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2016 Positives

2016 Positives for a challenge at tv_universe. If you join, tell them Kat Lee of Team Bunny Ears sent you!

It's hard to picture 2016 in a positive light. So many bad things happened, and we lost so many, but I'm sure if I try, I can find at least a few good things for this challenge.

The fandom area is actually the easiest to find good points for. I managed to score well over my goal of words, hitting at almost 500k for the year (498,827 to be exact) when I'd only shot for 330k. I managed to find a new fandoms to enter throughout the year and enjoyed writing several new original works. The originals were short for the most part, but my stories have actually gained on the average word count. I was usually under a thousand words for each fic back in 2015, but last year, my average word count for each was a little over a k. It's also gotten to where I can write some with a few thousand words to them, and I really enjoying writing the longer pieces.

One of my fail points as a writer is that I tend to do short works, hardly ever completing longer stories. But among the longer ones I wrote last year was my first (and one of my very few) big bangs. I was quite pleased with my 10k+ Catwoman story, even if the betaing process was something I definitely want to ever repeat again and why I won't be looking into any other bangs in the future.

I also got a Facebook group set up where I can now share my stories with a few, select RL friends -- which, for the first time in my life, I actually have a decent network of. My work team has definitely become a second family, and it was because of a few of them that I managed to survive 2015 and 2016. I'm quite certain I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for a few of them and a few of my online friends as well.

I also got back into reading and found some genres I actually enjoy. I have developed a love for autobiographies and biographies as well as indulging in YA fiction again, but I'm rather done with the whole romance scene. I just rarely find any fun in reading too much sex.

The Turtles are back, and we're loving the new movies! We also found several new shows, including Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and the Flash to enjoy. That's about it on the fandom and friendship fronts.

On a more personal level, as some of you know, we kind of run our own no-kill, no-profit cat sanctuary down here in South Alabama. There are far too many hunters and others who don't value animal life in these parts (and in the world, but we're supposed to be being positive, right?). With our cause, we always lose a few and gain a few others every year, but we seem to have finally hit upon the medicines we need, a way to safely and somewhat affordably get said medicines (it hurts the finances like heck, but at least we CAN get it over time), and . . . I swear, God's given me a touch when it comes to administering meds now. I hardly ever have trouble giving them the meds they need now and even have friends sometimes asking for my advice with their own babies.

My own health has also improved. I've lost 15 pounds, finally found a "diet" style that works for me (I say "diet" because I still get to eat most of the things I love -- I just have to be careful with the quantities and timing), and am generally feeling so very much better. Now if only I could beat this flu bug.

My situation at work has improved tenfold. I had one of the worst managers ever, but things kind of caught up with her back in March. She got hurt on the job and was moved to another store, and whereas I hate that she got hurt, we definitely got blessed with a far better, fairer, nicer, just generally all around more wonderful (and a GOOD Christian, for those of you who know what I mean!) boss. My work family has become my second (or third? after y'all) family, and our friendships have helped me in so many ways to overcome obstacles I never thought I could have otherwise. I've also moved up, becoming the unofficial "third key" or "Assistant Assistant Manager" (Onieka calls me her right hand) and usually enjoy helping make sure everything flows smoothly for our team. There's a first for 2016: doing the paperwork for whole days at the store! And I get to do one of the two weekly orders too, although I am limited to what new items we may purchase (have to get the big boys to approve them first which kinda sucks but can't be helped).

I really don't want to end this on a negative note, but last year was a milestone for losses in our family. I mention this while trying to be positive, because I know Aunt Georgia's passing, from her point of view, was a blessing, not a negative in any way. She'd buried almost her entire family, and she came from a pretty huge family as did her husband. She'd buried him, all her children, her parents, her brothers and sisters, and all his siblings except for one. It was even because of her that we were able to afford to buy my Father in the previous year.

But now she's gone from this Earth, too, which means her time of suffering is over. Her time of loneliness is over. She's up there in Heaven with every one she's loved and had to bury, and I'm certain she couldn't be happier -- and thereby, also determined to see her passing as positive and be happy for her. Now if only our time will come together for those of us who remain here. <3

PS: I like this idea! It's a lot easier way of keeping up with things rather than trying to write a normal journal. I might try it again next year, if I can remember!

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