Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Madea and the Kids

I really thought I wouldn't have something to share today, especially since a shift with one hour's overtime turned into three extra hours. But we've been watching the Madea movies for the first time lately, and the kids have been enjoying them as well, and this was just so cute a couple of minutes ago. We've watched the last two movies without doing the bonus features and are now going back through them with the bonuses before returning them to Netflix. When we turned the first movie off, one of our kittens, Aussie, sat up at attention as if to ask, "Where's Madea?" Drew was asking this for her, and just kinda kidding around, so I kidded too -- I told her Madea was behind her. That poor baby swiveled her head slowly around, and her little, green eyes were as big as dinner plates!!! I wish I had the picture for y'all! =)

Tags: our babies: aussie, real life: happy jar
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