not realizing that Clark, still hovering, is beginning to pout behind him.

"What are you doing?" he asks Lex's retreating back.

"Something I should have done long ago. Owning your own company comes with certain perks, sweetheart, especially when your business is as successful as LuthorCorp." He pages his secretary. "Reschedule all my meetings."

"But -- " she starts to protest.

"Reschedule or cancel all my meetings," Lex repeats sternly, "or you're fired." He hits one button to completely turn off his speaker system, then another to triple lock his door. When he turns around, Clark is staring, rather wide-eyed, at him. "What?" he asks.

"You didn't have to threaten her job."

"I'll threaten any one who stands between us for one second more," he returns, swiftly closing the distance between them once more. He grabs the collar of Clark's brightly colored uniform and drags him down to him. "Now take me away." He leans forward to kiss him.

"Where?" Clark questions, taken by surprise.

"Anywhere," Lex answers resolutely. "Anywhere is good as long as I'm with you." He doesn't let Clark speak again as his mouth covers his, his tongue sliding readily home into his sweet, hot, and equally eager mouth. Their kiss deepens and grows in passion, heat, and speed as Clark swiftly flies them to where no one -- not Lex's secretary or any of his workers, not the Justice League nor any super villain, and not even the President -- can find them.

As they kiss and Clark flies them away to their own safe haven, he hears the tell tale clink of a certain piece of metal closing around his wrist. "Lex," he breaks their kiss to ask, "what are you doing?"

"Making certain you don't get away from me again any time soon," Lex answers without pause. Clark's grin grows. He almost laughs except that Lex is so serious right now and they really have been apart far too long. They both know he can break the handcuffs with a mere flick of his wrist, but he isn't going to. He needs Lex, and time with him, just as badly as Lex needs and wants him and their time together.

So instead of breaking the proverbial chains, Clark makes a decision of his own and gently brushes his dark, soft hair against Lex's smooth cheek. "I promise," he vows, "I'm not going anywhere for at least a few hours."

"A day," Lex bargains.

"If only I can." Clark sighs wistfully.

Lex wishes he could tell him he can. He wishes he could demand him to stay and just let the world fight on without him. But he knows those old arguments will do them no good and doesn't want to waste a single second of their time together fighting with the man he loves. "Let's just make the most of what time we do have. Now shut up and kiss me," he commands. Clark has never been so eager to follow a demand in all his life as he ravishes Lex's lips sweetly and passionately with his own and dips them down in a meadow far away from prying mankind.

The End

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